What to wear in winter 2018-2019 from outerwear

Girls want to dress stylishly and beautifully at any time of the year, and winter is not a reason to deny myself this pleasure. It’s time to abandon the habit of seeing people dressed only in dark, universal clothes on a city street, especially as modern fashion industry today allows a lot. And although it is still far from frost, it is interesting for many now to know what to wear in the winter of 2018-2019, which outerwear will be in trend.

Fashionable outerwear 2018-2019 yearsFashionable outerwear 2018-2019 years
The best coat models for the winter of 2018-2019The best coat models for the winter of 2018-2019
The best models of outerwear winter 2018-2019The best models of outerwear winter 2018-2019
Stylish designer fur coat winter 2018-2019Stylish designer fur coat winter 2018-2019

Faux fur coats

Bright trend, burst into winter fashion and significantly suppressed the demand for natural fur, made many girls rethink their wardrobe. If a couple of years ago it was only timid attempts of designers, today, on the wave of the popularity of the movement for the preservation of rare species of animals, fur coats made of artificial fur are more relevant than ever. Even such brands of the Pret-a-porte segment offer to wear such coats:

  • Max Mara;
  • Givenchy;
  • Stella McCartney;
  • Gucci.
Fur coats with long fur winter 2018-2019Fur coats with long fur winter 2018-2019
Luxury Fur Coats 2019Luxury Fur Coats 2019
Fashionable furs of 2018-2019Fashionable furs of 2018-2019
Fur coats of the winter of 2018-2019Fur coats of the winter of 2018-2019

Fur coats of eco-mechanics are good not only affordable price, but also the possibilities of fashion cut, lightness and compactness, ease of maintenance.The life cycle of such coats, of course, is shorter, but in view of the budget, you can rejoice yourself with new clothes at least every year. Well, the fact that artificial fur is colder than natural fur is nothing more than a stereotype.

In the winter of 2019, in the trend, bright, sometimes flashy colors:

  • aquamarine;
  • fuchsia;
  • emerald;
  • red;
  • canary.
Fashionable red coat 2018-2019 yearFaux Fur Orange Fur Coat


One of the hottest trends in the winter of 2018-2019 has become a coat of unusual cut:

  • cape;
  • poncho;
  • capes.

According to stylists, this type of outerwear, timidly appearing on the shoulders of girls last season, in the coming one will break all records. So, do not be skeptical of all sorts of capes. If you want to be a sophisticated fashionist in the eyes of others, you should definitely get an original poncho or cape. This stylish item will be a necessary attribute of your fashionable bow.

Fashionable white cape 2018-2019 yearLuxury Cape 2019

Such high-fashioned masters like Sonia Rykiel, Alberta Ferretti, Roland Mouret, Michael Kors, finally paid attention to the capes that warm perfectly in cold weather and free the sleeves. The advantage of a poncho is that they turn an average image into a trend image and fit into any style, from classic to sporty.

Fashionable coats and capes 2019Fashionable coats and capes 2019
Cape Fashion 2019Cape Fashion 2019
Cape Fashion 2019Cape Fashion 2019
Fashion poncho 2019Fashion poncho 2019


It is no wonder that down jackets are considered the most practical winter clothing.You can wear it not only with jeans and sweatpants, but also dresses in linen style, pleated skirts and other clothes in romantic style. The main criterion for the fashionable down jacket of the winter season of 2019 is an unusual cut, for example, asymmetrical. And whether it will be a giant model, visually resembling a blanket (DKNY, Iceberg and Alexander McQueen), a quilted sweatshirt with buttons (Acne Studios), a big jacket with a puffy scarf to the floor (Balenciaga) or a hypertrophied burtik from Burberry - you decide.

Fashionable down jacket autumn-winter 2018-2019Fashionable down jacket autumn-winter 2018-2019
Silver down jacket autumn-winter 2018-2019Silver down jacket autumn-winter 2018-2019
Short down jacket autumn-winter 2018-2019Short down jacket autumn-winter 2018-2019
Down jackets fall-winter 2018-2019Down jackets fall-winter 2018-2019

Quilted coat

A stitch is a very fashionable element in clothes and not only. Distinguished designers use it for making not only shoes and accessories, so it would be strange if we did not see the stitch in outerwear. If a down jacket seems to be too youthful and athletic, pay attention to the exquisite coats of a fitted cut, quilted with a diamond or cross-stitching, like in Derek Lam. Models can be combined with other textures:

  • tweed
  • drape
  • skin
  • inlays from voluminous fur.
Quilted coats winter 2018-2019Quilted coats winter 2018-2019
Coat quilted fall-winter 2018-2019Coat quilted fall-winter 2018-2019
Quilted down jacket winter 2018-2019Quilted down jacket winter 2018-2019
Fashionable models of quilted jackets and coatsFashionable models of quilted jackets and coats

To create an elegant look in a classic style, choose strict coats with a single-color stitch, for an informal bow - models with a gradient effect or with a floral print.

Fashionable print for a quilted coat trends 2019Quilted coat with a print fashion 2018-2019 year

Coat with a fur collar

Classic has always gone hand in hand with fashion.The style developed over the years has never been changed. In the winter of 2019, pleasant surprises await us - the classics are subject to the masculine trend, the eternal debate about men's and women's. That is why in the fashionable seasonal collections there are a lot of drape and woolen models with elements of a men's suit. However, if for you a coat, tailored for the male type, is not too original thing, devoid of femininity, pay attention to the products from:

  • Blumarine;
  • Au Jour le Jour;
  • Ermanno Scervino;
  • Fendi.
Coat in men's style winter 2018-2019Coat in men's style winter 2018-2019
Stylish light coat winter 2019Stylish light coat winter 2019
Fashionable coat with a fur collarFashionable coat with a fur collar
Gray coat with fur collar winter 2018-2019Gray coat with fur collar winter 2018-2019

Unusual models are given to the collars, descending with a spectacular fur waterfall to the very hemline or delicately outlining the neck around the edge. Coats of red, hot pink, powdery and ultraviolet shades are also relevant in the coming winter.

Pink coat winter 2018-2019Purple coat winter 2018-2019Red coat winter 2018-2019

Sheepskin coats made of natural sheepskin

What else will be fashionable to wear in the winter of 2018-2019? For the harsh climatic conditions of Russia, the best option for winter clothing is still sheepskin coats.

In the upcoming season, coarse sheepskin coats, visually resembling hunting gear, are becoming extremely popular. However, this is not the only option of this type of outerwear.It can be both red "patsansky" sheepskin coats in the spirit of the 90s, and charming feminine models, like those of Dolce & Gabbana, and classic coats of tanned leather.

Natural sheepskin coat for fall-winter 2018-2019Natural sheepskin coat for fall-winter 2018-2019
Long coats of autumn-winter 2018-2019Long coats of autumn-winter 2018-2019
Fashionable sheepskin coat for fall-winter 2018-2019Fashionable sheepskin coat for fall-winter 2018-2019
Bright sheepskin coat for fall-winter 2018-2019Bright sheepskin coat for fall-winter 2018-2019

Designers demonstrate extraordinary solutions, decorate models with all sorts of decorative elements, use bright colors, such as:

  • purple;
  • emerald;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • Orange.

Do not lose their relevance and dark shades that women prefer, to the classic style. Well, to lead in winter fashion in 2019 will be white sheepskin coats.

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