Words of merry Christmas songs-alterations: texts of the best alterations of songs on the New Year for adults and children to the motive of modern, popular and folk songs

on 22.01.2018

CelebrationNew Year -it is always a good mood, fun entertainment, happy faces and it doesn’t matter if you celebrate it with your family, children or colleagues. To make this event more joyful will help the song, but not simple, but converted. Present to your attentionthe best selection of songs, alterations for the New Yearfor the smallest, teenagers, adult company, for corporate. It remains only to find a backing track and cheer up others with their vocal talents.

The main thing in the article

The best Christmas songs-alterations for adults on the motive of modern songs

Every year more and more new songs and music videos are released. Modern youth, especially on the eve of holidays, tries to remake these songs in a new way. Not passed such a fate and the following compositions.

"Exhibit" - a Christmas remake of the song of the "Leningrad" group

"Exhibit"from the group "Leningrad" is considered to be the clip that scored the most views on YouTube, so it is not surprising that it was one of the first to be rewritten for New Year holidays.

In honor of the New Year, we have gathered so much
He is already at the door and we have to start,
Champagne a little, but do not judge strictly,
If by the end of the holiday we will not get up!

Who are the laputens, and who ordered the Ferrari,
At Santa Claus and if only he was not late,
We are all under the tree, started feeling free to dance,
Happy New Year, everyone, Happy New Year to you and us!
At this hour!

And there are tangerines, melting ice in a glass,
Just like in the picture - we meet the New Year,
Our dreams are so unsteady, we wish without hesitation:
Let the best and only in the year waiting for us new!


“Ice is melting between us” - New Year's song for adults

The breakthrough of the year was the Ukrainian group "Griby", which simply "broke" the consciousness of young people in all CIS countries. The song “Ice is melting between us” earned millions of views on YouTube, and skillful showmen made a lot of parodies on it. One of them appeared on the eve of the New Year and immediately amused thousands of our fellow citizens. Here is one of the New Year's optionsIce is melting between usFor adults.

You got drunk in the trash, and gradually you will spend the New Year without you.
Morning will give hangover and hangover and cold outside the window will not save.
While you are here, face up in a salad, a bottle is siphoned in dry
The touches are quivering and serene, everyone apparently found what they long wanted.
Here we will not find a hangover, just you and me in this world.
Time will freeze at this moment, all I have is you.
Fingers clench tight, that's all I need.
Ready to run for booze on the edge of the world, to once again spend a new year.

A whole year has swelled, let no one find us now.
We get wet in the rain and go quietly off.
There is a whole year between us, let no one find us now.
Tomorrow will be a headache, but walk with you until the morning, until the morning.

Again the New Year, it will fly away without hassle.
Lights will be lit so as not to become more difficult.
My little bottle is so well hooked on it
And now in the eyes of the double glare NBA.


"You are so" - MC Doni feat Natalie: Christmas rework

Natalie after a long break, once again conquered the scene with new songs that instantly became popular, and on the eve of the New Year also with New Year's subtext. Present to your attentionChristmas duet of Snow Maiden and Father Frost.

Snow Maiden:
And you are so beautiful, with a beard!
Meet Santa Claus!
Santa Claus:
I worked all year, I saved money,
Over the course of the Euro for days watching!
I did not smoke cigars and did not drink alcohol!
How I got to be a superhero!

These letters of clouds yes from all over Russia!
And what was there just from me not asked?
Apartments, cars, billions of money!
And all this, imagine letters from the kids!

I have a plan, he is very impudent -
Distribute gifts under cover of night.
Dance, hang out, amuse people!
Light, Snow Maiden, New Year is coming!

Once I changed the route.
Goodbye Ustyug! Hello! I'm here!
New Year is coming! And everyone is waiting for me!
I have a beard! I'm really cool!

Snow Maiden:
And you ask me: "Why on New Year's Eve
You, my dear grandfather, the people calling to themselves? "

Chorus (performed by Snegurochka, Santa Claus answers her):
And you are so beautiful, with a beard, even with a bag of gifts!
Santa Claus:I am a magical grandfather! I do not mind giving!
And you are such a man with a beard! All ladies like you!
Santa Claus:And yes! I will not argue!

And you are so beautiful, with a beard, and I am with you together!
Santa Claus:But this is a plus for men, of course!
And you are such a man with a beard, and I'm with you in a duet!
Santa Claus:We are with you, Snow Maiden, today in a trend!

