What to give for the new 2018 year of the Dog

The New Year is not only a favorite holiday for all, but also a time when we try to surprise our loved ones, colleagues and friends by giving an unusual gift with a meaning corresponding to the symbol of the coming year. Don't know what to give in the year of the dog 2018? Try to breathe in the surprise not only the appropriate attributes, but also the sincerity, your attitude to the person, and most importantly - the originality.

About gifts in the year 2018 Earthy Yellow Dog

The Chinese horoscope characterizes the Earth Yellow Dog as a kind, practical, loyal and cheerful animal. Based on this, and you need to choose a gift for others around the New Year, so that it becomes not only a pleasant and unusual, but also a symbolic surprise.

As a gift, everything that can be used for home comfort is suitable - blankets, pillows, dishes, and rugs. What says about love and loyalty - jewelry, photo frames, warm clothes, accessories. Ideal for the holiday will be products for active sports, hiking, travel.

No cost and without soft toys, figurines, key chains with the image of dogs. But a live puppy, as a gift, may not be entirely appropriate.The opportunity to present such a surprise to a family or children of friends must be known in advance.

Original gifts for 2018 Dogs

Unusual gifts are best ordered in special stores or stores or do it yourself. In this case, you must necessarily breathe into them, as much as possible of love and soulfulness, and the cost of the gifts can be quite affordable. Here are a few ideas that can diversify, add something of your own and make it even more interesting:

  • leather scroll with family tree;
  • family coat of arms (if there is a dog in the house, it must be included in the general concept of the family symbol);
  • certificate of ownership of land on the moon or another planet;
  • T-shirt or T-shirt "under the Dalmatian" or with a picture of a dog;
  • bedding with a "dog" print;
  • mugs or other dishes with a photo of puppies and wishes of a happy New Year;
  • picture embroidery;
  • phone case with the same symbolism.

Gift, New Year, Dog

Soft toys-dogs on batteries, singing funny songs or speaking in human language do not go out of fashion.

Throughout the year, your warm attitude and care for a family member or friend will resemble an alarm clock, which not only barks, but also “runs away” from the owner, and you can turn it off just by getting out of bed and catching up. Search online stores.Such a gift is not only original and interesting, but also will not allow a loved one to oversleep at work or a business meeting.

Gifts for children

Younger family members are the most appreciative gift recipients. They are easy to surprise and please, and the choice of products for children is limitless:

  • big or small plush dog;
  • a photo album with a cover showing a totem animal;
  • puppy figures;
  • kits for creativity with the symbolism of the coming year;
  • an atlas book about dog breeds;
  • sweaters, socks, puppy t-shirts;
  • chocolate or caramel figures of the symbol of the New Year 2018;
  • backpack with a snout of a dog;
  • ticket for New Year's performance.

Most children write letters to Santa Claus, from which you can learn about the preferences of the younger family members, their desires and dreams, and in accordance with them make a gift for the New Year.

Gifts to relatives and friends

Gifts for relatives and friends should be special, and, given that the dog is a cheerful, loyal and affectionate animal, their choice should be approached with special responsibility and imagination. On the other hand, it is easier to give gifts to loved ones than to strangers, because you know all the tastes and preferences of those with whom you live nearby.

Gift, New Year

For wife or girlfriend

  1. Original jewelry storage boxes - women adore gizmos that allow you to decorate the space of the dressing table, fold rings, earrings and other jewels dear to your heart, and if the shape of the jewelry box resembles a dog, it will become a symbolic gift for the new year 2018.
  2. Home textiles and linen - another weakness of girls. Beautiful bedding with images of puppies or nature, floral print, towels for the kitchen, original napkins on the festive table can please the hostess.
  3. Certificates - gift certificates to shops, salons, sports clubs, SPA or fitness show the second half your love, care and dedication.
  4. Plaid - a warm, fluffy blanket with a dog print or an image of the symbol of the New Year will remind you of a happy holiday spent together for a long time, as well as warm up on cold evenings.
  5. Cake - women adore sweets, and a cake to order in the original design in accordance with the symbolism of the year will be a pleasant gastronomic surprise and delicacy, which will bring moments of happiness to your beloved and the whole family.

