What is original to give a wooden wedding anniversary to friends, children, wife: TOP 20 gift ideas from guests, parents, husband and wife to each other

on 05.08.2017

A wooden wedding is the first serious anniversary in the life of a young couple who have tied the knot. What to give to young people to really please them and not to go against the traditions of the holiday? In fact, there are lots of options, and we will show you how to please the newlyweds on such a significant day for them.

The main thing in the article

What traditionally give a wooden wedding?

f94456e7b710eb76d5f2326011abcf75Traditional gifts for a wooden wedding can be both large and practical, and symbolic, as they say, cute souvenirs. And thatand the other is quite acceptable and depends on your attitude to the “young” - how close your relationship is with this couple, on the format and scale of the anniversary celebration, and, of course, on your solvency at the moment.

One of the main conditions for the tradition of wooden wedding gifts is theserezants should be, if not made of wood, then at least be directly related to this natural material. So, to traditional gifts include:

  • interior elements;
  • furniture;
  • sets of dishes, vases, stands and cornices;
  • paintings, mirrors and other elements of the interior, which can be framed with wood;
  • house tree or another plant that will become a symbol of home and comfort in the house of a young couple.

500042Of course, if you do not want to link your gift to a tree without fail, you can not do it. If you are thinking of giving a couple who have been married for 5 years,money, cutlery set, home appliancesor please them with some pleasantjoint pass or vacation ticket- You can proudly hand a gift to the newlyweds. And if you still want to present something symbolic, then in addition to the main “non-wooden” gift,also give a symbolic gift of natural material, for example:

  • accessories for good luck (spoons, horseshoes, wooden rings);
  • an icon;
  • charm of wood or straw;
  • wooden figurines or figurines (better pair);
  • photo frames and boxes;
  • money tree (you can make your own topiary, and instead of regular paper, take money, for example, souvenir dollars or euros).

Wooden wedding gifts: original ideas

  • A piggy bank for wine corks is a fashionable interior decoration, a fun gift and a useful thing in the house. Usually performed as a picture in a frame with a transparent front panel.
  • Money tree, but not ordinary, but made by hand, for example, from real bills, even if of a small denomination, or coins.
  • Kitchen wooden organizer with shelves for spices or dishes.
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  • Wooden organizer for shoes in the hall - a super useful and valuable gift. How to do it - see the master class in our article.
  • Order a pair of original birthday cake for their wooden wedding, these are good options.

See how happy they are.

  • If a wooden wedding falls in late autumn or winter, and if it is also on New Year's Eve, wooden Christmas-tree toys will be a great gift.Such a gift does not come to rest quickly, and on the eve of each new year, this married couple, while decorating the Christmas tree, will kindly remember you.

What tree to give a wooden wedding?

23056.700x393.1495445423Wooden wedding ... Some couples on the fifth anniversary of marriage already have their homes, and many have already got children. But planting a tree can be timed to coincide with this solemn day. Get a young sapling in advance (it doesn't matter which tree) and solemnly plant it together in the courtyard or country house to the jubilation of invited guests. You can invite guests to hang their wishes and greeting cards on the tree.

A gift in the form of a house tree on a wooden wedding day is a great option. The most popular, popular and practical "sample" of a souvenir tree today isminiature bonsai treewhich not only does not take up much space in the interior of the newlyweds, but will also delight them with its unusual appearance.


What to give her husband a wooden wedding?

