What elections will be in 2019 in Russia

If large-scale election campaigns take place this fall, what elections will be held in 2019 in Russia and who will the citizens choose? Next year, the procedure will be repeated in those regions whose heads left the post in June 2018.


Elections in the country

For the first time, elections in Russia were held back in the ninth century, in Veliky Novgorod. This system was also used in the Pskov principality, but from the 16th century until the beginning of the last century, elections were not held.

What elections will be in 2019 in Russia

Today, the election procedure is one of the most common forms of participation of the country's population in the socio-political life of Russia. By choosing and approving candidates for the position of the head of the governing body, citizens express their agreement with this or that program.

There are three types of this system:

  • Majority. The winner is the one for whom the greatest number of people are given;
  • Proportional. The distribution of parliamentary seats according to the votes received;
  • Hybrid Synthesis of the first two types of election procedure.

Important! Elections of the President of Russia are made by the majority system.

Suffrage arises when a person reaches 18 years of age. And the right to be elected is 24 years old. To run for office as head of state is 35 years old.

In which regions will the elections be held

In the post-Soviet period, elections at various levels were held in a chaotic manner - each region could arrange an election process on a day off. But in the early 2000s, changes were made that established a single voting day. So, the election of the head of state is always held in March, and in the State Duma - in the fall.

This fall, September 9, elections will be held with the following definition:

  • seven deputies will be elected to the State Duma;
  • deputies to legislative bodies in 17 subjects;
  • chapters of twenty-six regions (see table below).
Region of the Russian Federation Governor name, appointment date Cause
Altai region V.P. Tomenko, 05/30/2018 Early election
Amur region V.A., Orlov, 05/30/2018 Early election
Vladimir region Elections
Voronezh region A.V. Gusev, 12/25/2017 Early election
Moscow Elections
Ivanovo region Ss Resurrection 10.10.2017 Early election
Kemerovo region S.E. Tsivilev, 04/01/2018 Early election
Krasnoyarsk region A.V. Uss, 09/29/2017 Early election
Magadan Region S.K. Nosov 05/28/2018 Elections
Moscow region Elections
Nizhny Novgorod Region G.S. Nikitin, 09/26/2017 Early election
Novosibirsk region A.A. Travnikov, 10/06/2017 Early election
Omsk region A.L. Burkov, 10/09/2017 Early election
Oryol Region A.E. Klychkov, 10/05/2017 Early election
Primorsky Krai A.V. Tarasenko, 04.10.2017 Early election
Pskov region M.Yu. Vedernikov, 10/12/2017 Early election
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) A.S. Nikolaev, 05.28.2018 Early election
The Republic of Khakassia Elections
Samara Region DI. Azarov, 09/25/2017 Early election
Tyumen region A.V. Moore, 05/29/2018 Early election
Khabarovsk region Elections
Chukotka Autonomous District Elections

In those regions where chapters were dismissed after June 9, elections will be held next year.

What elections will be in 2019 in Russia

The latest news about the elections in Moscow

According to the latest news, at the beginning of September in Moscow they will elect the mayor of the city. Reception of documents from candidates began on June 4 and will end on July 2. Initially, potential chapters are awaited by the so-called “municipal filter”.For its passage, candidates must receive the support of at least 6% of deputies of municipalities of the city. As for self-promoted candidates, they need to collect signatures of voters - from 36.1 thousand to 39.7 thousand. For comparison, a threshold of 73 thousand signatures was set for the last elections. This is followed by the stage of verification of documents, with the decision on registration or refusal and, thus, on July 13 the list of candidates for mayor of the capital of Russia will be known.

If a citizen wants to nominate his candidacy, he must be at least 30 years old on election day. The mayor is elected for a term of five years, while he cannot hold office for more than 2 consecutive terms. At present, Sergei Sobyanin, acting mayor, head of the Green Alliance party Alexander Zandyrin, former State Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov, journalist Anton Krasovsky, have announced their participation in the elections.

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