What is it? Brief answers in simple language to frequently asked questions on the Internet

What is agar-agar

Agar-agar is what it isTranslated from the Malay language - it is jelly.

Food gelatin, which is produced from red and brown algae in the form of powder or small chips.

The places of growth of these algae are the Pacific Ocean, the Black and the White Sea.

Apply it in the manufacture of confectionery (marmalades, marshmallows, souffles), cooking (aspic, aspic, soups).

Odorless, colorless when dissolved, has zero calorie content.

The highest-grade product has a white color, the first grade is yellow, much more economical than regular gelatin.

It is used in addition to cooking in medicine, microbiology, cosmetology.

It is supplied to the world market mainly from Japan, the USA, and China.

What is an account

Akkuant this what is itIn literal translation from English, account means a personal account or account.

In a simple way, this is your personal account on a particular resource of a huge WEB - a space in which you can store your data, information, upload files and photos, use the services of these resources.

Your page on Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Vkontakte, Yandex or Google without authorization (registration) will not exist.

As a rule, registration requires creating a unique name (login) to come up with a password consisting of a set of letters, numbers, characters and as difficult as possible to reduce the likelihood of your account getting tampered with and unauthorized entry, email, phone number.

Many resources require your personal data, name, year of birth, place of residence, even passport data.

With the help of your accountants in social networks, Yandex, Google, you can log in to other resources and use the Internet products they offer, make payments and money transfers, work and offer their own services and products.

Business what is it

Business what is itBusiness - translated from English means business.

This activity (commercial, entrepreneurial) is not against the law and aimed at making a profit.

Business is the main component of the socio-economic development of the state and is industry and construction, commercial activity, banking and other services.

It is divided into small (small enterprises, individual entrepreneurs for the production of goods, construction, trade and services), medium (factories and factories) and large business (concerns, associations, corporations).

But in a broader concept - business, it is not only a way to make money in this or that sphere; it is a whole personal philosophy of a person (businessman), which presents him the freedom of choice in making decisions, but also requires responsibility for these decisions, great work and time.

Biorevitalization what is it

BiorevitalizationBiorevitalization is currently considered in cosmetology a safe method of preventing and correcting skin imperfections. This is done by subcutaneous injection of natural hyaluronic acid, which restores the water balance and improves the vital activity of skin cells.

Injections are made with a syringe with a fine needle.

The very name of this procedure can be literally translated as a natural (natural) return (restoration) to life.

This method allows you to restore elasticity, elasticity, gives the color of healthy, young skin, slows down its aging.

Biorevitalization allows not only to slow down the processes of skin wilting, but also helps to fight against its defects, for example, pigment spots.

But, like all such procedures requires a mandatory consultation with a physician beautician.

Brut champagne what is it

Champagne brut what is itDry sparkling wines, in which sugar is practically absent (about 0.3%) are called brut.

Champagne brut, as a rule, has a low alcohol content.

It is made from high-quality raw materials without additional use of sugar.

True connoisseurs of this drink believe that sugar kills its taste, and makes it difficult to enjoy the whole palette of taste, rich aroma, of this beautiful drink.

Before use, it should be cooled, poured into thin tall, narrow glasses, drunk in small sips, use light desserts, fruits, chocolate for snacks.

Weber what is it

Weber what is itViber (Viber) is a software application for mobile devices, supported by all platforms available for smartphones, as well as its installation on stationary computers.

This program is free, it allows you to make calls, send messages, photos and video images, create groups and user chats.

Received widespread, similar program Whatsapp.

It works at the expense of Internet traffic, with WiFi, all your actions are carried out for free, without spending your own Internet traffic on your device.

Unlike Whatsapp, the program on your mobile device can be moved to the SD card, freeing up the internal memory of your phone, not replaceable, especially if the amount of internal memory of your gadget is not large.

Devaluation what is it

Devaluation is what it isDevaluation in translation from Latin - lowering the cost.

