What benefits do people with disabilities have in the 3rd group for the common disease?

What benefits are disabled for the 3 groups? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. After all, there are so many features and nuances in this topic. Different countries have different possibilities for supporting disabled people, but there are some common features. What should I look for? What benefits can be given to disabled people in the 3rd group? The list of opportunities for each country has its own. What can they offer mainly in Russia?

What does it mean "for a common disease"

But first you need to understand one nuance. The point is that only cases of granting privileges to disabled people for a common disease will be considered. What does it mean? How to understand this expression?what benefits are disabled for 3 groups

This term determines that if a personthere is no evidence of specific circumstances for which a disability can be prescribed, as the cause of it is a general disease. At the same time, no awards, medals and other merits for granting benefits for the general disease are not taken into account. So what can a citizen count on?


So, the first thing you should pay attention to isit's taxes. These contributions to the treasury of the state under certain circumstances can bring considerable expenses. Especially when it comes to property taxes. Now even for the smallest piece of land or for an apartment you can get receipts with huge penalties.

What benefits do people with disabilities have?disease? All (that is, working and not working) citizens of this category of persons are exempted from property taxes in Russia. It does not matter how much property a citizen has. He still will not pay annual taxes on his property. It is worth noting: this rule applies to people with disabilities from childhood.

But that is not all. The tax system in Russia provides for a large number of penalties from the population. In addition to the property tax, it should be noted that the disabled 3 groups have the right to exemption from transport payments. Or rather, from taxes on transport. Only this rule applies only to cars that have up to 100 horsepower capacity, which were received from the social protection authorities. That is, if a person has a car specially equipped to carry disabled people, transport taxes, the disabled owner of the 3rd group will not pay the general disease.

Another small privilege giventhe state, - exemption from payment of registration fees from a person with limited ability when registering an individual as an individual entrepreneur.

What are the benefits of invalids of the third group? In Russia, they will not pay registration fees for registration of individual entrepreneurship. This option is valid for citizens who have the mark "disabled since childhood".

What are the benefits for people with disabilities? 3 groups for general disease

But that's not all. Citizens who have the 3rd group of disabilities since their childhood are exempted from cash payments after registration of entrepreneurial activity. It is about the annual deductions to the Pension Fund of Russia, as well as to the FSS. Only this privilege does not last too long. So far, in Russia it is allowed to use it from 2011 to 2019 inclusive.


The thing is that people with disabilities are people whoconstantly (or regularly) undergo this or that treatment. Such citizens must acquire a systematically diverse medication. What benefits are disabled for 3 groups in Russia in 2014 and not only? The tax sphere is only one direction, in which the system of indulgences and opportunities for people with health features works. Medicine is also not deprived of attention.

So what can a disabled person expect? For example, you can get free medicines. True, only some categories. A specific list should be specified in the clinic, where the treatment and monitoring of human health. Most often this rule applies to unemployed people with disabilities, but there are exceptions.

The medical sphere has a huge number of benefitsfor people with disabilities. For example, if there is no place for receiving medicines for free, you can purchase them at special pharmacy points with a 50% discount. Again, this opportunity extends mainly to citizens who do not have work at the time of dispensing medicines.

what benefits are disabled for 3 groups in Ukraine

In the sanatorium you can also go for free, butonly for treatment. What benefits are disabled for 3 groups in this case? If there is a medical certificate (certificate) from the doctor, all citizens with special health conditions can be treated free of charge in a sanatorium. Usually, medical facilities are sent to a specific place.

Free or discounted invalids since childhoodcan not only buy medicines, but all other medical devices. For example, dressings or rehabilitation items, prostheses, hearing aids, orthopedic appliances, and vehicles.

Work experience

Of course, all disabled 3 groups are allowedwork. Employment of people with special needs is not such a simple matter. But in Russia and in a number of other countries special concessions for such citizens were invented. What can this or that employee expect? Let's look at the benefits for disabled people of the 3rd group for the common disease with respect to work:

  1. Any lack of probation. It is prohibited by employers for all disabled people, not necessarily 3 groups. Therefore, immediately after the interview, in the case of a positive response to the request for employment, the employer will have to consider the employee officially working.
  2. Citizens are entitled to part-time workor a day. Invalids of the 3rd group are free to ask for a reduction in the working day. And with the preservation of wages. Refuse the employer can not. However, a disabled person can ask for a part-time work only by writing an application. The verbal form of the request is invalid.
  3. It is forbidden to work at night shifts.

So, determining what benefits people with disabilities have 3groups in Moscow and other cities in the field of employment, it can be said with certainty that they can not be attracted to night work. And you can not leave such citizens for overtime work.

There is still a loophole for employers in this matter - you can remove all restrictions, but only if the employee himself writes the appropriate application-a consensus for additional or night work.

What are the benefits of invalids of the third group

Another point is a vacation. The thing is that disabled people of the 3rd group after employment can claim legal rest at a certain time of the year. Also, with the preservation of labor remuneration, a citizen has the right to leave for a period of 30 days. And if you do not want to save, you can request up to 60 days of rest.


