Weekends and holidays in June 2017

The arrival of summer - what could be more beautiful! Both adults and children are looking forward to it. It is especially pleasant to feel the warm breath of the breeze and the gentle sunshine, which every day is heating up more and more. It is with the arrival of this month that schoolchildren go on summer holidays, and the workers of many enterprises go on a well-deserved vacation.

In addition to legal rest, there may be an additional one, which is established annually by the government and is prescribed in the production calendar. Due to the fact that June is one very important holiday for the country - the Day of Russia, we can safely say that one extra day off is already in the pocket of the Russians. Let's find out whichholidays and weekends in June 2017we are expected and for how many days they will last.

Calendar for June

holidays June 2017

  • Total number of calendar days: 30
  • Total number of working days: 21
  • Number of weekends and holidays: 9
  • Holidays: June 12 - Day of Russia

Norm of working hours (hours)

In June, the following working time standards apply:

  • for a 40-hour work week: 168
  • for 36-hour work week: 151.2
  • for the 24-hour work week: 100.8

Detailed calendar of Russian holidays

how to relax in June 2017

  • June 1 - World Children's Day
  • June 5 - Meliorator Day
  • June 6 - Pushkin Day of Russia
  • June 8 - Social Worker's Day
  • June 12 - Day of Russia
  • June 12 - Day of Light Industry Workers
  • June 18 - Father's Day
  • June 22 - Day of Remembrance and Grief
  • June 25 - Day of the Inventor and Innovator
  • June 25 - Day of friendship, unity of the Slavs
  • June 27 - Youth Day of Russia

Russia Day

june 2017 holiday calendar

For many Russians, this day is associated with an additional weekend and lush festivities in the main squares of cities. In 2017, June 12 falls on Monday, which means that the State Duma will necessarily mark it as a holiday in the production calendar. We can say that the Russians will have 3 full days off: from June 10 to 12 inclusive. This time is quite enough for pre-holiday preparations and the definition of a cultural program.

Some of you will surely go out of town to spend your holidays with your family. Others will remain in place to enjoy the festive program, which is necessarily prepared by the city administration.

Day of Russia was set by officials for a reason. After the USSR collapsed, at the legislative assembly, members of the government took several important decisions and signed legislative documents, including the Declaration of National Sovereignty, which determined the existence of a new mighty power - the Russian Federation.

The day of signing this document was later established as an official public holiday. True, at one time, the people of Russia did not take it properly and used it only as an additional day off.

Weekends and holidays in June 2017

The deputies did not abandon attempts to popularize this holiday and annually held vivid events for the entire Russian people. Already in 2002, the celebration began to be officially called the Day of Russia, and only from that moment patriotism and love for the Motherland began to be born and strengthen in the hearts of every Russian.

Now mass celebrations have acquired a completely different character, have become bigger and got their own traditions. Of course, it does not do on this holiday without rewarding individuals who have made a special contribution to the development of the state and the magnificent fireworks at the end of the program.

Church holidays in June

  • June 1 - Semik or the seventh Thursday after Easter
  • June 3 - Holy Trinity Saturday (Memorial Day)
  • June 4 - The Day of the Holy Trinity (Pentecost)
  • June 5 - The Day of the Holy Spirit
  • June 7 - The Third Finding of the Head of the Forerunner and Baptist of the Lord John
  • June 11 - All Saints Week
  • From June 12 to July 11, Orthodox Christians observe Petrov fasting

The Holy Trinity

holidays in june 2017

The Trinity is a bright and significant holiday for all Orthodox people, which goes right after Easter. He is appreciated and remembered by all who associate themselves with the Lord God and every year tries to mark how a true Christian should be. The celebration of the Trinity falls on the tenth day after the Ascension of the Lord and on the 50th day after its Resurrection. On this day, people go to church, listen to the service, pray and hold a strict fast.

If we turn to the history of the holiday, the scripture says that one day the apostles, the Virgin Mary and several disciples of Christ gathered under the roof of the house to pray for their Savior and honor him. Suddenly, a bright light beam of light descended from the sky and froze over each of the apostles who had gathered.

Thus, the last word of Jesus was realized, regarding the fact that all his disciples will be able to carry faith in God to people, regardless of their origin.That is how the Holy Spirit descended upon all those present and endowed them with an incredible ability to understand foreign languages ​​in order to preach.

Weekend in June 2017

A lot of people watched this miracle in Jerusalem and they all did not understand what to do next. Saint Peter reassured the people, saying that they should continue to lead a righteous life, repent and believe in the Lord and his son Jesus Christ. After these words, several thousand people were baptized and began to preach the life of Christ after his death. From this very moment the Apostolic Church began its history and the Kingdom of God was established on earth.

Trinity Traditions

  • Weaving wreaths and lowering them on the water. So the girls recognized their fate: if the wreath drowns - do not marry the girl this year; if you swim along the river, marriages cannot be avoided.
  • Before the holiday, each hostess cleaned the house and hung wreaths and brooms from wild flowers on the walls, windows and doors. It is believed that this herbal collection protects against evil spirits throughout the year.

As you can see, the calendar of holidays and weekends has a lot of joyful events and days that can be spent in a cheerful company with benefits for body and soul.You yourself have the right to decide how to spend these summer celebrations, as long as they are memorable.

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