For husband or boyfriend

  1. A T-shirt - if a guy goes to the gym, such a thing as a T-shirt with a cute puppy and an inscription like: “Darling, I miss!” Will remind you of care and attentive attitude.
  2. Skydiving. Dogs are courageous, fearless animals, ready for any initiatives proposed by him, perhaps a gift such as a parachute jump certificate will help the stronger sex show itself and improve self-esteem.
  3. Pillows, bathrobes, textiles - men no less than women love and appreciate comfort in the house, and they will be pleased to wear a soft fluffy bathrobe after a shower or relax on a sofa surrounded by original small pillows with a picture of puppies or dogs of their favorite breed.
  4. Quest is a fascinating gift that will be remembered for a long time. Among the young and active people are very popular a variety of quests that organize agencies for the holidays. Such a gift will help to have fun, spend time fun and will be a little adventure that will definitely be remembered.
  5. For a car - if the husband drives a car, give him an accessory that will remind you of your care and love.This could be a smartphone holder, a flavoring agent, an original glass scraper, a key ring with a car key case.

Gifts for the New Year 2018 Dogs to parents

For parents, as a rule, it is not the gift itself that is important, but the manifestation of attention. No matter what you give - an expensive picture or a set, or a small souvenir, mom and dad will be happy and appreciate. Going to the parental home to celebrate the New Year holiday, try to give the New Year of 2018 to the Dog something very emotional, symbolizing love and loyalty, but also reminiscent of what symbol will protect family happiness and comfort during the year.

Gift, New Year

Gift Ideas for Parents:

  • photo frames with shared photos;
  • theater or cinema ticket;
  • service with the "dog" theme;
  • picture;
  • family tree, made with your own hands with a photo or ordered in the cabin;
  • figurines with puppies;
  • aroma candles;
  • photo collage with the words of the main parental qualities and words of congratulations;
  • a video about joint years or family life, the birth of children and grandchildren;
  • sweets - cake, sweets, chocolate figures of small puppies;
  • a set of bath accessories (bathrobe, towels with a totem theme);
  • antiques;
  • photo-crystal;
  • a set of tea, coffee or other drinks for an evening family feast.

Gifts to the boss and colleagues

This is one of the few holidays when it is customary to make surprises or signs of respect to colleagues and superiors. Presents presented to them should not be intimate or indicate not very good character traits. It is appropriate to give the boss:

  • original lighter;
  • ashtray in the form of a recumbent dog;
  • alcoholic drinks and coffee;
  • holder for books or documents;
  • picture;
  • shtof for drinks with the image of symbols of the New Year;
  • pen with usb drive.

Colleagues by the New Year can be presented:

  • a mug with the image of puppies and wishes of a happy year;
  • mouse pad;
  • notebook, diary, calendar;
  • magnets with puppies;
  • pop art portrait;
  • appointment desk with photos of all colleagues;
  • trinket;
  • flash drive;
  • kindergarten;
  • gift diploma with a list of professional merit.

Gift, New Year, Dog

Handmade gifts

Nothing touches like hand-made gifts. In them, the author puts all the warmth, kindness and attitude towards a loved one, relative or colleague.If the question arose what to give for the New 2018, but you do not want to buy banal gifts in the store, you can be inspired by the many ideas that are on the Internet and do it yourself:

  • sweet cookies in the form of puppies figures;
  • origami money "doggie";
  • handicraft of sweets: bouquet, typewriter, musical instrument, etc .;
  • warmer on the kettle in the form of a dog;
  • homemade soap in the form of puppies of different breeds and suits;
  • knitted products;
  • embroidery paintings;
  • dishes handpainted;
  • photo frame.

A little about what you should not give in the year of the Earthy Yellow Dog

It is difficult to find a person who would not be happy gift, presented with the soul and good wishes. And only an absolutely tactless person is able to give, a thing that can remind of a bad thing or disappoint. But astrologers argue that there are several items that should not be given to the New Year of 2018 Dogs, so as not to offend, let alone irritate, the totem animal and the symbol of the coming year.

Avoid jewelry that is worn around the neck - dogs do not like chains. Connoisseurs of the stars also warn that a man’s friend actually has a negative attitude to strong odors and is unlikely to approve a gift in the form of perfumes and toilet water.And you should avoid any gifts that are associated with the image of cats or kittens, after all the saying, “like a cat with a dog” was invented by the people for good reason and such a gift can later embroil friends or loved ones.

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