When changing a passport

The main document certifying the identity andconfirming belonging (citizenship) to a specific state, is a passport. It contains such information about the citizen as: name, place and date of birth, marks on registration of marriage, residence permit, military status. It can contain information about criminal record, blood group and Rh factor, previous general civil and issued foreign passports.

In Russia a passport is issued for the first time in 14 years. It is produced in a period of not more than 10 days, as a rule, it is issued in a solemn atmosphere under the national anthem.

At what age do you change your passport

Over time, photos available in thepassport, do not allow to identify its owner. As a result, there is a need to replace the main document. This duty is fixed in the Regulations on the passport. If it is not delivered in time, it becomes invalid. There may be difficulties in obtaining loans, buying air and railway tickets, as well as in other situations. That's why it needs to be replaced in a timely manner.

What time do they change the passport? In Russia - at the age of twenty, and also at the age of 45. In the following, for this reason, it is no longer changed. The passport is replaced not only by age, but also due to the following circumstances:

  • when you change the name, information about the place or date of birth;
  • sex change;
  • if the passport is unsuitable for use due to wear, damage or other reasons;
  • with its loss (theft);
  • in other cases.

When they change their passport, they will have to hand over to the district department of the FMS for exchange:

  1. Application (Form 1P).
  2. The passport to be replaced.
  3. 2 photos in the size 35x45 mm.
  4. Receipt (payment of state duty).

These are the main documents. In addition to them, you may need a military ticket, certificates of birth of children, registration or divorce. The latter is not necessary to hand over immediately, the necessary marks can be placed even after obtaining a new passport.

When a passport is changed, the inspector who acceptsdocuments, carefully checks them and finds any errors returns to eliminate them. The application is subject to a number of requirements. In particular, it should be written in a legible black or purple pen. To fill out the application you need to approach responsibly, not allowing any blots or mistakes. And the photos should be clear. They can be colored or black and white. It is forbidden to photograph in the headgear, except when it is made for religious reasons, as well as in glasses with tinted glasses.

Documents, when changing a passport, should besurrendered no later than 30 days after the onset of the event, which obliges to do so. A new passport is also issued within ten days. In some cases, this period may be extended to one month for additional verification, with the aim of identifying the individual. Then you can get a temporary certificate from the passport office, providing one photo for this, and also you can provide a certificate of acceptance of the documents if necessary.

Citizens of Russia who did not pass in timepassports, can be brought to administrative responsibility. Responsibility of citizens is provided in art. 19.15 of the Administrative Code, and the fine is from 15 to 20 minimum wages. That is why you need to remember the need for timely replacement of the document in order to save yourself from unplanned expenses and unwanted communication with law enforcement agencies.

When changing a passport, as a rule, they turn todivision FMS in the place of residence. However, in the absence of the latter, the passport can also be replaced at the place of actual residence or stay.

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