Merry rework songs for the New Year for children in kindergarten with the words

For the performance of the little children in kindergarten, the standard song “A fir tree was born in the forest” is enough, but the Snow Maiden or Grandfather Frost, to please the kids, can perform a funny song-remake, while using the children in the movements under the words of the song (lift the handles, pat to drive a round dance). We offer the words of New Year's songs for children of kindergarten age.

The motif of the melody is “The ceiling is icy, the door is creaking”

Spruce grew on the edge, And on its crown,
Only squirrels fidget, Drove round dance.
In the forest, she was bored, And so she decided
Come to the holiday to the children, Come to the New Year.

Heel and sock, and podtopy,
Clap once, clap another, clap louder,
Squat, crouch lower, lower,
Come to the tree, we are closer, closer.

From bottom to top, Toys hang on it,
Icicles, squirrels, mice, And of course the bumps.
We are celebrating the New Year, He will come to us now.
At the Christmas tree we start a round dance.


The duo of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden on the motive of the cartoon "Well, wait a minute!" - "Tell the Snow Maiden where you were ..."

The Snow Maiden performs the whole song, Santa Claus sings only the words of the chorus.

Hello, Hello, Grandfather, Grandfather Frost!
You live among fir trees and birches!
Come in, please, dear,
Let's have fun with you now!
Ah, come on, come on, make a friendly dance!

Hello everyone! Hello everyone!
I am very glad to see you!

Let Santa Claus read poetry
Sing songs and dance in a circle of dance.
Lights your, tree, light,
In a circle rather, Grandpa, get up to us.
Ah, come on, come on, make a friendly dance!

Comic songs for the New Year to school: text

1Usually at school matinees dedicated to the New Year are held in the form of scenes with musical accompaniment. Offers interesting rework songs for primary and secondary school students.

Russian folk song remake "Valenki"

Back to us for the New Year
Santa Claus is going to school.
On the feet then felt boots.
Oh, not old ones!

Boots, boots,
Grandfather Frost is dancing,
Do not look with a beard,
He is quite as young!

Grandfather cheerful grandfather joker
He got into the collar.
Ears froze us,
Nose tint kids.


Well, Grandfather Frost
Pinch us by the nose,
Have fun
And give gifts!


Based on the song "Am I to blame ..."

Are we to blame, are we to blame,
What study does not go to mind
Are we to blame, are we to blame,
What does the New Year knock on our door ?!

And not our fault, no not our fault,
What the subject of the soul does not lie,
Behind the window, like a current, the skating rink beckons,
In the bag is a new tablet.

Oh, dear teacher, you are our dear friend
Let us go home soon
We have long been time to dance until the morning
Have fun, laugh, play.

Beautiful rework songs for the New Year for parents: the text

Parents in the New Year holidays want to give a lot of joy, warmth and smiles. This can be done with the help of a good song, and what could be more interesting than a remake of the well-known motive for the New Year's mood? We offer to give parents a song-alteration on the theme of the song "I like him».

Let them say that the holiday is not serious,
But we should celebrate his coming,
Let it be said that everything will not be easy,
And he will be successful for my parents.

And we like him, like, like,
And we will not find a better holiday in the world.
And we like him, like, like,
And we all wish to meet the year in the family circle!

And let everyone speculate:
New Year: happy or not,
Will Santa Claus bring gifts?
We'll wait, there will be an answer.


Such dates are celebrated infrequently,
And we really want to believe in miracles,
Parents wish joy and happiness!
It is time to congratulate on the holiday!


Creative children can take advantage of a more modern motive and give parents a songE. Crida "Oh, dear mother, mother ...", only in a converted version:

The last day is December,
And he drove us all crazy
And even the animals and birds in the forest, the Christmas tree was dressed up and not one,
And everyone is waiting for miracles, Wolf, hare, squirrel and fox,
And the dance will go to the dance, the New Year will come soon,
Happiness will come, And joy, laughter and smiles,
Sadness of bad weather will be gone, In honor of the New Year postcard!

Oh God, mom, dad class, wow
Today is the New Year and we are till the morning,
We celebrate the holiday and all believe in miracles
And let the Bengal candle burn without end!

