What does it mean to love a person?

Love is the most wonderful, the brightest anda strong feeling on Earth! For the sake of love for a woman, men in antiquity went to the most desperate feats. It is for the sake of men's love for themselves that modern women follow themselves, behind the fashion, try to amaze and rejoice. Love is the driving force of human action, for much that is done is done either in the name of love or in order to earn this love.

What is love?

Many philosophers often argue thatit means to love a person. In fact, for each person understanding of his love. Some invest in this sense of passion, the desire to be as close to your loved one and nowhere from him not to let go. This is a selfish love that only requires, but does not give anything in return. Actually, it's not even love at all, but egoism and a sense of ownership, they say, I chose this person, "it's mine", so he should be just next to me. Passion in general in itself is a destructive feeling, as it quickly burns out and leaves nothing behind. Some people think that love is, above all, caring and tenderness. There is some truth here, because when you love a person, you worry about it, you try to protect yourself from trouble. When a loved one is ill, you also get sick, because everything that happens to him, very strongly responds to your thoughts and heart.

Most philosophers and psychologists converge onthe opinion that love is a complex feeling, where there is a place of passion, physical and spiritual attraction, friendship, care and tenderness. When all these feelings converge into one, then it turns out a real, sincere love. Without passion and physiological desire, love is impossible, but when it is built only on these feelings, such love is short-lived. But when all this is mixed with tenderness and friendly relations, then there is a desire not only to take, but also to give. And the more a person gets in love, the more he wants to give.

When does this feeling come?

Many young girls and boys are waiting for their firstlove with trembling and impatience. They constantly ask themselves how to understand that you love a person. They all the time it seems that they can miss their soul mate out of sight. Psychologists reassure: when you meet that same person, you will not pass by. The world perception is completely different: you are interested only in things related to a certain person, you want to protect him from problems, talk, hug, kiss ... Parting you are experiencing almost with depression, and every time you see a person, your heart is ready to jump straight in the palm of the same person. This is an incomparable feeling. If, however, the trembling and the desire to be close gradually fade away, then it was not love at all, but simple love.

Empathize - that's what it means to love a person. Each by his nature is a complete egoist. And then, when someone's problems start to worry you more than their own, then it can mean that you fell in love. If you are willing to listen for hours about minor human problems, hold his hand, protect his sleep, then you love him. If you are silent about your problems, if only the other does not have unnecessary worries - this also means that you love.

Love is not for something, but in spite of

When a man falls in love, he likes a personeverything. A man spends his socks around the house? It does not matter, it's a very nice habit. A woman does not wash dishes and cooks? So what, it's ideal for you! That's what love is. When we fall in love, we are completely blind. The hormones play, we worship the person, forgive him for all his shortcomings, which we do not even notice. And then we start to think about, and why you can love the person who is next to us?

If you ask any person who hasthe other half, for which he loves her, the person will be confused and almost say: "Well, what for ... well, he / she is so ... well ... you understand ...". And in fact, to say what you love for a person is very difficult. We do not fall in love because the person did something or said something. When a girl says that she loves a man, because he is beautiful - this is not love, just like when a man says that he loves a woman, for example, because she supports him. Beauty is a business that passes, support is needed only in some cases, and we love every day, 24 hours a day.

They do not like for some external indicators orquality of character, and in spite of. Contrary to the fact that a man drinks beer in the evenings, despite the fact that the woman absolutely does not know how to cook. A man and a woman who live together are two separate persons, and there will always be some little things that will not suit them in each other. But if they really love, they will close their eyes to flaws and will love, no matter how twisted the behavior of the second half. There are no ideal people. Love is patience and humility. We have to adjust to each other in order to maintain a relationship, and not give in to emotions because of household trivia.

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