When guessing in January 2018

Confidence in the future gives peace and harmony to the human heart. It’s impossible to know for sure what the future or the coming year is preparing for. However, there is a way that helps to open the veil of secrecy and look through time - fortune telling. What days exactly guess in January 2018? The completion and updating of the calendar cycle, when the subtle matters of the world are updated, change and allow sensitive people to catch the echoes of future events, the most favorable for the mystical mysteries.

How exactly and when guessing in January 2018?

In Russia, January was called the “prosynets” because at that time one could see the blue sky between the frowning clouds in the sky. Other names of this month describe its harsh and cold weather - “sechenets”, “ice”, “winter”. The first of January, the New Year begins, when people wish each other happiness and fulfillment of all desires. At the time of the winter holidays, they look at the signs, predict what life will be like, health, changes and achievements.

The most favorable time for divination:

  • New Year's Eve from December 31 to January 1;
  • Christmas - the night of January 6-7;
  • Old New Year - the night of January 13-14;
  • Feklistov day - January 17;
  • Baptism - the evening of January 18.

Since ancient times, man wondered, determined the future of the flight of birds, the movement of clouds and smoke, the insides of animals and bones. Wise and respected people — shamans, priests, oracles — were engaged in predictions. Now anyone can try to predict their future.

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Divination in the New Year's Eve

The end and beginning of the year is an important time, favorable to predictions. There are several simple ways to find out about your fate. Most often women wonder, but there are also universal ways to learn about the future.

  • The girl puts a card kings under the pillow. What a dream - and this will be the groom. If there is no sleep, then the card is taken out in the morning at random.
  • An unmarried girl lays in the headboard the first piece of a festive dish and invites her husband to try. The groom must dream.
  • Another way to shout through dreams is to put feathers, slivers, twigs under the pillow, and then interpret the visions. This method is suitable for both men and women.

All predictions and fortune telling in January 2018 are individual, unique in the details. Guessing independently determines the circle of significant symbolism and trusts intuition. It is a mystical sense that allows you to predict the future most accurately.

Christmas and Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve - a special holiday, fun and at the same time mysterious. From January 6 to January 7 prophetic dreams. To find out about the future or find the answer to a question, put a piece of paper, a pencil and a dream book at the head of the bed. "Fresh" dream is better to write down and immediately interpret it from the book.

Even under Christmas guessing in the shadows. This is a legendary way of predicting the future, it is fairly accurate and does not require special knowledge, you do not need to understand complex characters.

  • An unevenly crumpled sheet of paper is placed on a large heat-resistant plate and set on fire.
  • When the paper burns out, a candle is lit in front of the ash so that it casts a shadow on the wall. The plate can be gently rotated to view all the shadows.
  • Silhouette interpreted (for example, the plane - to marry with the pilot, shoes - to travel).

To see the signs it is not necessary to perform “magical rituals”.A sensitive person sees symbols in everything - in the leaves, in the starry sky, in his own feelings. To anticipate and prophesy, you need to trust your intuition.

The art of interpreting natural symbols and silhouettes

Historically, many divination systems have evolved from popular signs, observations. The signs of the elements were interpreted and comprehended. That is why divination is so closely connected with the natural world. The props are often natural materials.

For example, to predict the future of coffee grounds, you need to drink a cup of natural ground coffee, and then overturn it on a saucer so that the mass spreads along the walls and forms patterns. Images that are obtained, then interpreted. Most popular characters:

  • silhouette of a man - a date;
  • tree and plants - barriers, quarrels, longing and travel;
  • animals and birds - restlessness and slander;
  • houses and buildings - profit and wealth.

Guessing on eggs is another way associated with the interpretation of symbols. Eggs take only home. To find out the future, protein is poured into warm water, and then the shadows, signs and movement of matter are interpreted.

  • protein falls to the bottom - trouble, loneliness;
  • the squirrel remains in the center and takes the shape of the figures (the church is for the wedding, the ship is the journey and the return of the person, as well as other symbols and meanings).
  • if a pregnant woman reaches from under the hen and breaks the egg, the sex of the embryo will coincide with the sex of the baby.

Unusual, scary and beautiful fortune telling

Guessing with a mirror is the most mysterious and terrible kind of prediction of the future for unmarried girls, it requires courage. Guessing at midnight, alone, at a large mirror, undressed naked.

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  • Two candles are installed in front of the mirror so that they illuminate and cast shadows, as well as a smaller mirror so that an endless “corridor” is formed.
  • When a girl installs mirrors, you need to sentence: "Tried, disguised, Show yourself!".
  • When the image of the groom appears behind his back in the reflection, you should see all the details of his appearance and shout: "What is this place!". The vision will disappear and divination will end.

Divination with a ring also helps to see the face of the future husband. The wedding ring is placed in a glass with a smooth bottom, poured ¾ of water, and then viewed by candlelight in the center of the jewelry.There should appear the face of the betrothed.

Guessing with the boat - very simple and beautiful. Various pieces of predictions are written on pieces of paper, then they are fastened to the pelvis, water is poured in and empty walnut shells are allowed. To which wish the “boat” comes up - it will come true.

Guessing, it is necessary to remember that any character has many interpretations. Focus on positive values ​​and believe in your lucky star, then all adversity will pass you by, and bright predictions will come true.

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