Where can I go to relax on the New Year 2019

With the approach of the New Year there is a lot of trouble. Pleasant, festive, but still troublesome. The first problem that appears before each person is the choice of where to spend the holiday.

Most of our fellow citizens are used to celebrating with their family at a posh table. But the moment comes when you want to change something and the New Year is just such a holiday that will help to change life a little bit. No wonder they say, how to meet the New Year so spend it. And it is necessary to meet him so that the next year was full of incredible events.

In addition, the year 2019 will be held under the auspices of the Yellow Earthen Pig. She is a very economical and hardworking animal, but she loves to relax in good company too.

New Year 2019 at the seaside

In order to radically change the situation and spend the holidays you can unforgettably go to one of the resort countries where the summer never ends.

One has only to imagine how pleasant it is to bask on the beach under the rays of the gentle sun and not know any pre-Christmas fuss.And the first minutes of the new year to meet the enchanting sounds of the sea surf.

When selecting a country for such a holiday, by all means pay attention to the following factors:

  • Country location Will it be convenient for you a long flight or is it worth picking up something closer.
  • The financial side. Is such a vacation available to your budget?

where to go for the new year holidays

  • Traditions. You need to know in advance how the country celebrates the New Year holidays. Although now in most countries for tourists held a celebration according to European traditions.
  • Popularity. If the resort is in great demand among our compatriots, it is necessary to fight with them for a place under the sun. If the country is not popular at all, you should think about whether to go to such a resort.

Canary Islands

Incredible beauty of nature, mild climate and fun pastime awaits tourists in this heavenly spot. When cold winds blow in our homeland, everything blooms and smells sweet.

where to go for the new 2019 yearNew Year's holidaywhere to go for the new year cheapholiday for the new year 2019

In addition to the surrounding beauty and the pleasant weather conditions, the resorts are pleased with many other factors:

  • developed infrastructure;
  • low, in comparison with other popular resorts, prices;
  • air healing abilities.

Canaries will be presented with an unforgettable holiday atmosphere. On the islands they know how to have fun so that the impressions remain for life.

Carnivals, colorful shows, songs, dances, delicious food - this is only an insignificant part of what is expected of tourists in this small but bright corner of our planet.


Where to go for the New Year 2019

And why not spend the holidays where most of the starry stage rests? If you think so too then forward to the Maldives.

Of course, prices cannot be called low there, but the sea of ​​impressions that awaits tourists is worth the money spent.

The inhabitants of the Maldives are very hospitable and will gladly help tourists turn the New Year holidays into a fairy tale. In each hotel on guests expects elegant Christmas tree and Santa Claus with flippers on their feet. You can meet the same New Year wizards in the city, on the beach, and even on water rides.

In addition to the celebration of tourists expects a lot of exciting things:

  • excursions;
  • visiting SPA salons;
  • fishing;
  • diving and snorkeling;
  • visiting shopping centers and markets.
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But the most popular are walks on boats with a transparent bottom.Before the eyes of vacationers, a unique spectacle of the underwater kingdom with its charming inhabitants comes off.


Maybe someone wonders why Cuba? And because this country will significantly save your finances and help make a turn in time for those who are nostalgic for the Soviet Union.

where to go for the new year abroad

Cuba is a very colorful country where you can plunge into the wonderful world of exotic and incessant fun. There are also white beaches and a warm calm sea, an amazing underwater world and many unique attractions throughout the country. And, of course, world famous Cuban tobacco and rum.

New Year 2019 to Europe

In comparison with warm countries, Europe will not be pleased with such pleasant climatic conditions, but here there are some highlights, which you should also pay attention to. In addition, you do not need to torment yourself with a long flight, to undergo acclimatization, to comprehend an unknown mentality.

In financial terms, Europe is also much more attractive. One has only to choose a route and go ahead. But this is also not very easy to handle. Each European country is unique in its own way and it is rather difficult to give preference to any one.

Czech Republic

where can I go for the new year 2019

This country has been leading in the list of the most visited countries for the New Year holidays for many years. Particularly attractive is the Czech capital - Prague. The city is incredibly beautiful at any time of the year, but in the pre-Christmas days it turns into something unforgettable.

Here and rest for every taste for those who want to have fun and looking for peace, and unique traditions, handed down from generation to generation, and Christmas fairs, and many other features.

Czech Republic is a country that can offer tours for every taste.


tours to the new 2019 where to go

If you want to meet the New Year near the Eiffel Tower, stroll along the Champs Elysees, then of course you need to go to the most romantic city on earth - Paris.

For the New Year holidays, the French are beginning to prepare another month in advance. Fir-trees, slides of entertainment are set up, streets are decorated with bright illumination, fairs are organized.

But still, the New Year in France is celebrated not so magnificently as Christmas. Therefore, you should not count on special celebrations on New Year's Eve.


where to go on holiday for the new year cheap

The new year in Hungary is celebrated according to ancient traditions and it is quite noisy and fun.Locals believe that on New Year's Eve the devil force is particularly active. To scare her away, you need to have a lot of fun, sing, dance and launch fireworks.

On New Year's Eve, fun carnivals, festivals and other festive performances are held in the cities of Hungary. Organized fairs, which smells delicious grilled sausages, mulled wine and gingerbread.

If there is no desire to go somewhere far away, then there are many beautiful places in the homeland where you can have a great New Year holiday. The main thing that was a good mood and loved ones nearby.

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