What will be the winter of 2018-2019 in Russia

A detailed review prepared by experienced specialists of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center will help to familiarize you with information about the winter in the season 2018–2019 in Russia.


“Prepare a sleigh in the summer!” Or folk omens about the weather

Despite the lack of high-tech weather equipment and a modern calendar, our Slavic ancestors accurately predicted the winter weather. And various natural signs helped them in this, which are the main reference points for many modern old-timers living in remote regions of Russia. Observing the flora, fauna and sky, they predict the approach of Epiphany frosts and even the spring thaw without the slightest error.

What will be the winter of 2018-2019 in Russia

According to popular belief, the harbingers of a snowy and cold winter are:

  • bright twinkling stars in August;
  • frost in September;
  • cats basking on the stove in November.

A large number of old folk will survive to this day, however, the technological progress that has stepped forward allows the residents of modern megacities to learn the current weather forecast using the simplest electronic gadgets.

What will be the winter of 2018 - 2019?

Given the "endless" expanses of our beloved homeland, the task before the Russian meteorologists is not easy. However, it is necessary to give them their due - they cope quite successfully with their work. A confirmation of this are the forecasts that domestic weather forecasters are rushing to share with the residents of the country.

According to the specialists of Roshydrometcenter, the coming winter of 2019 will be moderately cold, without an abnormal decrease in air temperature. An exception will be Siberia, the Urals and the Far East, which differ from other regions of Russia in a more severe climate. The weather conditions here are influenced by Arctic cyclones and cold ocean currents, which are the main determining factor for the formation of indicators of the temperature bar.

The first decade of December will not bring special surprises to the residents of the Central region. In general, this month is not seen by meteorologists too capricious. From the beginning of December and up to the first days of January, comfortable weather will prevail in most of the territory of Russia with an average temperature schedule and a small amount of precipitation. In the daytime, the air temperature will be -3 / -5 ℃, at night it will drop to -8.Closer to the New Year, as well as in early January, a short-term warming is expected with temperature peaks from + 1 ℃ during the day and to –4 ℃ in the evening.

During the second winter month the following weather conditions will be observed:

  • January 1 - 10: moderate precipitation, - 2 / - 5 during the day, - 9 / -13 at night;
  • January 10th to January 20th: windy, - 12 / -15 ℃ during the day, to -18 at night;
  • January 20 th through January 30: minimum precipitation, - 6 / - 8 ℃ in the afternoon, - 10 / - 13 at night.

What will be the winter of 2018-2019 in Russia

During the period from the 3rd to the 15th of February, the Russians will have a cold snap. In the daytime, the air temperature will drop to -15 ℃, in the evening its figures will be -17 / -22 ℃. The people of Siberia, the Perm Territory and the Komi Republic will have a hard time. In these regions of our country, the daytime temperature will drop to -30 ℃, and at night it will not stop at -40 / -45 ℃.

Winter 2018 - 2019 in Moscow and Moscow region

In Moscow, according to weather forecasters, no special climatic anomalies are foreseen. In the metropolitan region is expected to relatively mild and snowy weather. However, it will not do without frosty days. This winter will remind of itself only in the middle of January. The thermometer at this time will be close to the mark - 15 ℃ in the daytime and - 18 at night.Not the most favorable weather conditions are also expected in February. In the 20s of the last winter month, residents of Moscow will feel the effect of the Arctic cyclone with a decrease in air temperature to - 16. However, this cooling will not linger in the capital for long. Already at the end of the month significant warming is expected here.

Weather in St. Petersburg

Residents of the northern capital also should not worry about the weather conditions. Throughout the entire winter season (with the exception of some of its periods), a quite comfortable temperature will prevail in the city. The average daily temperature in December will be - 7. On New Year's holidays, the winter will please St. Petersburg people with snowfall and moderate frost. It will only upset the residents of St. Petersburg in February. In its first decade frosts will hit to -18. However, as in Moscow, this weather will last here for long. Closer to March with the wind and rain the heat will return to the city again.

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