At a time when all monetary units were tied to the value of precious metals (gold, silver), this meant a decrease in the content of this metal in the monetary unit.

When they moved away from the gold standard of value of currencies, it began to mean a decrease in the exchange rate of a particular currency in relation to hard currencies.

There is an open devaluation and hidden, the first is officially announced by the Central Bank, old banknotes are withdrawn from circulation and replaced with new ones, with this type of prices for goods within the country decrease.

When hidden, paper money is not withdrawn, there is a glut of banknotes, and as a consequence of rising prices.

There are both negative and positive sides to devaluation - the cost of imported goods increases, their prices are dramatically increased from imported raw materials, but at the same time it becomes profitable to export their goods abroad.

A decrease in imports on counters or an increase in its value leads to an increase in the production of these goods domestically and, as a result, to an economic growth.

The effect of devaluation is well felt on our consumer basket, the cost of which is growing faster than real incomes of the population.

Deja vu what it is

Deja vuDeja vu or deja vu in translation from French is already seen.

Surely, everyone, at least once, felt that he was already in this or that situation and already knew what would happen next, usually this feeling does not last long, only 5-10 seconds.

This mental state of a person has not yet been studied by scientists and there are many versions of its origin.

I don’t need to tell all the versions on the blog pages, look at the best video about this phenomenal phenomenon.


UTII what is it

UTII is what it isUTII - Single tax on imputed income, this is a taxation system for which small businesses and individual entrepreneurs pay tax to the state treasury not from actually received income, but from calculated ones.

Work with such a system of taxation can businesses with up to 100 people.

The list of types of work and services is determined by local governments, it may include: household, veterinary services, retail trade, passenger and cargo transportation, parking lots, repair of vehicles, car washing, leasing of retail space, etc.

The tax on each type is determined by certain formulas and paid quarterly, no matter how much income you received during this period, even if it was not at all.

UTII replaces taxes such as income tax, property tax, VAT. At the same time, income tax, contributions to the pension fund, and medical insurance are paid on a general basis, both from your income and from your employees.

Yoga what is it

Yoga what is itYoga is an ancient Indian teaching that combines the spiritual and physical unity of a person, strengthens his body and spirit, and allows him to achieve a sublime, special state of his consciousness.

All over the globe, yoga is very popular.

Translated from the Sanskrit language means harmony, unity, union. The union of the three principles of man

Spiritual, physical and mental. This is achieved through physical exercise, improving their spiritual and mental state.

The purpose of this philosophy doctrine is to be fully developed, to perfectly manage your body, thought, spirit.

Calvados what is it

Calvados is thatCalvados - strong, up to 40 degrees, an alcoholic beverage made by distilling apple cider.

The drink may be called Calvados, if it is made according to a strictly defined technology and produced in three strictly limited areas of France - Calvados, Manche and Orne. Each region has its own standards in which the producers of this drink are registered.

Drink this drink as an aperitif, or when changing dishes. Poured into cognac glasses and drink in small sips.

Fans of this drink believe that the taste of Calvados is very well combined with cheese, savory varieties.

Capers what is it

CapersCapers - unblown buds of flowers of the plant creeping thorny bush capers.

They are harvested, dried over night, canned, pickled, and salted.

Very widely used in cooking French, Italian, Spanish cuisine, make sauces, used in the preparation of salads, side dishes, appetizers.

They have a spicy, tangy, tart-sour taste.

Ripe fruits can be consumed raw.

Very useful for the body, are also used in medicine.

Quest is what is

Quest what is itQuest or adventure game - one of the genres of computer games. Quest games are a story about a world survey, where in the course of a game you have to solve problems, puzzles, solve mysterious clues and make certain mental efforts for this.

Translated from English - quest means search, execution of orders. In such games, as a rule, there are no shootings, battles, their main feature is the inability to move on without completing the previous task or mission.

In real life, they began to call games where it was necessary for one or a group of people to complete certain tasks and arrive at a result.

