What are the silver chains of women?

Silver jewelry is not lesspopularity, than products from gold. Rings, chains, bracelets are worn by both women and men. The market of jewelry from silver allows you to choose a product for every taste and purse.


We will make a small digression into the history. Silver has been known since ancient times, but it was learned much later than gold. In some countries it was a sacred metal, personifying the moon. Medieval alchemists widely used this noble metal, having learned to separate it from alloys of copper with the help of nitric acid.

silver chains women In medieval Russia there were many craftsmen,which for the manufacture of their products used silver European coins, old products, clothes embroidered with a metallic thread (there was very little of such metal in those days).

In the XIX century in Moscow and Petersburg there are large factories for the production of silver jewelry. At the end of this century and in the twentieth century, the Urals plants are expanding, storing the traditions of the masters of the bygone eras.

Silver chains for women around the neck: photo and description

Modern jewelry made of silver does not lose its relevance.

Especially in cases where the master invests his soul in the design and harmony of the materials used.

Such products are an excellent gift for any occasion. Women's silver chains around the neck will perfectly suit both a colleague at work, and a beloved teacher, and a close friend. Men can not think about the gift for their loved ones for the holidays or anniversary dates, having stopped their choice on this adornment.

women's silver chains around the neckIn the jewelry salons you can find silverchains of women (a photo of some are presented in the article) from different manufacturers. They are a construction of movably connected consecutive links.

Types of weaving

Variety of types of weaving of silver chainsallows you to make a choice depending on taste, style and financial possibilities. Someone prefers lightness and elegance. And someone likes massiveness and pretentiousness more.

There are silver chains:

  • with anchor weaving;
  • with armor;
  • with weave "Rollo";
  • with decorative;
  • with weaving "Bismarck";
  • with weaving "Figaro";
  • with the Venetian;
  • with weave "Fox's tail";
  • with weaving "Snake";
  • glider.

Description of weaving

Anchor is similar to the real anchor chain (which it is not hard to guess by name). This is a simple weaving. It is not distinguished by any quirks (classical links of the oval form).

Silver chains of women with armor plaiting - high-strength. Their links are similar to the links of chain mail - knight's armor.

silver chains women's photosThe technique of "Figaro" recalls the eccentric and unstable character of the main character of the comedy Beaumarchais. Links in a chain of different shapes and lengths.

Chains with weaving "Bismarck", named after the first chancellor of Germany, are very massive. They are most suitable for men.

Chains with Venetian weave are light and durable. They beautifully shine and very favorably emphasize the various pendants.

Patterns on silver chains with Weaving "Lysias"tail "are created due to the alternation of the same type of links and the possibility of shaping a circle, an oval or a square. Chains with such weaving are recommended for women who prefer men's style.

Very popular chains are "Snake" (from the English Snake - snake), reminiscent of a snake type or a twisted lace.

Silver chains of women's neck are better to choosewith decorative or fantasy weaving. Due to the unusual forms of links and their connections, they look elegant and original. Other types of ornamental weaving are also known, for example, such as Rombo, Nonna, Kolos, Singapore, Korda, Bird's Eye, Love, Python, Rose, Snail "," Rope ". This is not a complete list. There are many more interesting.

Silver chains are called female chains,not related to the classical types of weaving, or decorative. They differ fantasy and uniqueness of the forms of links, the play of color, the way of connection. This author's works, more often found in an exclusive version.

silver chains of women's round neck photoWhich chain to choose, as already reported above,depends on individual preferences and opportunities. In any case, each will be a spectacular decoration for any woman. With extreme caution, one should approach the choice of the product only for those who have allergic reactions to this metal.


Female silver chains differ in length. As a rule, there are products from 40 to 70 cm on sale. But there is also a longer one, up to 90 cm. They perfectly match the evening dress along with the V-neck.


Acquiring silver chains of women, followspay attention to the castle. It happens by the type of carbine and spring type. The lock should be reliable and convenient, so that when using the decoration, do not resort to outside help.

With what to wear?

Currently, buy a female silverchain is not difficult. It will find its worthy place in the sense that it can be worn with almost any clothing: from a small black dress to a "military" style. And the nobility and purity of silver is perfectly emphasized by the pendant, pendant, and earrings chosen for it.

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