Sparkles Christmas tree for us until the morning
Put on masks, dance, that's it,
And miracles will be fulfilled, we believe
We will change everything for the better this day,
Everything on earth is together now,
We celebrate the New Year
And there is no miracle date
We cry to Santa Claus!


Funny Christmas songs, alterations to the corporate party for colleagues on the motive of popular songs

Happy couple of young friends
What corporate can do without fun songs, contests and dancing? So that your colleagues do not have to be bored, we offer to perform a few Christmas songs, rework.

Based on the song "Hare mowing the grass"

The song from the movie "The Diamond Arm»Became a kind of hit on corporate fights. The song about hares is reworked almost every year, but it remains as relevant.

In a bright office is noisy,
It is always crowded here
Here rustle and consider
And the work is in full swing.
Sometimes it happens
It is difficult to cope with business
Our wise chief is undoubtedly
Quickly destroy.

And we do not care, but we do not care
Let us fear the crisis and the fraternity.
We have a deal - Even in a difficult hour
We mow the greens like we tryn-grass.

Let the sorcerer oaks
Whisper something in the fog
Behind a frosty window
Someone's shadows rise,
Hare mowing the grass -
Mow the greens in the pockets
And without fear getting faster
The song is sung!

Chorus: №1
And we do not care, but we do not care
We will be brave and more courageous than a lion.
Let us scare you, telly every hour
We have all the news like tryn-grass.

Chorus number 2
And we do not care, but we do not care
We firmly believe in the ancient rumor:
He will be happy if in the New Year
Will dance the Dance-Grass.

Based on the song "Kaby did not have winter ..."

At corporate party you can perform a fun song about the abolition of winter. This option is especially popular with companies related to the tourism business.

Had there been no winter
In cities and villages,
How much would we know
New days of fun!
Instead of skis with skates, we
Would swim in the sea.
If it were not winter,
There would be no grief!

Just imagine: New Year,
In the yard plus thirty
Around the Christmas tree dance,
Fireworks sparkle!
In a red T-shirt Grandfather Heat
Gives out gifts
Asphalt in the morning
The sun shines hot.

If I were Putin,
If you were the mayor
I would have banned the winter
To the sun to warm
To warm all year round,
Without ceasing
That's when the longing will pass,
Like snow melt!

If it will be year round
Well, at least b plus twenty,
Will cease in a moment the people
To Turkey to ride,
In the suburbs flourish
Newly boarding houses
Foreigners will come running
Rest for a fee!

There is another version of a fun New Year song for this motif. It can be used if you are preparing an entertainment program for a corporate party. The meaning of the song -if my husband was Santa Claus.

Had there been no winter
In cities and villages,
We would never know
These days are fun.
Had my husband been Santa Claus,
And I am a snow woman,
He would bring me gifts.
Kaby, Kaby, Kaby.

Would give New Year,
What your heart desires
After all, he knows in advance
That will be fashionable.
And still would have presented
I would collect guests
Right early in the morning.

Immediately become used uneasy
Snow bumps
Had my husband been Santa Claus,
And I am a snow woman.
If it were not winter,
And all the time summer,
We would not know the comrades.
New Year's this.

"A Christmas tree was born in the forest" - always the actual classics of the New Year genre

No matter how many modern songs would be adapted for the New Year theme,herringbone songwhich we all know from kindergarten, "no respect" can not be. For the most daring corporate parties, we offer an adult version of the actual song about the Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree was born in the forest, but there was a strong frost,
Behind her went in December and, poor thing, froze through.
While he was chopping up his hands, he was rubbing his hands,
The thought appeared glorious:
"Let through a hundred grams."

A Christmas tree froze in the forest - took that hour to her house!
Let it be elegant and happy all of us!
It stands in the corner of the frozen and pulls branches to us.
So that we all get warm here in a moment,
"Let through a hundred grams."

See: our Christmas tree is getting warmer,
But something little glows toys among the branches.
How little gold cones ... Yes, it's just a disgrace!
To double them,
"Let through a hundred grams."

Another bit added, And it became more fun,
And the truth, the cones arrived decently on her!
So that our holiday went on, and it became nice to us,
Let's make vodka together
"Let through a hundred grams."

And it became a pity the Christmas tree, for what did it chop it?
And how he got tired, while he was dragging home!
And the holiday should be fun now to us ...
What are we all about the Christmas tree?
"Let through a hundred grams."

Everyone is having fun at the Christmas tree, laughing here and there ...
Happy New Year, gentlemen!
"Let through a hundred grams!"

