Why cramps?

Probably, there is no such person who, at leasttime has not experienced the painful sensation of contraction of the muscles of the body, limbs, fingers and toes. Suddenly, the pain appears quickly, but remains in memory for a long time. Why are cramps so suddenly attacked, and how to deal with it?

Let's talk in more detail about why convulsions are reduced.

What are cramps?

Under this unpleasant word, doctors meaninvoluntary contraction of the muscles of the body as a result of overload. The main symptom is severe pain, which, fortunately, quickly passes. As a rule, this condition occurs at night or during an active physical activity. Unfortunately, this misfortune does not choose the age, so young people, old people, and even children can suffer from convulsive contractions.

It is believed that the most vulnerable places in this plan- calf muscles. At an overload or a high temperature they can be actively reduced, which causes painful sensations. Less likely to suffer are hands, face and cervico-spinal section.

Why convulsions are reduced: the main reasons

In addition to sports loads, there are a number offactors that can cause involuntary contractions of the muscle series or individual muscles. First of all, it can be a problem with the nervous system. In this condition, convulsions are a common symptom accompanying a number of others. Some other diseases, such as flat feet, are also capable of causing muscle pain. If inflows of blood to the extremities are violated, the muscles can also involuntarily contract. The effect of certain drugs and the lack of vitamins is another fairly frequent factor that affects the muscular system, causing seizures.

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Pregnancy and leg cramps

Waiting for the child is very commonthe reason for which cramps in the legs may occur. Spasms in the muscles are often associated with excess weight, hormonal changes, venous insufficiency, pressure of the enlarged uterus on the blood vessels, etc. Fortunately, after the birth of a child, these unpleasant symptoms can disappear forever, if for their occurrence there were no other reasons.

The causes of convulsive contractions in the toes

Unexpected pain can be in thefingers, and for that there are reasons. One of the main things can safely be considered hypothermia of feet. Differences in temperature can play a cruel joke and cause cramps in the fingers. The second reason concerns mainly girls - lovers of uncomfortable and tight shoes. Clamped in the "vice" of a fashionable boat, fingers can easily cramp.

Cramps of the calf muscles

The most frequent zone whereinvoluntary muscle contractions, are caviar. Since the main load falls on this part of the foot, it is often "attacked" by convulsions. Chronic fatigue of the calf muscles becomes the number one cause.

No less formidable factor affecting the appearanceseizures, is venous insufficiency. In this case, a compulsory consultation of a phlebologist is necessary, since besides convulsive contractions of the muscles of a person suffering from these diseases, other troubles are awaited in the form of puffiness and heaviness in the legs, the appearance of vascular asterisks and a feeling of constant fatigue in the calf area.

Why is my hand cramping?

One of the most serious reasons, because of which the handsexperience pain from muscle contractions, is a violation of blood supply. Microtrauma, stressful situations, temperature changes and lack of calcium can also cause seizures.

To find out more about why the hands are cramping, you can from the article Why does it reduce your hands.

Spasms of back muscles

In case of muscle strain in the back areaconvulsive contractions may begin. The cause of seizures in this part of the body can be various diseases: osteochondrosis, hernial proliferation, scoliosis, kyphosis. Trauma is another reason why spasm appears in the back area.

Facial cramps

The main factor causing the reduction of facialnerves, is a disorder of the nervous system. In diseases of this kind, uncontrolled muscle work becomes one of the main symptoms. Stressful situations, as well as increased emotionality can cause convulsions in the face area. A dangerous factor sometimes becomes uncontrolled use of medications, which can lead to painful convulsive contractions.

How to help a person with cramps?

The secret of healing is always in the rightthe diagnosis and in the identification of the reason for which these or other health problems occur. Spasmodic muscle contractions are no exception. So how can you help a person who has been cramped?

If it is a matter of a momentary rather than a regularthe limb, in which this painful process began, must be carefully grinded. You can also alternately apply a hot and cold compress: this will improve blood circulation in the area of ​​muscle spasm.

If the attack began in the gastrocnemius muscle

Feeling a sharp pain, you can try to stretch the affected muscle. To do this, you can pull the toe on yourself, and push the heel down.

If the fingers and toes cramped

The main task is to increase the flow of blood to thethe affected area, so it is advisable to vigorously move your fingers or hands until the spasm ceases. Sometimes you can rub the painful area with a healthy hand, thereby easing the condition.

Medications for seizures

Patients who regularly suffer from musclelesions, sometimes prescribe drugs that help cope with this problem. Among the most common: phenobarbital, hexamidine, benzonale, diphenine.

Healthy lifestyle

If the disease is caused by emotional orphysical overload, it is worth reviewing your habits. People who are constantly in a state of stress or overworked in the gym suffer from seizures more often than others. In this case, you need to take care of a vitamin-rich diet, organize a work and rest regime and not be overloaded mentally or physically.

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