Wedding dresses from Vera Wang in 2017

Queen of the wedding fashion Vera Wong in the spring-summer collection of 2017 beat the key trends of the season. We studied all the dressesVera wang Spring / Summer2017and determined which designer’s tricks should be adopted, even if you don’t intend to buy a dress personally from Madame Wong.

Let's start with the fact that Vera Wong is able to amazingly accurately capture the finest fashion trends, while never changing her own refined taste and ideal sense of style. That is why her work is so easy to track current wedding trends.

No study of wedding trends can do without studying the collection of Madame Wong. The creativity of this woman is undoubtedly decisive for fashion weddings. Or, at least, it is so tightly influencing the current agenda that it is certainly impossible not to reckon with it.

So, what does Vera Wong show us in the spring-summer 2017 collection?

Linen items

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The elements of the linen style, as it happened with many details, gradually migrated from street fashion through the catwalk to the ready-to-wear shows, and from there they were already leaked into the most solemn costumes.If you choose a corset dress for yourself, then let the corset be just a linen element. This is almost the only way to use a corset in a current manner. Other methods have long been relegated to the background and are considered unfashionable.

You can also pay attention to peignoirs, silk dress combinations and other elements of the boudoir style. Such a decision will make your wedding image sexy and very sensual, although it will force you to move away from the traditional role of the modest bride. In order not to bend the stick, give up the deep cleavage and too bright makeup.

Shakespeare's era

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In general, the entire collection of Madame Wong is permeated with the unique spirit of Shakespeare's plays. Use as a decor high collars, sleeves of an original cut, square cuts, an open back. For cool weather, you can also take a cap-cape with you.

It will add elegance to any image and give you more confidence, because your wedding image will become more versatile and adapted to any weather.

Victorian motifs

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The Gothic motifs of the Victorian era, it would seem, should have already gone from the catwalks, but the world's leading designers seem to be obsessed with this style. And Vera Wong is no exception.Stand-up gates, textured lace, closed neckline, soft flowing skirts to the floor, translucent fabrics and cold aesthetics of aristocracy are the keys to this direction.

We emphasize that such motifs look somewhat theatrical, but at the same time rather classical. This ensures that even after many years you will be happy viewing the photos from your wedding. Any futuristic and trendy tricks are usually risky in perspective: a super-actual image in 10-20 years may look ridiculous. But what Vera Wong demonstrates in her dresses remains for centuries.

Gentle gothic

dresses vera wang 2017

The gothic aesthetics of the Vera Wong collection spring-summer 2017 should be emphasized separately. Many of us are accustomed to the fact that the gothic style is presented in gloomy design and dark colors. However, this subcultural perception, which too narrowly defines this huge visual layer of the cultural era.

Gothic motifs send us to the sublime feelings, to the triumph of the spirit, to the development of the inner world.

Dresses in the Gothic style are tender and romantic, without aggressive sexuality. If they are gloomy, then only in comparison with frivolous rococo ruffles.The new collection of Madame Wong is moderately frank and full of aristocracy.

The triumph of white

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For her dresses, Vera Wong has chosen very pleasant natural shades of white this season. And it is worth taking note of each bride!

Of course, a white dress for many girls is the main symbol of the wedding, and we imagine our ideal day in a white dress. But then a thought from the “white is not my color” series may arise. And it is here that you should stop and experiment with shades.

However, another situation is possible. When choosing a dress, some brides pay so much attention to the style that they no longer follow color accuracy. In the end, it turns out that the dress to the girl is not to the face, it looks like a stranger and requires too unusual and complex makeup. To avoid this, first select a cut (you can choose 2-3 options that suit you), and then choose a specific dress from the suitable silhouettes, without forgetting to look at the shade.

The design of the image

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With regard to the design of a single image, Madame Wong and her stylists suggest that we do without a veil and create a concise hairstyle. Make-up in this case can be almost nude or, on the contrary, theatrical, as a tribute to Gothic.Making a choice in this matter, be guided by your own habits. Your wedding look should reflect your tastes first!

If you are an opponent of makeup in everyday life, it is unlikely that you will be comfortable all day with heavy Smokey Eyes. And if you do not think of yourself without makeup, then a “bare” face with natural makeup will bring you no less discomfort.

These are the tips of the incomparable Vera Wong, which she broadcasts through her magnificent Spring / Summer 2017 collection. We are sure that you will use these recommendations correctly.

Love yourself - and you will be the most beautiful bride! Good luck!

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