Beautiful songs, alterations on the New Year for grandmothers and grandfathers on the motive of folk songs

Alteration song can be presented to your grandmother and grandfather for the New Year. In it, you can convey your love for them.As a gift option, we recommend to present a song-alteration "And again in the yard“, Which was sung by I. Kobzon back in 1962, and grandmother and grandfather probably once danced to her at the dances.

Grandma, honey, clear sun,
Children's heart, I love you.
You are my tender fairytale beautiful
I, the grandmother, will give you peace!

I'll come to you, happy new year,
And with love I will warm my granny.

Blue sky and a bunch of snowdrops,
Rainbow, sun, I will give you,
You know darling, you know good.
I love you very much !!


You sang a lullaby to me,
Your gentle voice sounded in silence
You are kindhearted,
You give love to our friendly family!

Funny New Year's songs, alterations to his brother and sister for the New Year

Brother or sister in the New Year's Eve, you can give a funny song mess. It will please them, and you will be given a lot of pleasure to watch your relatives, who will hear the converted words in a familiar tune and will surely spread into a smile. We offer to perform a New Year's song to the tune "Nothing on earth is better... "from the cartoon"The Bremen Town Musicians«.

There is nothing better in the world,
Than with my sister (brother) to meet this holiday.
Reason to drink is not needed,
Let's gather in the New Year for dinner ...
Let's gather in the New Year for dinner ...
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la ..
La-la-la ... Eu-her!

Here is a generous meadow covered
And the brother is stronger than the giant,
My sister has golden hands,
We will celebrate the New Year without boredom ...
We will celebrate the New Year without boredom ...
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la ..
La-la-la ... Eu-her!

Father Frost, Snow Maiden will descend,
Around the tree we lambda dances.
And we will clap very loudly,
That even the tree danced!
That even the tree danced!
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la ..
La-la-la ... Eu-her!

Alteration of the song on the New Year for your girlfriend

As a New Year surprise for your girlfriend you can give alteration to the theme of the song "Who created you like this«.

Who created you so sweet and dear -
There is no limit to admiration.
With you the best moments,
Let your smile bloom, I will be happy,
Happy New Year - I will say love.

In the New Year I congratulate from the bottom of my heart,
Sunny days, passionate nights I promise
And for you I raise a glass.
I promise you passionate love and beautiful children.

With respect and love, I wish you health
The best girl in the world.
New Year - the heyday,
I shout to the whole planet
Three cheers, (Name of the beloved),
I love you!

Alterations of songs from movies on the New Year with the words

Our compatriots are actively reworking their favorite songs from domestic films for a holiday like the New Year. We offer several versions of songs from Soviet movies, interpreted for the Christmas theme.

"There is only a moment" from the film "Land of Sannikov"

The film was released on Soviet screens back in 1973, but the song"There is only a moment"Today even young people know. In its motive they composed a merry table song for the New Year.

Festive everything in this house is raging,
Breaks the table, a sea of ​​highlights, lights.
There is only a night between the past and the future,
And “New Year” is just one name for her.

Juice and compote the heart is unlikely to please
Juice and compote - for the gray already for a long time.
And for people that get drunk and fall,
There is only wine and wine and wine.

Let the wine fly into the distance through the tables,
But not always my health with him ...
What cherish? Without anything in the brain "tac-toe"?
Only cognac, cognac only one!

Happiness is it given to meet the New Year yet?
This year, will not I go to the bottom?
There is only a night between the past and the future,
And "New Year" - the name of her only one!

"Five Minutes" from the film "Carnival Night"

Today it is difficult to find a person who has never heard a song performed by L. Gurchenko"Five minutes". It is this song from the movie “Carnival Night” that was so fond of the Soviet citizens that to this day they make up new motives for her motive, including the New Year.

I'll sing a song about the New Year,
This holiday is very fond of our people.
We are desperately walking, and we repeat all the time:
As you meet the year, so it will pass!

New Year, New Year -
Christmas tree, vodka and salads.
Eating people, drinking people -
Eating all the salary!
What managed to accumulate
Unbearable load -
All we drink and eat -
So it should be in Russian!
In the New Year! In the New Year!
Pour to the brim -
As it should be in Russian!

We still have one tradition
The whole country honors her,
President's Address
In the New Year at once,
See Russia should all!