Such quests can be done at home, equipped premises, on the street, on hikes, and can be played alone or in groups of participants.

Quests are considered educational games that teach to think, develop extraordinary thinking, logic.

Cluster what is it

ClusterCluster in English - a cluster, brush, swarm.

A cluster is a grouping of elements that are similar to each other and constitute a common whole with certain properties.

For example, a town-planning cluster may be a development area in a megacity, in which there are all necessary urban functions for living - housing, schools, shops, entertainment establishments, administrative bodies.

A linguistic cluster unites a group of similar languages ​​and dialects.

Industrial cluster - a group of companies united by their type of activity (sectoral) or by territorial affiliation (regional).

There is such a thing as a tourist cluster - including a group of tourist campaigns in one region.

Its main task is to provide competitive services for tourists in the region.

A star cluster is a group of stars that are joined by a common gravitational force.

In information technology, it can be a group of computers or serversconnected by communication channels, logically, capable of handling the same tasks and used as a single resource.

Concealer what is it

ConcealerConcealer - Cosmetic Corrector.

Cosmetic product for hiding minor skin defects on the face (acne, mimic wrinkles, redness, pigment spots, circles under the eyes), is applied dotted.

It is necessary to select for use individually, according to the tone of your skin, so that the concealer is half lighter in tone.

Different colors - yellow, pink, blue, green, orange, lilac - are selected depending on the skin type, what exactly you want to hide and what shade to get.

  • liquid, with a comfortable brush, you can mask small wrinkles, dark circles
  • pencil, applied point, masks the redness, inflammation of the skin
  • cream of various colors, hides bruises under the eyes, minor skin defects
  • stick, perfectly mask scars, blood vessels, age spots
  • dry, in the form of powder, will help hide acne, age spots, acne

Coriander what is it

CorianderCoriander is an annual herb. Fruits and leaves have a sharply spicy taste and aroma.

Green cilantro is rich in ascorbic acid, vitamins of the “B” group, useful for the body substances - iodine, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, seeds are rich in tannins, essential oils.

Used in cooking as a spice, coriander - cilantro, in cosmetics, perfumery, soap making - as a pleasant flavoring.

In pharmacology, various preparations are made from fruits for the treatment of the liver, gallbladder, used as an antihemorrhoid, wound-healing agent.

Coriander seeds, if chewed, neutralize the smell of alcohol, prevent alcohol intoxication.

Coaching what it is

CoachingCoaching is a teaching method in which a teacher (coach) does not just teach his student, but helps him with his advice, recommendations, and hints to achieve a certain goal, whether it be a professional, life, or creative goal.


Business - coaching, organization of work to find the most effective ways to develop the company

Career coaching, counseling, assessment of professionalism, competence, choice and support in job search

Life - coaching, individual work with a person to improve his life, health, relationships in society, the possibility of self-esteem.

The coach does not teach his student how to do this or that, he creates the condition that the student himself understands that how, why do, and determine ways for himself to achieve the desired, with minimal effort to achieve maximum results.

Turmeric what is it

TurmericTurmeric - Herbaceous plant family "Ginger"

This plant is grown for the production of spices and medicines.

Of the many varieties for spices and spices, only three types are used - long turmeric (spices and seasonings), aromatic turmeric (confectionery production) and tedoaria turmeric (preparation of liqueurs).

All three species may be familiar to you under the name "Indian saffron"

It is not only a seasoning, but also an excellent food dye of bright yellow color.

If you need more detailed information you can see "Turmeric - useful properties and contraindications"

LDSP what is it

LDSP is what it isLaminated chipboard, used mainly for furniture production.

The basis of ldsp is a particle board, in rough processing, laminated on both sides with a paper film with different color solutions.

More than 80% of all furniture in the world is made from this material.

It is well processed, resistant to thermal effects, mechanical damage, durable, water resistant, has a low price.

The main disadvantage is the presence of formaldehyde resins used in the manufacture of chipboard.

