When do the New Year holidays end in 2019

Carefully thinking about plans for the winter holidays, it is important to know exactly when the New Year holidays begin and end in 2019 so as not to miss the end of the long weekend and the first working day of the coming year.

Despite a lot of talk about the feasibility of the New Year holidays for the people, there will be a long weekend in the 2018-2019 season, which means that you can now plan your vacation and travel, meeting friends, and trips to relatives living in other regions of Russia or even other countries.

New Year's holidays in the winter of 2018-2019

The official calendar of the New Year holidays

In the winter season of 2018-2019, we will officially rest 10 days in a row!

More than once the call is officially announced to make the day off the last day of the outgoing year. But, this year January 31, which falls on Monday, has not yet been added to the list of non-working days. In order to optimize working hours and extend the winter holidays, the government decided to postpone the working day from Monday (12/31/2018) to the last Saturday of the year (12/29/2018).

Holiday calendar for the New Year 2019

Thus, the first day off on the eve of the holidays will be Sunday, January 30, 2018, and on the 31st it will be possible to prepare without haste to celebrate the New Year.

In January, the weekend will be 8 days from the 1st to the 8th day inclusive! According to the approved production calendar, in the coming 2019, the end of the New Year's holiday falls on Tuesday, and the first working day of the year will be January 9th.

During the long New Year's holiday weekend will include such holidays:

  • January 1 - New Year;
  • January 7 - Christmas (Orthodox).

Christmas 2019 weekend calendar

Weekends that fell on the 5th and 6th numbers (Saturday and Sunday) this year will be postponed to May 2 and 3, which will give 5 weekends in a row at the end of spring (from 05/01/19 to 05/05/19).

Alternative work schedule options

The long 10-day period of official weekends is mandatory for government agencies working on a 5-day schedule. For private companies, this provision is also mandatory, which means that the employer does not have the right to set its schedule and notify employees unilaterally that they start or end the New Year holidays in the new 2019 not in the way the production calendar establishes.

Work on holidays will be employees who:

  • work in daily or shift schedules;
  • give their consent to work on holidays for an additional fee;
  • will be called to work due to production needs (employee consent is not required).

Work in the New Year holidays in 2019

According to the law during the holidays, such employees cannot be called to work:

  • younger than 18 years old;
  • pregnant women;
  • having children with disabilities;
  • raising children under 5 years old alone;
  • caring for sick relatives.

All other categories of citizens of the Russian Federation can be brought to work without restrictions. At the same time, a formal employee has the right to refuse the prospect of working on a day off, but in fact very few people succeed.

Compensation for spoiled weekends can be double payment, or time off (in agreement with the employee).

Folk holidays in the winter of 2018-2019

If we consider the entire period of Christmas and New Year holidays in Russia, then it is much more than 10 days marked in red in the official calendar.

The period of New Year's celebrations starts in December. The last month of 2018 gives us such celebrations:

  • December 6 - the day of St. Nikolay;
  • December 25 - Catholic Christmas.

December 6 is the beginning of the winter holidays for the majority of kids who are looking forward to seeing sweets and presents under their pillows.In the 20th of the month, the season of Christmas parties, corporate events and other celebrations starts.

New Year holidays calendar 2019

The January holidays in Russia do not end with the beginning of working days. After the Orthodox Christmas (January 7), everyone expects an amazing holiday - the Old New Year, which traditionally comes to the houses of Russians on the night of January 13-14. It is these dates in 2019 that will be the milestone when most people end the New Year holidays.

But, do not be discouraged, because already in early February, it is time to think about how interesting and bright to celebrate Valentine's Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day and March 8.

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