What lock to buy for a metal door

May 8, 2018
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The owners of most apartments install metal doors, which first of all must ensure safety, sound and heat insulation, and also harmoniously combine with the interior of the room. It is necessary to approach the choice of an entrance door responsibly, but you should not forget about locks. The stores feature a huge variety of models of locks from different manufacturers, which makes it difficult to choose for the average consumer. It is important to buy a lock that fits the specifications for a particular door, it will be comfortable, durable and burglar-proof.

What lock to buy for a metal door

The door lock can be bought for a thousand rubles, or ten thousand rubles. First you need to decide on the amount that you are willing to spend. Do not forget about the fact that it will be necessary to buy door accessories - hinges, handles, door peephole. The cost of the lock depends on the manufacturer and on the burglar resistance. The class of resistance to cracking is not just an indicator, it is more durable materials and a reliable mechanism.The simplest mechanisms belong to class 1-2 and are suitable for installation on a metal door as an additional device. The most reliable will be the lock 4 classes.

Secrecy is often associated with the concept of burglary. Although in essence, secrecy is just the number of different combinations of its locking device, each of which corresponds only to a specific key or code. High secrecy provides individuality to the key and, accordingly, protects the lock from opening by selection. But it’s possible to spend a single hour on the selection of a key for a lock even with a medium degree of secrecy. There is no guarantee that it will not be opened by a master key for a couple of seconds or broken.

For metal doors usually buy mortise devices that can be - lever, cylinder, two-system. They differ in the device and the principle of work. The cylinder lock consists of a body and a cylinder that must be purchased separately. You can buy a kit from some manufacturers - the body, the cylinder and the handles. The ability to replace the cylinder at any time is an undoubted advantage of this type of lock.Cylinders come in different sizes, options. From the side of the apartment, it can be unlocked with a key or a thumbturn (spinner). You can buy a cylinder coated with gold or chrome, which will allow you to choose accessories for any interior. Cylinders provide an opportunity to create master systems.

Какой замок купить для металлической двери
The most popular master systems are Evva. The disadvantage of devices of this type can be considered their susceptibility to force cracking. Although the world's leading manufacturers are developing protective elements. You can also buy protective accessories - armored plates. Level locks are a single mechanism that will have to be changed only by dismantling the door leaf. New lock should fit in size. Level locks have a large key and a through keyhole. Accordingly, the lock is controlled only with a key. In the case of a two-system lock there are two identical or different mechanisms. This provides additional protection. But it creates difficulties and additional costs in case of breakage. To open and close, you must follow a certain sequence.

Какой замок купить для металлической двери

Buy locks only in specialized stores. And give preference to proven manufacturers. The lock is not the device, which is worth saving.

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