On the day of the wooden wedding of her husband can not be left without a gift. Therefore, in advance, take care to give him something memorable and useful, for example:

  • if your loved one often drives or has a sedentary job, he probably suffers from back and neck pains - hand him a wooden massager;
  • if your husband, as they say, has “golden hands”, he will thank you for a good set of tools (with wooden handles, of course);
  • if the husband smokes - by the way there will be a wooden smoking pipe, an ashtray made of natural material, a hookah or a set of expensive cigars;
  • if a man spends a lot of time behind a desk - present a stand for a share of accessories or an organizer that you can do yourself;
  • if you want to "pin up" - give your beloved a hammer with a wooden handle - both symbolic and useful;
  • give the fisherman a wooden organizer with tackles;
  • wooden model is a great gift and decoration for the interior. An airplane, a helicopter, a ship, a miniature steam locomotive or a motor ship, which a man will need to assemble himself from small wooden parts - a truly warm and sincere gift. You will be pleased to see how your already “adult boy”, armed with glue and putting together all his patience, is working on a fragile modelka.

What do husbands give to their wives for a wooden wedding?

podarok-na-derevyannuyu-svadbu-3The husband as no one knows what gift his wife is dreaming of, in fact she is unlikely to hide it. And if you realize her dream, she will be pleased and grateful, even if your gift will not be directly related to the tree. But still, if nothing comes to mind, here is a selection of universal ideas that can impress any wife after 5 years of marriage:

  • subscriptionanywhere else (look at your wife's interests -fitness room, beauty salon, shopping center, swimming pool, spa;
  • basketwicker of wickerfilled with all kinds of achievements of the beauty industry- cosmetics, hair and body care products, etc .;
  • bijouterie and jewelrytheir natural wood, for example, stylish wooden beads, which, in addition to the element of aesthetic appearance, are also a symbol of wealth;
  • if a woman is a gardener - she will be sincerely gladindoor plant, but make sure that your gift is original, and there is no similar item in its collection;
  • if your wife really loves to cook, she will be really happykitchen utensilsremember what she was dreaming about.

Well, if you want not only to please your wife, but also to the depth of your soul it is nice to hit her - arm yourself with the idea from the video below.

What to give to a wooden wedding for friends: TOP 20 gift ideas

  1. Having lived with each other for five years and living to a wooden wedding, the young definitely deservedmedal,and today is just a good reason to hand it. You can do it yourself, search in the souvenir shops or order from the masters of woodcarving.
  2. A good gift for the fifth anniversary of the wedding -painted wooden kitchen utensils. Such a gift is not only a joy and benefit for the hostess, it also brings a certain comfort to the kitchen.
    3. For 5 years lived together, the husband certainly managed to give his wife a lot of jewelry, and a beautifulcarved jewelry boxwould be just the way.
    4. You can not be limited to just a box for her: for example, present to him tooCase from a tree, in the form of a book or a stack of banknotes - for storing banknotes.
    5.A table for serving breakfast in bed- a romantic and useful gift, and it doesn’t matter who will more often delight his sweetheart half immediately after sleep - he or she.
    6. If friends love board games, give them a gift.wooden chess, dominoes, jengu or backgammon: they are usually very nicely decorated, especially if they are carved by craftsmen by hand.
    7.Wooden barin the form of a globe, barrels, carriages or carts - but on the condition that you know about the tastes of your friends for sure, and they have where to put such a rather voluminous gift.
    8. Jointportrait of newlyweds scorched on a tree- looks very solemn and unusual.
    9.Manual coffee grinder- even if a married couple has a coffee machine, such a “gadget” will be extremely useful to them, because it is during grinding coffee that all its taste and aroma is preserved in a hand-held device, and the process of grinding coffee gives a lot of pleasure.
    10. If you know that the couple who have lived together for 5 years “respects” the sauna - present thema pair of excellent oak brooms and a wooden basin for a bathhouse, if you wish, you can add this set with other integral bath accessories.
    11.Wooden bread box- very symbolic and useful.
    12. Smallcoffee table- for storage of reading or holding tea.
    13.Planters and wooden flowerpots, you can immediately with fresh flowers.
    14. No one has canceled traditional gifts in the form ofsets of dishes, dinner sets, sets of glasses, andgood alcohol, of course, the taste of the newlyweds.
    15.Wooden carved key casesin the hallway, original and beautifully decorated.

