"Vote. Children »2018

Speech artists show "Voice. Children "on the" First "- a grand act that fascinates at first sight. Participants and fans are waiting for the new 2018 season. They can't wait to know when the casting of applicants will start, how will the blind auditions take place and who will they choose to be mentors? In order not to torment the audience with anticipation, the founders prepared a series of announcements and news.

"Vote. Children »2018


Young talents in the best project of the First Channel

"Vote. Children »2018

The children's version of the “Voice” contest gives each talented child a unique chance not only to perform on the big stage, but also to gain invaluable experience that star mentors share with the winners of the winners. Participants go through a long and difficult path, so it is important for them to know exactly when the casting will start, where the questionnaire is posted and how to apply. Information about the project itself and its essence will not be superfluous.

Transmission goes on Russian television since 2014. February 28 started the first stage of the competition. This reality show is not classified as copyright, so the organizers are not limited in fantasy. The main rules of the project include:

  • selection of vocalists aged from 7 to 14;
  • the presence in each issue of three mentors (pop stars or famous producers);
  • The goal of each jury member is to form a group of 15 applicants.

Those wishing to apply for participation. To do this, fill out a special form and set the date when casting begins.

Stages of television fights

"Vote. Children »2018

The winners of the qualifying rounds take to the big stage and pass a series of tests:

  1. blind listening;
  2. fights between the participants;
  3. "Song for departure";
  4. performance in the final.

The main difference of the Russian competition "Voice. Children" is the audience vote. Innovation appeared in the second season. Thanks to him, the audience received the right to help the three retired people return to the stage. Domestic television project is charitable in nature. Spent on the payment of SMS funds go to funds to help sick and needy children.

Interesting facts about the main children's show of the country

"Vote. Children "in 2018. When will the mentors begin

The idea of ​​the famous franchise belongs to the Dutch. At home, "The Voice Kids" has been going on since 2010. Over the years of its existence, the idea has spread to 50 countries of the world. On the “First”, the preparation of each new season begins with the formation of the concept and the selection of candidates for mentors. The director general of the channel Konstantin Ernst and the music directorate take part in this process.The jury is assigned a number of tasks aimed at showing the wards ’talent in the most favorable light.

At the beginning of the program was a famous producer, composer and singer Maxim Fadeev. Whether the most successful mentor will return to the program in 2018 is still unknown. However, in the announcements of the new season, the organizers repeatedly promised to put the “golden” three in the red chairs:

  • Dima Bilan
  • Pelagia
  • Maxim Fadeev

The competition gives the "green light" for the implementation of abilities and cutting the voice completely free. During the existence of the show in Russia, its leading were:

  • Svetlana Zeynalova
  • Dmitry Nagiyev
  • Valeria Lanskaya
  • Natalya Vodyanova
  • Nastya Chevazhevskaya

To get to the shooting as a spectator, you can apply on the project website. This step allows you not only to personally feel the performances and see the "vocal kitchen" from the inside, but also to receive a small fee. The program is shot in portions. The screen gets pre-mounted video and the most spectacular episodes.

Latest Contest News

"Vote. Children "in 2018. When will the mentors begin

In February 2018, the fifth season of the franchise “Voice. Children".The founders report that the questionnaire for those who want to show off their talent is no longer available, since the acceptance of applications for participation is over. For those who have passed the casting, a difficult period begins, because the lucky ones will have to keep the bar after the holiday concerts.

Very soon, viewers will be able to once again enjoy the grand show, full of sparkling numbers and non-child passions.

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