Landing what is it

LandingLanding - literal translation from English, "landing page".

This is the page of the site on which visitors come by clicking on the advertising banner.

The purpose of the landing page is to lure visitors to tell about a product, a service, so that as many as possible would buy a product or use the service.

This is a bright page with a description of a product (service), sometimes with the presence of a countdown of the time of the action, the obligatory presence of reviews about the product.

The main task of the landing page is for the visitor to buy, leave a request, call or subscribe to a particular product or service.

Logistics what is it

LogisticsLogistics is the science of organizing the process of rational movement of goods and services from the manufacturer to its consumer.

This management of supply, aimed at reducing the costs of financial, temporary in the implementation of material, financial, information products.

I will give an example of household, home logistics - you move to live in another city.

How to transport your stuff? 1. Send a container by rail, 2. Order a trucking transportation company, 3. Hire a truck to transport from door to door.

Your actions:

In the first case - to order a car, get a container, load a container, take it and hand over the container for transportation, hire a car in a new city, get a container, unload it, take it and hand it over.

The second option is to order a van in a transport company, load furniture, meet in a new city, unload.

The third option is to hire a private trader, download it, get it to your destination with it, unload it.

You choose from this set what is more profitable for you in terms of finance, or time and personal comfort.

MDF what is it

MDF what is itFiber board of average density.

Used in the manufacture of furniture, especially for the kitchen and bathroom, used in interior decoration, the manufacture of interior doors, etc.

Environmentally friendly material in contrast, can be used in furniture for children's rooms.

It is produced with veneer coating, different wood structures, laminated film with different color choices.

It has a homogeneous structure, is well processed, absorbs sound, is moisture resistant.

The cost is higher, but in all parameters of comparison, it is higher in quality and safety.

Moscow ASC-DTI what is it

Moscow ASTs-DTIYou received a registered letter with the ASC-DTI stamp, to find out what is in it and the sender you can only after receiving and opening the letter.

What is the ASC-DTI? ASC - automated sorting center correspondence, DTI - additional technical index.

There are several such centers in Russia, the Moscow ASC - DTI - the letter has been processed at the Moscow ASC.

DTI is a virtual index of the civil service, such indices are used - traffic police, tax services, bailiffs, police, pension fund.

Such letters may notify you of traffic police fines, tax payments, reports of the FIU, enforcement of court cases, or debts on loans or payments.

You received a letter from the ASC-DTI - your sender is one of the state services.

Mumiyo what is it

Mumiyo is thatMumiyo is a natural organ-mineral product of alternative medicine.

Deposits can be found in various parts of the globe, but they are rare and their reserves are not large.

The origin of the total mineral, the process of its formation, has not yet been thoroughly studied.

Purified mumiyo is a homogeneous, elastic, brilliant mass of black color, has a peculiar smell and bitter taste.

It is widely used in medicine in the treatment of diseases and injuries (up to fractures) of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, diseases of the skin, respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, digestive organs, urogenital area, eyes, teeth.

OKTMO what is it

OKTMO is what isThe All-Russian Classifier of the Territories of Municipal Formations was introduced on January 1, 2014.

OKTMO is entered into the payment order of tax payments.

This classifier includes objects of municipal formations - rural and urban settlements, municipal districts, urban districts, inter-settlement territories.

The OKTMO statistical classifier replaced the previously existing OKATO (All-Russian Classifier of Objects of Administrative - Territorial Divisions) and is filled in the same column.

Oregano what is it

OreganoOriganum Or Oregano is a perennial herb.

It grows in Russia everywhere except in the Far North, in open grassy places (glades, edges, hillsides)

Used in cooking, perfumery and medicine.

In cooking, as a spicy blend, seasoning has a sharp, slightly bitter taste, is applied to meat dishes, added to sauces, gravies, and pickled cucumbers, mushrooms.

It goes well with black pepper, rosemary, basil.

