What to give a grandmother for the New 2019

It is not easy to choose a gift for the most generous and kind people - grandmothers. We will help and offer you many interesting options for congratulations on the New Year 2019 for your grandmother. Believe me, she will be pleased and will feel your love!

Tough choice

The closest and closest people most difficult to choose gifts. Especially on New Year's Eve, when you want the gifts to be special, memorable and of course useful later. But the hardest thing, probably, is to congratulate the grandmothers. Why? Consider these difficulties:

  • Grandmothers are subtle psychologists. They will immediately understand where the gift is from the heart, and where the bouquet is on duty.
  • They know the price of everything and do not like tranzherstva.
  • They have accumulated over the years of life a lot of useful and necessary things, which complicates the choice
  • They themselves do a good home decor, so this option is not the best.
  • An ultramodern gift may be too complicated and unclaimed.

The best New Year's gift to the grandmother for 2019

Expert Tips

In order not to be in a difficult situation and not to turn the question “what to give grandmother for the new year 2019” into a problem - listen to the advice of our experts.We hope they will facilitate your search and selection, and will give joy. Moreover, we have time to choose. Let's start?

Tip number 1

Remember what your grandmother is interested in. There is a standard set of hobbies for those over 60, and knowing this will make it easier for the grandmother to congratulate on the new 2019 year. So, free from social services, household chores and serials, your grandmother:

  1. Needlewoman?
  2. A gardener?
  3. Confectioner chef?
  4. Amateur flower grower?
  5. An avid reader?
  6. A fan of a healthy lifestyle?
  7. A fan of puzzles and crosswords?
  8. Home doctor?
  9. Family psychologist and educator?

How to choose a gift for the grandmother

Based on this, you can see how unforgettably congratulate the happy new year in 2019 grandmother.

IMPORTANT: A gift in the form of replacing a broken home appliance or furniture is help and care, but not a surprise. Pleasant surprise and recognition of new life prolongs. Remember this and surprise.

Board number 2

Spend a preliminary unobtrusive reconnaissance in order to find out what grandma already has and what her plans are.

  1. Chat with your grandmother on the topic of interest to determine which gift is in priority.
  2. Find out what she wants and what she is going to buy for her hobbies.
  3. Talk to your family to find out what they will give.

This will save from congratulating on the New Year, in 2019, close to the grandmother did not give the same or monotonous gifts.

Interesting Gift Ideas for Grandmas

Tip number 3

Be a grandmother's psychologist, find out how she positions herself. Remember that sometimes a gift, even a good and useful at first glance, may be inappropriate or unpleasant. Sometimes a person can be offended by a gift if he reminds of unpleasant incidents from the past, illness or loss, or simply touches his pride.

Young grandmothers important to stay young. And if a happy new year's congratulations to such a grandmother in 2019 will be in the form of a set of pots or pry pans, she may not give a clue that you wrote her into housewives. But she would have met a jewelery set based on her zodiac sign, a good smartphone or a trip to the resort with greater joy and gratitude.

IMPORTANT: Communicate more with people to know more about them. When you give communication not only on holidays, then it will be easier with a gift.

Tip number 4

Gifts are not always things. Vouchers, concert tickets, organizing a meeting of old friends or long-lost relatives, a subscription to publications or registration in an interesting community with a premium account is also a gift. If an adventurer lives in your grandmother, feel free to play along with her.

There were cases when relatives arranged for their talented grandmothers of the exhibition, publishing her poems, fairy tales or recipes in a separate book, performing on TV or on the radio, even photo shoots or videos about the grandmother and her hobbies. Such a gift will never be forgotten, do you agree? So do not be afraid to be a wizard and wake up the child in the grandmother.

What to give a grandmother for the New 2019

Tip number 5

Criticize your gift in terms of its relevance in grandma's life, in her daily life. A new rocking chair, even the most comfortable, should not disharmonize with her favorite furniture. New blanket - should be like the general tone of her home and favorite objects of decoration. Even a bathrobe or slippers with an orthopedic insole should be not only in size but also in style are good. After all, a grandmother is a woman.

Gift Ideas

So, let's play designer gift?

The easiest gift choice is by hobbies, for example:

Enthusiasm Gift
1 Needlework Qualitative sets for sewing and embroidery.

Caskets, organizers.

Albums with rapport, schemes.

High-quality, convenient and beautiful tool.

Author's album autographed by the beloved master.

Participation in a master class, exhibition

2 Garden Ergonomic inventory, books with useful tips, tubers and plant seedlings that can be kept at home in winter and planted in the summer on a garden bed, garden decor, lamps, a set of pots.
3 Cooking Comfortable modern kitchen appliances: scales, organizers, measuring container.

Simple, functional and oversized household appliances.

Collection of recipes famous chefs.

Beautiful sets of spices.

Participation in a master class, exhibition, creation and promotion of a thematic page in Іnstagram

4 Healthy lifestyle Interesting and competent reference books.

Books with motivating life stories.

Inventory, which will help to engage in your favorite sport - for example, Nordic walking sticks, a set of karimats. Wrist gadgets - pedometer bracelets.

A trip to the resort.

Card to the fitness club.

Weekend tour.

5 pedagogy and psychology Thematic books, participation in trainings, entry to the club of masters.

Open, arrange and engage in the promotion of its channel on youtube, pages in social networks.

This table, as you understand, can be infinite.

Gadget as a gift to the grandmother


But even if you choose your congratulations on the new 2019 year for your grandmother on variations on the theme “the symbol of the year is the yellow pig” or guinea pig) - most importantly, do it with the soul.

Let it be a gift for your grandmother, and not for yourself, showing your knowledge of her soul and your gratitude to her. Then, no matter what you decide to give your grandmother a new year, this 2019 year of the yellow earth pig will be special for you.

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