If your friends are avid gardeners or lovers of outdoor recreation, here the flight of fantasy is limited only by your imagination and the volume of the wallet. We offer to present them as gifts:

  1. Country figures;
  2. Exhibits for landscape decoration;
  3. Benches or swings;
  4. Picnic sets;
  5. Grills, barbecues, barbecue, it doesn’t matter that they are not made of wood, it’s still cooked on wood, so the interconnection is observed.

What to give a wooden wedding to children?

22702240Usually, parents give serious gifts to their children for the anniversary of their weddings: money, home appliances, furniture, and fundamental interior accessories. And yet, what to give a young couple to exactly please?

  1. Wooden furniture -wardrobe, dresser, nightstand, computer deskand so on, than the young couple had not yet managed to acquire.
  2. If the young have already managed to make a cottage or live in a private house, they will say a huge "thank you" to their parents forrattan furniture set- the latest trend in the design of the dacha interior is very convenient and aesthetic.
  3. Electronics, appliances and gadgets- although they are not related to the tree, “with a bang” are accepted both by newlyweds and couples who have been married for many years.

From the hands of parents, any gift looks symbolic and especially touching for children. Therefore, the newlyweds will appreciate any surprise prepared by you, because the most important thing for them is the presence of the most expensive people on their holiday.

Wooden wedding souvenirs: ideas with photos

  • A set of decorative nesting dolls: let them symbolize the further "growth" of a young family.
  • A set of wooden cutlery, such as spoons or bowls, painted under the Khokhloma.
  • Wicker of straw or wooden sawdust, originally decorated bast shoes that will serve as an interior decoration.
  • Really for 5 years of marriage, the couple did not deserve a medal? Give them a wooden souvenir.
  • Preserved in the form of a brownie: let them hang over the entrance to the house to attract good luck.
  • Wooden kitchen board, but not simple, but with congratulations and wishes.

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  • Wooden calendar for several years to come.
  • Hourglass with wooden rim.
  • Decorative mill or mini-well.

Funny gifts for wooden wedding

If your friends have a healthy sense of humor, and you do not want to give something too traditional, like a wooden kitchen utensil, think up something original, but with a joke. For example:

  • Give friends a woodencoat rackin the hallway - at first glance, a cool gift, but how much benefit from it!
  • Want to laugh and make fun of friends - give them as follows:hand her a rolling pinto meet her late husband with a spree, andhe has a huge wooden spoonas head of the family.
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  • You can purchase anywooden maskby providing your present with a fascinating story that this is a mask, for example, the African god of fertility or family. Let them be pleased with such antiques, and suddenly this accessory really brings good luck and comfort to their home.
  • If the couple lives in a private house or in a high-rise building, but on the lower floor, give themnesting boxLet every day admire the birds and feed the birds.
  • Also for the owners of estates:wooden dog boxwith a witty inscription "Angry Dog" or "Welcome."
  • Travel lovers will appreciate the gift in the formbeer card- let them appropriately mark the places in the world that they managed to visit together.
  • Present to the younga bundle of firewood, beautifully decorated with a festive bow - "to maintain the fervor of their feelings and passion in relationships."

Having shown ingenuity and fantasy, you can come up with dozens of not only cool, but also useful gifts in the household, which will surely lift your close people in such a significant mood5th birthday of their family.

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What is original to give a wooden wedding anniversary to friends, children, wife: TOP 20 gift ideas from guests, parents, husband and wife to each other 65

What is original to give a wooden wedding anniversary to friends, children, wife: TOP 20 gift ideas from guests, parents, husband and wife to each other 93

What is original to give a wooden wedding anniversary to friends, children, wife: TOP 20 gift ideas from guests, parents, husband and wife to each other 13

What is original to give a wooden wedding anniversary to friends, children, wife: TOP 20 gift ideas from guests, parents, husband and wife to each other 9

What is original to give a wooden wedding anniversary to friends, children, wife: TOP 20 gift ideas from guests, parents, husband and wife to each other 62