It is hard to believe, but even in the field of educationcitizens have their own privileges. What benefits are disabled for the 3 groups? For example, they are able to enter institutions of higher learning and institutions that provide secondary education on a preferential basis. That is, these citizens will be considered by the admission committee as beneficiaries. And if there are budgetary places, the disabled will be given the opportunity to free education. Therefore, many people with special health conditions study in the country mainly for free.

True, this exemption does not exempt from entrance examinations. The disabled person must successfully pass them, and only then his candidature will be considered among all the others on preferential terms.

The only requirement put forward for disabled people,- is the submission of relevant medical reports on the state of health, along with all other documents that are needed for admission to a university or technical school. More from citizens nothing is required.

Housing and utilities

What benefits are disabled for 3 groups in 2014and not only? In Russia, such citizens are offered certain opportunities in the sphere of housing and communal services. So, this category of persons has the right to deduct (return) part of the money spent on utilities. Usually it is expressed in the form of a discount. There is a privilege for both employed and unemployed citizens.

If the house does not have central heating, you can recoup some of the money spent on buying fuel for heating living quarters.

What are the benefits for disabled people of the 3 groups in 2014?

To get all this, it is necessary withcertain documents to appear in the Pension Fund of Russia at the place of residence. Then the application is written and the documents are provided. To get the above benefits, you will need:

  • passport of the applicant;
  • statement;
  • receipts for payment of payments for "communal";
  • medical certificates confirming disability;
  • documents on the composition of the family.


What benefits are disabled for the 3 groups? For example, in Russia it is stipulated that, in addition to the above, people with disabilities can ride free of charge on public transport. To do this, you will need to purchase a single travel social ticket. Only if it is available can you avoid additional spending on public transport.

By the way, usually this rule does not applyon marshurts and ordinary taxis. But in buses and trolley buses this practice takes place. Therefore, not all transport provides benefits for people with disabilities.

Sphere of habitation

It is clear, what privileges are the invalids of 3 groups onwork and training. But that is not all. There are a lot of opportunities for state support of the population with health peculiarities. Do not forget about the housing sector. And it's not about paying utility bills.

All persons with disabilities of the 3 groups have the full right toreception of the land from the state. Free of charge and among the priority recipients. That is, citizens belonging to the 3rd group of disability are beneficiaries to receive a free land plot for housing construction. This rule also applies to other dwellings.

In addition to the above points, it should be taken into accountand the fact that disabled people can provide a room for living under a social contract of employment. But this is only when a citizen is ill with some kind of chronic disease, stipulated in a special list of diseases.what benefits are disabled for 3 groups in Kazakhstan


What are the benefits of 3 group invalids in Ukraine? I must say that in this country the list of opportunities for people with special needs is not much different from the above points. Thus, people with disabilities can take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • to apply for free reception of medicines under the prescription of the doctor;
  • free or preferential treatment in sanatoria, as well as in medical institutions (for example, in dental treatment);
  • discount on travel in transport in the amount of 50% of the ticket price (from October to May);
  • free travel in public transport (urban and suburban) except for minibuses and private taxis;
  • payment of telephone communication if there are 2 or more disabled people in the family;
  • preferential conditions for admission to higher education institutions in the country.

It is also worth noting that in allcountries need to provide all working conditions for disabled workers. In their absence, the employer either can not hire a disabled person, or an employee with health characteristics is not able to work until he is provided with everything necessary.


And what are the benefits of invalids of the third group inKazakhstan? In principle, it is in this locality that the possibilities are as close as possible to the conditions proposed in Russia. It's all about the fact that almost all of the above benefits apply in Kazakhstan. Among them are:

  • absence of transport, land taxes;
  • cancellation of income tax;
  • absence of registration fee;
  • do not need to pay a state fee when applying to court;
  • benefits for admission to the university;
  • discounts on medicines;
  • free provision of treatment or medicines (including discounted prohodzhad).

Now it is clear what benefits people with disabilities have 3group in Kazakhstan. And all the previously listed items are far from the only ones. In addition, as in any other country, people with health characteristics are given monetary compensation in various sizes. The so-called disability pension is paid in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia. Exact values ​​should be learned in a particular country for a specific date. After all, payments are constantly changing.what benefits are disabled for 3 groups at work


And what are the benefits of invalids of 3 groups in Belarus? To be honest, the inhabitants of a given country have, to one degree or another, the opportunities offered in Russia. To be more precise, citizens in Belarus, upon receipt of the 3rd disability group, are entitled to:

  • free treatment in sanatorium-resort conditions (once a year, if there are medical indications);
  • free medical care in public clinics, as well as treatment with a 50% discount in private medical institutions;
  • Priority in obtaining land and concessional housing;
  • a 50% discount when paying utility bills;
  • subsidies for improving housing conditions;
  • free receipt of professional education, if a person can not work after the completion of training in the chosen direction (is provided repeatedly);
  • paid leave in 30 days, and also leave at own expense up to 60 days duration;
  • full provision with all necessary devices to ensure the life of a citizen;
  • lack of payment of money for an apartment order.

It can be noted that the benefits in the previously listedcountries are very similar. The main point that will have to be taken into account when obtaining certain opportunities is the availability of a medical opinion of the doctor about the state of health. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use the privileges from the state.

It should be remembered that sometimes disability is removed. In this case, all previously listed privileges lose their validity. A person will lose all the benefits that were offered him earlier.

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