William Stryker vs. mutants

Being a military scientist in the American army,William Stryker was one of the developers of the "Weapon X" program, which consisted in creating a super-soldier for government needs. For example, they invented adamantium - metal, which is covered with Wolverine's skeleton.

That day

One day, driving with his wife across the desert in the stateNevada, they had to stop because of a car breakdown. In addition to this, Marcy started fights, so William had to take delivery on his own. Everything went smoothly, only the child turned out to be a mutant. Accusing his wife, he killed her. And after he made several attempts to commit suicide, but remained alive, making certain conclusions from this.

William Stryker He decided that he could not die, because God neededon the ground. The illness of his son, and that is how he called the feature of Jason, was a sign from above. Now he will devote his life to the extermination of mutants, because they are the personification of evil and a threat to the whole world.

William becomes a preacher on television,so that as many people as possible can experience the same hatred that he experienced. So the group "Purifiers" appeared, the members of which were supposed to catch and destroy mutants. True, behind the loud name was too weak an organization. Of course, they were lucky to kill several inexperienced pupils of Professor Xavier. But then William was immediately caught and arrested, and his company itself disintegrated.


Returning from prison, William Stryker did not staywithout causes. After all, his belief that all mutants - evil, not only did not run out, but even more intensified. He met Nimrod - the guardian of the alternative universe (the series "Days of the past future"), which already several times moved in time. Taking advantage of his memory, William learned a lot about the future. This allowed him to warn people who were soon threatened with danger. One of these was the first-class shooter - Matthew Ryshman. It was such people who revived the once-forgotten group "Purifiers". Only now their activities have become much more effective.

son of William Stryker Inspired by events that occurred during the"Day-M," when many mutants could not return from the reality created by the Scarlet Witch, the followers of William Stryker began their hunt. Then they got to many mutants. For example, died Laurie Colins (Wallflower), able to control pheromones. And with it, the winged mutant Icarus ceased to breathe. They were all part of the new detachment of Professor Xavier. True, Stryker was able to stop the mutant Omega-level - Elixir. But the "Purifiers" this time did not disappear, they had a new leader - Matthew Rysman.


There was a time when Stryker's services were neededBastion - cybernetic guard, hating mutants. He had to work with Graydon Creed, Stephen Lang and Bolivar Trask. When Bastion tracked down Hope Summers and Cable, he sent a team of "Purifiers" to kill them.

Even the "X-Men" that came to this timewere in a difficult situation. After all, the followers of Bastion had a ritual, thanks to which many mutants lost their abilities. The situation was saved by Warren Worthington. By taking the form of the Archangel, he turns the "Purifiers" and kills William Stryker, cutting it in half.

Ultimate (Earth 1610)

In the alternative universe, the fate of Williamhas changed little. He again loses his family and, heartbroken, decides to follow in the footsteps of his father, who has long hated mutants. Armed and gathering the required number of fighters, they attack Xavier's school. And the first victim to become a mutant is the Syndicate: he is shot right on the lawn.

Then the detachment attacks the Fiery Star and the Toad, butcome to the aid of Rogue, Juggernaut, Victor Creed and John Reit. William Stryker copes with Reit, and then enters into battle with the Juggernaut. But their brawl ends Roug. Touching William, she sucks his energy, but for some reason keeps the villain's life.

William Stryker Marvel After a while, William Stryker ("Marvel")interrogates Alice Cartwright - a woman who allegedly has information about the whereabouts of the mutants. She refuses to talk, so they get rid of her. Nevertheless, the "Cleaners" find cargo containers in which the mutants were transported. They are all sinners, and if they do not repent, they must die.

Jimmy Hudson, Man-Torch, Rogue and the Icemantry to stop the genocide of mutants. But Stryker reveals to them the secret of Rogue, who turned out to be a double agent and was to bring them to this place. Rogue admits that this is true, and in the meantime appears Kitty Pride and rushes to Stryker. It penetrates through his suit, but it turns out that he is also a mutant who is able to manage technology and various equipment. This he is going to use.

William Stryker takes control of the Sentinel,sent by the government. And they begin massacre, in which not only the mutants are killed, but also the people who supported them. Once the Sentinels devastate America, somewhere in the Arizona desert, they create a Guardian - a robot hunter, designed to identify and destroy.

William Stryker: The Actor

In the movie "X-Men 2" the role of William Strykerplayed by Brian Cox. There he is a military scientist, responsible for developing the adamantium skeleton of Wolverine, as well as using his son's brain to control mutants.

William Stryker actor Then Stryker appeared in the movie "X-Men: Start. Wolverine, where he was played by Denny Houston. There he was the founder of Team X, and also looked for mutants for his project "Weapons 11". And in the film "X-Men: Days of the Past" Stryker (Josh Hemil) was the bodyguard of Bolivar Trask and the hunter of mutants.

What about the son of William Stryker?

After killing Marcie, William did not touch his son, becausedecided to cure him. He sent Jason to the school of Professor Xavier, hoping that he would be able to cure him. However, Professor X was unable to help, but it was dangerous to leave him at school, as the guy was too embittered and used his interesting abilities for negative purposes.

William Stryker Creating terrible illusions in the minds of othersmutants and ordinary people, he pushed them to very bad deeds. In general, it did not work for him to become a good fellow. So Jason left school and became one of the worst enemies of the X-Men.

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