Different situations that arise in ourlife often takes us by surprise. Stress, uncertainty, problems in communication, fears - all these reactions are not only purely psychological, but also physiological. It is in these cases that sweat is released, which is so negatively evaluated by others. Let's think together what can be done in this unpleasant situation. So:

What should I do not to sweat?

Perhaps, we will begin with that absolutely not to sweatit will not work for anyone. We are all living beings and our body often works against our will. Whatever one may say, a person is a biological mechanism that works according to certain laws and principles. What is left to do? If the reaction can not be "killed," then it can be changed or changed its attitude towards it. Not for long ranting, we will proceed to the ways of solving the stated problem.

Many doctors note that excessive sweatinghuman is associated with a violation of the peripheral nervous system and can result from the manifestation of vegetative-vascular dystonia. That's why they advise to turn to a good neurologist. There are a number of means aimed at overcoming the problem of excessive sweating. Before using these drugs, it is strictly recommended to consult a doctor. And here are these medicines. They can be used not to sweat:

  • Formagel. Effects on perspiration of a person of this drug are scientifically proven. That's why it is considered a medicine, not just an antiperspirant or deodorant. Formaldehyde - a substance that prevents the emergence and development of germs and fungi. It is formaldehyde, contained in the formagel, so strongly affects the problem areas of the skin.
  • Formridron. This tool is used for excessive sweating. It is necessary to apply a small amount of the drug on the surface of the skin, subject to excessive perspiration, once or twice a day. Judging by the reviews of sweating people, this drug is not suitable for everyone.
  • Дрионик is a serious physiotherapeutica drug designed to treat excessive sweating. What should I do not to sweat? Apply this medication! Since it is based on electrophoresis, it is expected that a small current will be applied to the problem areas of the skin. Current suppresses the work of the sweat glands. Only a whole cycle of procedures can overcome the problem of increased sweating. It is worth noting that, despite the action of the current, the use of the drug is absolutely painless.

Thus, dear reader, everything thatoffer us the notorious creators of popular antiperspirants and deodorants is an ineffective tool in the fight against the unpleasant odor of sweat. Well, to be more precise, all these advertised goods actually only replace the smell of sweat with their fragrance. It turns out that the problem is solved superficially and you are expensive, read, still do not know what to do to not sweat.

I would like to emphasize that sweating -it is rather an indicator of health than its absence. With the allocation of sweat from the body comes a huge amount of harmful substances, which adversely affect the life of a human being. The above drugs are designed more likely for those people who have problems with the functioning of excretory or other important system.

A little about how our "superfluous" thoughts affectsweating. A well-known fact is that sweating is associated with the psychological reaction of anxiety. It is anxious people who sweat more than others. If you notice a frequent and unreasonable excitement, then try to overcome it. Your sweating will surely disappear.

Fighting increased sweating remotelyresembles the struggle with his breath. Remember that the reaction of the body under stress and with stress should be accompanied by perspiration. Try not to worry much and get stuck on this problem, otherwise you may miss out on something really important in your life.

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