What date is Nurse Day in 2019

In modern society there is a huge number of different professions, the names and purposes of which may be incomprehensible and unknown. But there are professions that will be in demand always and everywhere, one of them is the nursing profession.

The emergence of such an indispensable and vital profession for every person will remain a holiday at all times. A nurse is a specialist with a diploma from a secondary or higher medical school, the first and indispensable medical assistant in treating a patient.

In gratitude and recognition for hard work, help, mercy and compassion, May 12, proclaimed the International Day of Nurse. The date determined by the International Council of Nurses in 1974 was not accidental, but was timed to the birthday of the “angel of mercy” by Florence Nightingale, a reformer and creator of nursing service. It will remain unchanged in 2019.

History of the profession

The history of the formation of the profession is the years of struggle for human life in the era of wars and epidemics.Since the eleventh century in Europe, selfless women and girls are beginning to unite in communities at churches, providing medical care to sick children and women, as well as men injured on the battlefields.

In 1617, for the first time, schools and seminars were held in France in the Catholic community to teach nuns to care for the sick, and the appeal “sister of mercy” appeared there.

The Crimean War is a turning point in the history of the development of medicine. The sisters of mercy and nuns leave the walls of the monasteries and go to the front in field hospitals and hospitals.

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It is this period that is considered the time of the birth of the professional nursing service: specially trained women take out the wounded from the field, stand with the doctors at the operating table, work in field hospitals, creating safe and comfortable sanitary conditions for recovery.

Over time, in many European countries and in the Russian Empire, the profession of the sister of mercy becomes respected and prestigious, even representatives of the royal and famous influential dynasties devote themselves to it.


The most famous sister of mercy Florence Nightingale was born in Florence on May 12, 1820. Her birthday is a celebration of all nurses.

It was this noble woman, an English aristocratic woman who became the personification of those qualities that are valued in the profession: compassion, attention, responsibility, perseverance, ability and desire to help people regardless of personal circumstances.

Nurse Day in 2019 in Russia

In memory of the heroic woman, the International Red Cross awards the prestigious Florence Nightingale Medal to a medical sister or brother devoted to the noble profession of saving human life.

The International Council of Nurses annually determines the theme of the holiday, holds special conferences and selects the current slogan of the time, in which pressing problems are reflected in modern medical care.

In Westminster Abbey in London, thousands of nurses pass a symbolic lamp to each other at a ceremony dedicated to the Lady with the Lamp. So the soldiers who participated in the Crimean Kapmania called Nightingale, which by the evening went around the field hospitals with a lamp in their hands, lighting their way.

Of course, the most soulful atmosphere of the holiday reigns in medical institutions and educational institutions.Concerts, gifts, awards, warm speeches with wishes of health from colleagues, friends and, of course, patients give strength and desire to remain faithful to their difficult, but such a noble profession.

Recognition in art

International Nurse Day

Recognition of the nursing profession in society has found its reflection in the monuments established in many cities of Russia and Ukraine: Moscow, Kursk, Kaluga, Sevastopol, Donetsk, Kupyansk. The Florence Nightingale Museum is located in London, and its memorial in Florence.

Images of people at the same time heroic and sensitive profession are depicted on the canvases of artists. The most famous of them, this is the picture of Nicholas Yaroshenko "Sister of Mercy" and Konstantin Yuon "Nurse". Written at different times, the canvases symbolize the image of a nurse as a person’s hopes for help and salvation.

It is difficult to find a film about the war without the image of a girl nurse, and new series about the professional exploits of the first assistants of doctors almost every year appear on the screens.

Some facts about nurses

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The profession of a nurse is not easy, but it is held in high esteem in all countries of the world. We will cite just a few of the most interesting facts about the representatives of this difficult specialty:

  • 80% of the total work in medical care is accounted for by nurses.
  • The Russian surgeon Nikolai Pirogov claims to be Florence Nightingale instead of Florence Nightingale on the palm in creating the profession of a nurse during the Crimean War.
  • In the US, about 3 million nurses, every tenth higher education. The average annual salary is 41,000 dollars.
  • In Western countries, the work shift of a nurse should not exceed 10 hours, so that the fatigue factor could not harm the patient.
  • More than 35% of nurses raise their children, husbands leave the family because of constant employment and the absence of a wife at home.
  • Lauren Drain (USA) claims to be the hottest nurse in the world, 3.5 million people have signed up for the beauty cardiologist's instagram.

The profession of a nurse from the category of those that by vocation. Few can withstand busy schedules, sleepless nights, pain and suffering for patients, the threat of infection or injury. But those for whom the main thing in their work is the opportunity and desire to help a person to become healthy again, will deservedly have recognition and gratitude at all times.

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