Chorus number 1
In the New Year, in the New Year -
We have a weekend of twelve!
To us they:
To get away with it!
Songs of dancing until the morning -
May all holidays be like this
And for this in the New Year
It is unlikely that someone will judge you.
New Year so many days ?!
Let it be so of course -
The liver will judge us later!

Chorus number 2
In the New Year, in the New Year -
We walk twelve days.
Of the other superpowers -
There is no one to fight with us
Who knows how to walk -
No one knows the barriers!
They and the feat on the shoulder
And work, if necessary!
In the New Year, in the New Year -
We do not know the obstacles!
And you have to drink for this!

"Suddenly, like a fairy tale ..." from the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Profession"

This Soviet film is still being played on TV on the eve of the new year. From his view you always get positive emotions. We offer on one of the songs, sounding in the film, a funny remake that can be performed before the chiming clock.

A year has passed, it does not matter - we will meet New together!
Always have fun on this holiday need!
Forget all the time about their sorrows
And dance until the morning, so as not to fall asleep!

Suddenly, like a fairy tale, the door creaked,
And everything became clear now:
The appointed time has come,
New Year set foot on the threshold.
We pour wine in glasses
And we'll call him at the table,
Let's ring a little crystal,
That happiness was!

The Christmas tree will wink at you and will call to itself,
Sweet gingerbread will send that mouth melted.
Suddenly the soul will sing, - what a pleasure!
The night is sweet, good - this is understandable!


“Somewhere on Earth” from the film “Prisoner of the Caucasus”


I don't know for sure
There is such a place.
There is always summer
And miracles do not count.
But summer does not interfere,
Snow everywhere to lie
There is a flock of Santa Claus,
Do not count everyone ...


La la la la la la la la
Santa Claus in full.
La la la la la la la la
Santa Claus in full.

Here is a tablecloth
Enough for everyone!
And produce in banks
Joy and success!
Vodka waterfalls here,
Champagne is in full swing!
Lake with lemonade!
Sea with cognac!


La la la la la la la la
How dizzy.
La la la la la la la la
From under the feet gone the earth.

Here 100% can be
On the ceiling to lie.
And on horseback is not difficult
Fly in the sky!
In space on the boat.
Take a trip on New Year's Eve!
With the stars round dances,
That's the turn!

La la la la la la la la
Oh, how far the earth is.
La la la la la la la la
Guiding star.
Had a mortgage
Place in the country to take.
It would be a man
Nothing to dream about!
To win the lottery
To this country is a ticket.
But you, alas, I assure you.
This country is not!

La la la la la la la la
This is all a fantasy.
La la la la la la la la
Happy New Year to you, friends.

Congratulatory song-remake to the class teacher for the New Year

New Year provides school matinees. Usually, students invent all sorts of funny sketches and show them to their peers and teachers. We offer to perform a song for your class teacher. This will certainly surprise him and give a good mood on the eve of holidays. The remake song was invented on the motive of the modern song from the group “Degrees "-" I like ... ".

We like it when you come into a classroom
And there you put things in order
We like it when parents call -
No matter day or night - we like it!
We like it when we make performances with you,
After all, they are without a doubt, we really need!
We like that every time collecting diaries,
Grades all exhibited. But we ...

I don't care if we get sick,
We will still be able to please you,
And we do not need anyone, damn it,
If only you went strict next
We have never been bored with you!
We will even open the planet in your honor,
In the meantime, the New Year will last,
We will prepare for you homework perfectly.

We like to meet you at recess,
And don't you dare change,
We like that we can swear for a maximum of five minutes,
And only two - take offense,
We like it when you scold you for the form,
And for truancy you grumble, we like it.
Like we grow up with you, mind to gain,
Ratings "fight back." But we ...


Pugacheva's rework songs for the New Year

Alla Pugacheva is the Queen of pop, which no singer can compare with today. She sang a lot of songs and each became a hit. We offer versions of songs-alterations for the new year under the motifs of songs by A. Pugacheva.

The song "Iceberg" - congratulations on the New Year for a woman (mother, grandmother)

New Year, like a proud iceberg,
From the days of winter grows,
Ice carries him over
Closer, closer to January.
Well i know it
As my heart melts, -
Only your warmth is warmed!
And with love I say:
"Yes, Happy New Year, dear,
I congratulate you!

