Dynamic or self-leveling floor - a new technology laying flooring, which recently finds more and more fans. Dynamic sex has many advantages. Installation of the floor is quick and clean. This is a great soundproofing. It has no seams, it does not collect dust, it serves for about 20 years, it is hygienic and very beautiful. It does not slip, does not let moisture in, is resistant to chemical reagents, does not burn, does not emit toxic substances, does not lose the brightness of paints for the whole period of operation. Before laying the floor should think in advance and buy a warm floor on the site.
Bulk floor using 3D graphics will make the house unique. The bathroom floor will raise mood every morning with views of the seabed, and green grass will soothe the bedroom or children's room. It all depends on the homeowner's fantasy.

Bulk floor 3D floor

The 3D poured floor is a multi-layer coating, the penultimate layer of which is a photo image. When viewing the floor at different angles, an illusion of volume is created, the image comes to life.
The composition of 3D floors are divided into one-component and multi-component polymeric self-leveling floors. A one-component composition is more suitable for technical premises, as it has a small palette of colors. Two-component compositions have more varied colors and wider possibilities for the realization of design ideas.

Installation of a bulk floor

Installation of a dynamic floor requires careful preparation of the base. It must be cleaned from the old coating, dust, old glue or paint. It is also necessary to putty holes, to level the irregularities. Only in this case, the floor will fall well and forms a flat and monolithic surface. The temperature in the room should be from 5 to 25 degrees, and the humidity of the air should not exceed 60% for proper and fast drying of materials.

Floor decor

Bulk floor can be decorated independently. There are a lot of options. On the dried floor drawing is applied and varnished. And you can spread the fabric, tightly pressed to the base and pour varnish. Or create stains from different colors - get an abstract picture.
To date, the cost of self-leveling floors is quite high. Regular floor without image will cost from 4 thousand rubles, and 3D floor from 6.5 thousand rubles per 1 square meter.However, the correct floor will allow you to forget about its repair for many years.

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