Wreath of flowers

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Today we will do our own wreath of flowers - a popular element of decor. This decoration can be hung in the living room or in the kitchen, and also placed on the front door (to decorate the peephole). In addition, floral wreaths are often used as decor for various holidays: weddings (heart of roses on the wall, car or table), birthdays (original birthday gift) and theme parties.

The wreath can be made of artificial or natural flowers. Just keep in mind that in the latter case, you will have to take care of special plastic capsules (look for them in flower kiosks), which can be filled with water and hidden in them the cut stems, and then hidden behind the total mass of buds: otherwise the wreath will quickly turn into a herbarium. Artificial flowers can be made independently of foamiran or felt. However, fit and ready. Now the choice is big, and you can always find something for yourself.

We will show you several options for homemade wreaths.Inspire and create!

What do we need?

  • wire
  • flowers, leaves or material for making artificial flowers
  • fishing line, thin strong wire (you can take color) or twine
  • decorative items
Wreath in the style of "Provence"

For the manufacture of this decorative wreath we need dry lavender flowers. You can take and artificial lavender.


Making simple. Just draw a heart (or any other shape) on a very dense cardboard. Cut the contour, cut the hole of the same shape.

We do not need the stems of lavender - we take only flowers. Fix them with glue.


This wreath is useful to place in the bedroom. The smell of lavender has a calming effect and promotes good sleep.

Wedding wreath of roses

For the manufacture of this wreath, you can use fresh flowers. However, it will be more practical to take artificial roses.


The scheme is the same as in the previous wreath. Just cut the heart out of cardboard and glue flowers to it. If we use live roses, then we stalk the stems in capsules with water. And fasten them with fishing line.

In this case, the flowers are attached to the finished metal base (they are in any department for creativity) with the help of a thin metal thread and fishing line, and the roses themselves are artificial (they are made of fabric)


Attach a red satin ribbon to the base of the wreath.

Live wreath in a pot

This wreath is useful to those who grow curly flowers at home. To "streamline" the plant and give it a beautiful look, turn it into a wreath.

Take the finished metal base in the shape of a heart (or make it yourself from ordinary wire). If you have an opportunity, use willow rods (or any other tonic branches that bend well) - carefully braid the next wreath with them.

Stick the resulting design straight into the pot and pass the flower through it. If the stalks are naughty, you can gently fix them with crab pins that will not spoil the flower.


If desired, you can add artificial flowers of foamiran or felt to this wreath (of course, if your plant does not require regular spraying).

Autumn wreath of mountain ash

A beautiful autumn wreath can be made from ordinary mountain ash. This berry can be stored for a very long time even at room temperature. Over time, it only dries out a little, but it definitely will not rot and lose shape, so feel free to use it for your crafts (not only for wreaths, but also for creating any kind of compositions).

Take the wire and bend it in the shape of a heart (or use a ready-made base).Rip a rowan of large "buds" so that there are a lot of berries on each bunch.


Secure the twigs with twine and thin fishing line. It's okay if they stick around a bit.


This is not all methods of making floral wreaths. Show your imagination: combine different flowers, use dried flowers and leaves, include homemade decorative elements in a wreath, weave beads and ribbons.

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