May there be more happiness
And less - bad weather! "
Still whisper obstinately
And I firmly declare:
"Health and peace
One hundred years will bring! ";
You care and delight,
And you are a legend, and a fairy tale.

You are my big sun
Even among the intoxicating winters.
I am glad to my children and grandchildren.
Where you are, spring and caress,
And in the open window
We look into the world beautiful we!

The song “Madam Broshkina” is for corporate parties: dialogue between Baba Yaga and Leshego

In the forest I live alone, Such are the cases
I miss until the morning, I became quite old.
But here Goblin told me
What should I be in spring red.
"Come on, Yaga, Kindle, Yaga!"

I know that she, she, her
Cat's soul,
After all, I'm smart,
Grandma Ezhkina.
Here I will take and conjure to you now
Bag of nastiness
And on holiday
There will be no joy.

Well, that Yaga, come on, people congratulate,
I, as a producer, am telling you now -
Money work out.
Wish you friends
The worst
After all, I am Baba Yaga, the best.


Christmas songs rework Serdyuchka

Verka Serduchka is a very original, colorful character, without which no feast can do. Her songs have already become popular, what to say about the number of songs-alterations to her motives that sound from scenes, televisions and various entertainment events.

"If you are already a little over 30!"

New Year - a special procedure!
There are investments in the figure!
And dumplings, meatballs, sausage, vinaigrettes.
And no one, believe me, will not be bool!
And, of course, the people of our planet!
Very much believe without doubt in omens!
And not sparing finances, less nuances,
To meet the new year, according to the rules!

Chorus number 1:
Yes, they say long ago how you will meet him,
So you will spend it, in, affairs!
And then, you will note that fact
This is bullshit! So let's drink, sing and have fun!
And to meet him to the fullest!

To the New Year, all signs come true!
You can start! And 100 grams, the fact that you need to point out!
New Year reduces the risk of bad meet!
And it's time to recharge, enjoy the holiday!
Disperse, maybe only at dawn!

Chorus number 2:
In the New Year on the ice, booty to land
People say it's all about money!
And with friends in the bath, from the heart to wash! This is a wedding for you!

Waiting for career growth, if charged
Cork from champagne to the ceiling!
In the elevator you got stuck, there fate decided
Celebrate New Year!

Chorus number 1

“I'm just from the cold”

He has red lips
The handles are blue, yes, the legs are blue
You ask why I sing?
I want to see Santa Claus!

I, like a May rose,
Like a flower mimosa!
I know everything about Frost!
Everybody adore him, Only him!
And I'm only from the cold,
I'm like a sluggish rose.
Who will warm, I do not know
Pour, freeze!

From what, from what vodka drips.
Oh, yes, dripping, dripping into a glass.
There is only one frost to blame, not me,
That in the New Year we are all drunk!


We are all May roses,
Like mimosa flowers
Who pours us - we know!
New year we meet!

90s remake songs for New Year

The nineties can be called a real breakthrough in the music world, since the “closed” regime of the USSR fell, and young talents were allowed to sing about everything. We present you a selection of Christmas songs, alterations to the popular motifs in the 90s.

"White roses" - Shatunov

Snowflakes hover above the ground in a large round dance,
Flickering lights remind us flickering stars.
From a distant country of wonderful dreams on a star train
Hurries to congratulate us with you, gray-haired Santa Claus.

Fantastic night in the sky lit
Colorful flowers.
We wish you to come true
Cherished all dreams.
Under the chiming clock and clinking glasses
Happiness will come to your house,
Open the door, welcome the guest!
Hello, crazy New Year!

Let him take the night express to the world of fairy tales,
Away from all worldly affairs and various concerns.
Let this night give us more fun,
And happiness will fill every home with a crazy New Year.

“What is autumn” of the DDT group

New Year always replaces the old one.
Nothing can be changed.
And let the guitar burst into chords,
Remember what it was - it means.
Let in the hands of the dance mediator.
And your favorite camp will remind deck.
Strings vibrate about the main and not the main
In the daily life of man.

We will again wait for the New Year.
He may not pass us by.
In the Old let the grief sink.
Waiting for us a new distance.

Let the new year come - we will meet
At work, at the table and in the park.
Santa Claus always let comes to our children,
And under the tree hides let gifts.
Let the earth cover again with white,
In the window throw lace patterns.
Will take away all that in us once boiled.
Bring more C major.