In Russian cuisine - oregano brewed tea.

In perfumery, the essential oil is used as a fragrance for soap, colognes, toothpaste.

In medicine - used for colds, respiratory organs, gastritis, jaundice, nervous disorders and many others, in folk medicine - for rheumatism, epilepsy, paralysis.

Pilates what is it

Pilates gymnasticsPilates is a gymnastics, exercise system, similar to fitness.

Developed her Huber Joseph Pilates.

You can do it at any age, with any physical training in the fitness club and at home.

It provides exercises for all parts of the body, is currently very popular.

Pilates won his followers by the fact that with the help of physical exercises one can gain physical health, make correction of body features, get help with losing weight.

Its versatility by sex and age, focusing on inner harmony.

You can write a lot about this phenomenal system, I suggest you better see for yourself what it is on the video, an example of pilates for beginners.


Spelled what is it

Spelled what is itSpelled grain is a cereal crop, a group of wheat species, a distinctive feature - a membranous grain of red hue, and brittle spikelets.

It is not whimsical to the soil, is not demanding to the climate, when it is grown, inorganic fertilizers are not used, therefore, they are rightfully considered to be an environmentally friendly product.

Nutritionists say that it has therapeutic properties and advises its use in dietary nutrition, and cooks prepare excellent dishes, soups, and bake bread.

Wheat wheat has 37% protein in its composition, the cooked dishes have a nutty taste, a wonderful aroma and are useful for both adults and children.

Cincain is what it is

SinquainSinkwein - five-line poetic form.

Coined in the early twentieth century, in Russia has been distributed since 1997.

The construction of these verses is conducted in a certain rank: the first line in one word must be a noun.

The second line consists of two words indicating the signs or properties of the first.

The third line is three words and indicates the action of the first.

The fourth of four words describing a personal relationship.

The fifth is again from one word characterizing the essence of the subject itself.

It does not have to rhyme, for example:

  • Porridge
  • Rice, tasty
  • Brewed, bubbling, boiling
  • I like this mess
  • Breakfast

This, of course, is a banal poem, but writing it does not require special talents, you need to know the rule and create, quite an exciting activity that many people do.

Smoothie is what it is

SmoothiesSmoothies - literal translation from English "uniform, soft."

Thick healthy drink, for a healthy diet, prepared from berries, fruits, vegetables, you can add various herbs (mint, parsley, dill, etc.)

It is best to cook in a blender - put the berries, chopped fruit, pour juice, or milk, kefir, yogurt and beat it all up to a smooth mass.

Very tasty and healthy vitamin drink.To make it, you can use all your taste fantasies.

Cnils what it is

SnilsSNILS - Insurance number of an individual personal account in the system of mandatory pension insurance.

The certificate is a laminated, green-colored card with your data and a number that belongs only to you and for the rest of your life.

By this number (your ID) all information is entered on the work experience and place of work, the pension mandatory payments listed by the employer.

Without this document, at present, drawing up a pension is almost impossible, or extremely difficult.

The certificate must be issued to you at the first place of work within two weeks from the date of employment, or by personal appeal to the Pension Fund at the place of residence with the presentation of a passport.

You can replace it only in case of loss, or due to changes in your personal data.

Spam what is it

SpamSpam, translation from English, mass mailing of advertising, or information close to it, to recipients who did not express the desire to receive such information.

Spam sent by spammers, and sometimes it happens in too annoying form.

SMS messages are coming to the phones with offers of various goods and services, which at times are very clogged with our phone.

An e-mail receives a huge number of letters with spam information.

Antivirus programs try to either block such emails, or send them to a special SPAM folder.

Very often, those who advertise illegal goods or services resort to spam.

Spam in the comments of sites and blogs is a description of the goods and links to the promoted resources.

Pop-up ads in the form of opening windows with a proposal to switch to other resources.

To combat spam, mail servers install additional filters to track such emails.

Site owners install antispam - plugins, captcha, which allows to determine the real user from spam bots.

