What color is the 2019 year in the horoscope?

Despite the fact that the name of an animal with a pig in relation to a person is most often used in a negative sense, mumps are very close to each of us. No wonder the mammals are not only bred in home gardens, but also give birth as pets.

Many people know what the 2019 horoscope year is - the Yellow Pig period will come. Or Earth Boar: yellow color corresponds to the elements of the earth, like the nine at the end. The cyclical nature of the eastern calendar is not 12, as is commonly believed, but 60 years old - 12 animals represent five different elements: fire, water, wood, earth, metal. That is, the next year of the Earth Pig will come already in 2079. From 2020, a new period begins. What will be the final year of the cycle, how to meet it, what will happen to the Russians?


Practicality pigs favors people

According to horoscopes, people born in the Year of the Pig are cautious, patient, pragmatic. They are wonderful friends, prudent businessmen, skillful entrepreneurs. If your friend was born under the sign of this animal, you can not worry about betrayal.These people are not as quick-tempered as those born under the sign of Fire, but they are not as cold as those born in the year of the metal. The tranquility of the earth, its generosity, spirituality extends not only to the character of people born under this sign, but also to the actions of each of us. Astrologers predict the onset of stability in the world, the harmony in the soul of every person, with joy they note what color 2019 is. Yellow is not only a sunny shade, but also the most calming, sincere, warm. This is not enough for many. What does the next 365 days contribute to?

  • Cultivation of the soil and the harvest of a rich harvest.
  • Resolving problems at work.
  • Becoming a new business.
  • Peaceful resolution of disputes.
  • Smoothing conflicts with loved ones.
  • The emergence of new interests and hobbies.


What colors to celebrate the year 2019?

The common belief that how to meet the New Year, and spend it, can be treated differently, but in any case it is necessary to turn on the brains and observe moderation in eating, drinking, actions. This applies not only to the upcoming period. Listening to the predictions of psychics, it is necessary to think that everyone can personally do to improve their own lives, for the well-being of relatives, relatives, friends.The question of the color in which to meet the year 2019 is important, but one should not go to extremes and put on things that are exclusively orange. Firstly, it is tasteless - fashion has long required combinations of stylistically different solutions. Secondly, monophonic outfits go far from everyone. One detail is enough to meet the New Year as it should be. What could this attribute be?

  • Yellow handbag.
  • Orange shawl.
  • Beige scarf.
  • Gold necklace.
  • Solar imitation jewelry.
  • Tangerines on the table.


Feng Shui for Russians: everything will be fine

Ancient Chinese culture does not encourage people to dress in something definite, as the color of the Christmas tree does not dictate in 2019. But do not forget that traditional piggy banks are not in vain in the form of pigs. The coming year can be a turning point in terms of improving material well-being, stabilizing the financial situation of both the country as a whole and each person individually. It will not be superfluous to reflect this with the help of green beauty. Classic balls, arranged with increasing diameter down, tinsel and garlands, wound in a spiral, should be fun, shiny, elegant.Do not regret time and effort to decorate the interior with golden stars, bright snowflakes, stylized figures - this will not only appease the pig, but also lift your spirits, surprise your friends, delight the children.

Proper organization of time and space is one of the components of Feng Shui, the most ancient concept of creating harmony and happiness. For many, this concept is associated with talismans, amulets, but in fact, the Taoist practice does not perceive images, giving the main role to meaningful direction of positive energy flows. Simply put, you should not dwell on the external attributes, you should focus on the inner harmony. Therefore, thinking about what will be the year 2019, coming after the year of the Dog, focus on the positive, do good, learn to forgive, do not hold evil, keep calm, help your loved ones, get rid of bad habits, follow the measure, be correct and polite with others do not be afraid to start life from scratch. Believe that everything will be fine, and the Yellow Pig will definitely help with this!

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