Based on the song "Belle Notre Dame de Paris"

Night, Christmas tree garlands overflow ...
Off the old year and old grievances!
Everything melts in the past, like two drops of dew,
Let's start first, just thunder hours.
In the past year, we all went not easy way
And we are not trying to return the old year!

Let's light a Christmas star on the tree,
Under the battle of the chimes we inspire our dream.
My doubts fly away,
But again I am filled with excitement
Waiting for the accomplishment of a miracle on my way, and now -
Suddenly comes the long-awaited New Year!

Under the clink of glasses filled with wine,
With the game of lights, we will step over the new year ...
Forgetting the sadness, we have a wonderful gift
Having drunk on happiness under the twelfth blow.
Ringing Christmas glowing toys,
He momentarily violated my peace ...

And I pull out my gift from under the tree -
Give gifts destined by fate!
Magic tale flies New Year,
He will present a new meaning to our life!
And again, time flies carelessly,
And the new holiday in the new year is in a hurry again!

Bravo "Love the girls of simple romantics ..."

This new year let happiness
You will be captured
Money will be the sea the ocean!
Expects a lot of good changes.
Let the joy catch in your trap!
I wish you live, sing, love, dance!
Let the health to yourself, the network will be able to catch!


Meet the new year with your friends
With family, with colleagues, tipsy!
Hurry up in glasses all, pour champagne!
May all be happy on earth!

I wish to meet Santa Claus on the way!
Goldfish you catch!
Bird of happiness is also good not to miss!
Or just meet Gina!
In general, I do not care how and where, and when?
Happiness you will gain, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Chorus repeats ...

Chimes chimes strike, happiness in the house will bring
Dear friends, this is the New Year ...

Words of the song remake of Santa Claus

Alteration songs can also be sung by the “main face of the holiday” - Santa Claus. Such an unexpected surprise from the actor (guest) in the form of Santa Claus will certainly please a cheerful adult company who is going to celebrate the New Year together. We offer a song-alteration on the motive of the song“If I Was a Sultan” from the film “The Caucasian Captive”.Turn on backing track and sing along with Grandfather Frost with pleasure.

I have a red nose
Look all.
So I am Santa Claus,
This is clear to all.
I came to you now,
Flaming salute!
It will be all good
If we poured.

One hundred grams, Snow Maiden, pour not pity,
And if two hundred, more fun!

I asked Winter
I need clarity.
Two Snow Maidens are needed,
Or one?
I decided to take two
Let's drink together.
Round dance for three,
Have fun driving.


There is another version of the song of Grandfathers Frost, it is performed to the tune of the song“We walked into such steps”, which is performed by the group “The Time Machine”.

We walked into such steps that we didn’t get very well,
We dragged such bags that we didn’t carry much,
We have been in such apartments, where it would be better not to be at all,
We congratulated such children to leave and soon forget!

They say that in this world Santa Claus is not at all,
But, do not believe it, children, before you is a typical grandfather,
Let us have a beard made of cotton, let it be made of cotton, whiskers y us,
Let us work for a salary, but believe you in us, at least once!

Santa Claus is not less, just in the light of recent years,
Children believe in orders for home, supermarkets and the Internet.
Children no longer believe in fairy tales, children believe big money,
Children know that their gifts of Santa Claus are taken by y moms!

Well, you are calling us to the tree - you pour us a hundred grams.
And from drunk, what's the point, and children are not happy with us.
And we had to leave the business, remove the cap and peel off the nose ...
And may Putin wish you all a Happy New Year, like Santa Claus!

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Words of merry Christmas songs-alterations: texts of the best alterations of songs on the New Year for adults and children to the motive of modern, popular and folk songs 79

Words of merry Christmas songs-alterations: texts of the best alterations of songs on the New Year for adults and children to the motive of modern, popular and folk songs 38

Words of merry Christmas songs-alterations: texts of the best alterations of songs on the New Year for adults and children to the motive of modern, popular and folk songs 58

Words of merry Christmas songs-alterations: texts of the best alterations of songs on the New Year for adults and children to the motive of modern, popular and folk songs 16

Words of merry Christmas songs-alterations: texts of the best alterations of songs on the New Year for adults and children to the motive of modern, popular and folk songs 50

Words of merry Christmas songs-alterations: texts of the best alterations of songs on the New Year for adults and children to the motive of modern, popular and folk songs 34