What is fiberglass wallpaper

What is fiberglass wallpaper. There are three popular types of wallpaper - paper, vinyl and fiberglass. Paper wallpaper difficult to maintain. Do not allow walls to breathe. Unlike other wallpapers, fiberglass wallpapers have a number of positive qualities.


Fiberglass wallpaper

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Fiberglass wallpaper is well suited for the repair of old houses, they eliminate small wall irregularities and make the wall surface more durable.
Fiberglass wallpaper is a modern material that has a very wide range of patterns and design options, using fiberglass wallpaper you open up the opportunity to get a unique and individual interior with excellent material.

Properties of fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper is made from natural ingredients, so they can be considered natural and environmentally friendly material. It is noteworthy that this wallpaper has reinforcing properties, which makes the surface of the walls more durable and increases their impact resistance.
Fiberglass wallpaper and easy to maintain. Compared to simply painted walls, fiberglass wallpapers will look cleaner because they have antistatic properties. Fiberglass is also a fire-resistant material - at high temperatures, they do not spread the flame. The largest and most famous manufacturers in the manufacture of these wallpapers use high-technology, high-quality equipment and closely monitor the quality of the products so that it will always be perfect.

Wallpaper or fabric? Mainly fiberglass finishing materials can be divided into wallpaper and fabrics. Fiberglass wallpaper is quite thick and durable, while the fabric is thin. When applying fiberglass cloth on the wall it is painted, the result will be difficult to distinguish from simple painting walls. It is necessary to take into account the fact that fiberglass fabrics are much thinner than wallpapers, therefore they will last less than fiberglass wallpapers.

For bathroom

Fiberglass wallpaper is suitable for sticking to stone and in wet areas, for example, bathrooms, they show excellent results.Fiberglass wallpapers create an alkaline environment, and under them do not form microbes and mold, which is very common in the bathroom. Of course, to achieve the expected result, it is necessary to choose such materials that are intended for wet finishing of the premises.


The principle of glass-fiber wallpaper pasting is quite simple - the glue is applied to the wall, and then it is reinforced with wallpaper and carefully smoothed. It is recommended to paint walls not earlier than 24 hours after sticking wallpaper. When gluing fiberglass, sheets of fabric are also applied to the walls, which are covered with a layer of glue. When gluing fiberglass in a humid space, it is necessary to use glue for wet rooms.

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