Startup what it is

StartupStartup, translation from English - run.

A start-up is a newly established company that is in the development stage, exploring market prospects.

As a rule, a startup involves new business ideas, or the improvement of existing ones that can create competition.

The main part of a startup is an idea, followed by the selection of a team ready to work on an idea.

A thorough development of the idea itself and in the complete absence of finance, finding investors ready to invest in the implementation of this idea into reality (goods, services).

In any field of activity, there may be a start-up company (a group of like-minded people), sometimes not even registered as a legal entity, having innovative ideas, newest technologies, promoting them to implement.

And most importantly - in the absence of funding.

Fake what is it

Fake what is itFake - this is a fake or fake.

Nowadays, this word implies deception, fake, not conformity of reality.

Fake photos are common, news stories in politics, economics, history, websites - fakes copying known for fraudulent actions, fake accounts created by non-existent people.

Political fake stuffing is done in order to change or influence the political situation in a particular region, to influence the results of elections, the attitude to a particular politician, public figure.

Economic - based on personal gain, by deception to obtain the desired profit.

Fakes in our life are quite common.

Before you believe any sensational statement or promise of the golden mountains for just like that, think and check if it is a hoax, if you just want to use it.

Franchise what is it

FranchiseA franchise is a brand or brand lease,

You have opened a business and for a quick business unwinding you conclude an agreement for an indefinite lease of a trademark of a large and widely known company.

Of course, it will cost you a certain amount of cash.

Then you will pay a certain amount to the company (usually 5 - 10%), but your business will immediately go up the hill.
An example is the emergence of McDonalds, under this brand of cafes selling goods of the same name were always filled to capacity.

Open a cafe "Sunny" or "Dandelion", even if your burgers will be 100 times more tasty, will you have so many visitors at the beginning? Of course not.

But there is a downside, it would seem, such a wonderful business - it is dependence on the owner of the brand.

In the contract, he may specify the working conditions, the number of personnel, equipment, raw materials and its suppliers, and even the uniform of personnel from the ordinary worker to the highest level manager.

It is necessary to train the staff to work in a brand firm.

Watch the video whether to buy a franchise


Falafel what is it

FalafelFalafel is deep-fried balls made from crushed chickpeas, and although its origin is from Egypt, this dish is widespread and is considered national in Israel.

Classic falafel resemble small patties or meatballs, which are also fried in vegetable oil.

Served with vegetables, thin pita bread and sesame sauce.

Watch a short video clip on how to make falafel


Flash mob what is it

Flash mobA flash mob reads like a flash mob - it is a planned mass event, where a large group of people gather at a certain place for a certain time, perform any actions previously agreed by the scenario, and diverge.

Look cool flashmob in Moscow on Sparrow Hills



Fuagra what is it

Foie grasFoie gras, from the French "fatty liver", cooked according to a special recipe, liver of a goose or duck, which was fattened in a strictly defined compulsory manner and feed.

The tradition of cooking dishes from a fatty liver has ancient roots.

Currently, this dish is mainly prepared from a fatty liver of an overfed duck.

Great popularity gained in France since 1980.

To obtain such a fatty liver, forced feeding of corn ducks for a short time is resorted to.

Such actions of farmers are causing more and more protests of nature conservationists, about non-humanity towards a living bird. However, a foie gras dish is very common and many agricultural enterprises are directed to the production of such a liver.

Hummus what is it

HummusHummus - a dish common in the Middle Eastern countries - Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey.

Recently gained widespread popularity in the United States.

This is a cold appetizer made from chickpea puree, which includes olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, paprika, sesame paste.

The product is very satisfying, but at the same time, low-calorie.

Served with pita bread, corn bread or flat bread, chips.

That turned out to be a small dictionary of the most frequently asked questions on the Internet.

Here I didn’t touch on the health and various methods of treatment, for a brief coverage of such questions you will need a thick book, not pages of my blog.

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