What is the Orthodox Easter in 2019

Easter is the most long-awaited and bright holiday of the year for all Christians. This day symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of all people and the salvation of the human race from the terrible agony of hell. Every believer knows what this celebration means and with great trepidation refers to such a date, waiting with great joy for its occurrence.

Our compatriots are preparing for this day in advance. They adhere to fasting, consciously limiting themselves in food and other pleasures, attend divine services on sign dates and bake cakes to please the traditions and to please their loved ones with tasty treats.

This annual ritual is extremely important for every believing Christian and allows you to feel only the love of the closest people, but also a little closer to God.

The solemnity of Holy Sunday is celebrated in the absolute majority of countries in the world. Even in those states in which the dominant religion is not Christianity, this holiday is revered, and thematic events are held at the community level.As for our state, Orthodoxy is dominant here, and therefore Easter has been elevated to the rank of national holidays.

This date is celebrated at the highest level. Divine services are held in temples throughout the country, in which millions of our fellow citizens are present, squares are filled with jubilant people, and candles are lit in houses and ceremonial tables are laid.

How to calculate the day of Easter

what number is orthodox easter

Everyone knows that the date of the celebration of Easter is not constant, and every year is calculated on the basis of some astronomical data. In order to find out the exact number of the celebration, you need to analyze not only the solar, but also the lunar calendar.

In the old days this so troublesome occupation was completely entrusted to one person: he was the Bishop of Alexandria, who, according to tradition, long before the bright day of the Resurrection of the Lord informed all representatives of the Christian church about the exact day of the holiday.

It is not by chance that this important task was assigned to the priest from this particular city, the fact is that the Egyptians were famous for all times for their high abilities for astronomical calculations, therefore the best candidate for such a mission was simply not found.

Over time, the tradition has changed a bit and Paschalia has come to the place of the sole calculator of the solemn dates. It was based on the data of the Julian calendar, according to which, to determine the exact date of the Resurrection of Christ, the circle of the Sun was taken in 28 years and the circle of the Moon in 19 years, repeated every 532 years.

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This period was called the "great indiction" and became the basis for further calculations. The beginning of the very first indiction completely coincides with the accepted date of the creation of the world, the beginning of the human era, according to biblical traditions. Today, we already live in the 15th indiction and it began relatively recently - in 1941.

In our state, a special table, according to which priests calculated the next Easter date, was a part of church books. To this day, several examples of old manuscripts have arrived, where the date of the bright celebration was carefully signed for the whole indiction, that is, for 532 years.

A very interesting fact is known about how the inventive Russian people learned to count the day of each Easter without resorting to tricky tables. This method was called the Five Pepper Easter Eggs and was based on calculations on the human hand. This knowledge has been preserved to our time and has been successfully applied in the Old Believer society.

What date did Easter fall in 2019

what number is easter in 2019 in russia

Today, in order to find out the exact date of the Easter celebration, it is not at all necessary to do complex calculations, but simply open the church calendar. It contains all the significant religious dates, including the great Resurrection of the Lord.

In 2019, the bright holiday of Easter Orthodox Christians will celebrate on Sunday, April 28. Solemn performances, both in churches and in the homes of ordinary people, will begin on Saturday evening April 27th, and will be accompanied by traditional worship services and thematic events.

The church service will begin at midnight and continue until dawn. To visit this event and see with your own eyes everything that happens can anyone.

The origins of the celebration

The Easter of Christ is a truly great holiday, as Christian leaders have repeatedly declared as canonized. On this day, people are closer than ever soul to the Most High.

what date is this year easter

The word Easter itself originates from the ancient Old Testament holiday, which in the Jewish tradition was called “pasach” (passing by).It is an exclusively Jewish celebration, in which deliverance from the yoke of Egyptian slavery is celebrated.

This holiday was called because the angel of death sent by the highest forces to punish the oppressors, visited only the homes of the Egyptians, and passed by Jewish houses without causing evil.

Despite the borrowed name, Christian Easter and Jewish Pasas have nothing in common. They are completely different in meaning and tradition. Easter - symbolizes, first of all, victory, life over death and redemption perfect at the price of incredible sacrifice.

According to the teachings, the main spiritual leader of the whole Christian world, Jesus Christ after crucifixion and death, after the coming of several days, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. Witnesses of this miracle were his closest followers, who then carried this good news through nations and continents.

Traditions and symbols of the holiday

Easter 2019 date

Easter liturgy

Easter is the main and most important event in the church year, so in the religious community it is celebrated with special solemnity.Its principles were formed in ancient times with the emergence of the first Christian enclaves in the territory of pagan states.

Perhaps it is from here that the tradition has gone to perform all the rituals at night, although there are many different theories about this. Nevertheless, the Easter service is one of the most magnificent and beautiful religious ceremonies.

Easter greeting

According to Christian tradition, every believer, starting from Easter evening, and over the next forty days, should with his neighbors not greet, but “to be a Christian”.

Orthodox Easter holiday

This is done by exchanging the phrases “Christ is Risen!” - “Truly Risen!”, Which glorify the great feast and speak directly about the miracle that happened.

It is also recommended to kiss three times, which symbolizes the joy of goodwill.

Holy Fire

The gracious or as it is also called the Easter fire is one of the greatest secrets of all time. Every year, at a precisely designated time, it arises from nowhere, and forms a clean flame that does not burn and leaves no traces.

Although after a while he loses his wonderful properties, he is valued as a symbol of God's blessing. In a matter of hours after their indulgence, the fire is transported to all continents and set on fire in each temple.

Easter meal

Easter day 2019

The Easter meal for our compatriots is one of the most important sacraments of the year. On this day at the festive table gather all the most relatives. Here people dine, congratulate each other with a bright celebration, and give praise to the Almighty for all the good that he has done.

Easter morning is also the day of the end of Lent, so that every Christian can not limit himself to gastronomic pleasures. But before enjoying your favorite dishes, you should go to church and consecrate Easter cakes, eggs, and other edible products in order to become a little closer to the spiritual symbol of the celebration.

Easter eggs

Egg in the Christian tradition is an association with the Holy Sepulcher. It looks dead from the outside, but inside it hides a new life, which, subject to the rules, will surely break through the shell and break out into the world.

when Easter is in 2019 with the Orthodox

The tradition to give eggs on the feast of Easter,associated with the legend of the Roman emperor Tiberius and follower of Christ, Mary Magdalene, when the Equal-Apostles woman presented it to the ruler as a gift. Although, scientists strongly doubt this theory, and state that in this way Christian clerics tried to appropriate the ritual that has been preserved since pagan times.

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