Why does a man leave?

When a man leaves the family, the first question,which requires an answer - why it happened and what caused the breakdown of relations. Women can guess as much as they want, looking for the origins of what happened, but it's better to ask the men themselves what pushes them to parting. Sociologists conducted a survey among men who left their families, and more often the following reasons appeared in the answers.

The woman became uninteresting

In the first place in the number of answers, husbands were calledloss of interest in his wife. Over the years life turns into monotonous everyday life, where every day exactly repeats the other. Life, problems, family troubles do not add romance, often women themselves stop watching themselves. Which man, marrying a beautiful sultry brunette or a blonde with gray-blue eyes, wants to spend time with a grown-up lady in a shabby dressing gown?

There were material difficulties

The second most popular answer is why it leavesman - financial difficulties in connection with the loss of work or low earnings. The man, first of all, is the breadwinner and breadwinner for his family, and this status is very important for his self-esteem and male ego. If due to temporary financial difficulties (prolonged financial crisis, unstable work or complete absence of it), a man hears constant reproaches in his address, he can not withstand pressure and leave the family. It will be easier for him to send money from time to time than to experience severe stress.

Claims of primacy

Another reason that is so annoyingmen that they are ready to leave the family, is the desire of women in this family to dominate. If the wife does not give her husband and the words to say, she makes all the decisions herself and does not even hide it from outsiders, then a man can feel "henpecked", "rag", "weakling". No normal man, if he believes so, will not tolerate such a situation. It is natural for him to be a leader, a winner and a "master of destinies", at least in his family. At least he should feel it. A wise wife knows how to submit her thoughts so that her husband thinks that this is his idea.

Misunderstanding in sexual matters

Some men leave women because of theirexcessive coldness. It is not a question of temporary abstinence from marital relations due to illness, fatigue, etc. Here there is a constant refusal, or a reluctant satisfaction of sexual desire. The husband sees and feels the impression of intimacy on his wife, and if she does not react at all, or shows discontent, this can undermine his self-confidence and prompt him to gain recognition on the side. In this case, close to treason, and there may be a new attachment, which will entail the withdrawal of her husband from the family.

Family values

Among the reasons for leaving the family, men were called andirreconcilable relationship between the wife and mother of her husband - in-law. Women should know that bringing their mother-in-law to their side is the number one task to preserve a happy marriage. There are mother-in-law who, from the first day, do not interfere in the lives of their sons, but there are those who are able to divorce him from his wife, if the daughter-in-law does not please them. In many situations, a break in relations could have been avoided if one's mother-in-law made concessions or once again remained silent.

Women's treason

This motif also appears in the list of reasons forwhich the man leaves his wife. Not everyone can forgive and forget adultery. The man is the owner and he will defend his "territory" and his woman until the end, if someone wants to encroach on these "shrines". But if a woman herself decides to violate the inviolability of his personal space, involving an outsider in it, it can end in the collapse of relations.

However, it also happens that the woman is the initiator of the gap. About what they say about this, the fair sex, tell our article Why do women leave.

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