We decorate the window for the New Year 2017

Create a festive mood in the house for the New Year will help the decor of the windows. Glasses decorated with openwork snowflakes, “frosty” patterns of artificial snow and figurines of your favorite New Year characters will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the upcoming celebration, even if outside instead of fluffy snow puddles and slush.

In addition, making decorations for windows is a great way to spend time with children and a loved one.

How to decorate the window

The easiest waydecorate the window for the New Year 2017- stick snowflakes cut out of paper onto its glass. With all the simplicity of this method, it always justifies itself: light translucent snowflakes look very festive, creating a New Year's mood.

It is best to make such products of different sizes and shapes, then they will look more interesting. It is convenient to glue them with soap, for which it is enough to lightly lubricate one side of the snowflake with soapy water and attach it to the glass.

For window decoration it is convenient to use artificial snow in an aerosol and special stencils with images of Christmas motifs. To do this, apply a stencil to the glass and evenly spray it with snow. The result is a beautiful picture that will long please its appearance. Stencils can be bought in a store or made by yourself, cutting out the desired image on thick paper.

Beautifully look on the window glass and patterns, painted with ordinary white toothpaste. Figures can be made by uniformly squeezing a tube into a glass surface with a thin layer. Another way is to apply the paste on the window with a sponge or a piece of foam rubber, and when it hardens to draw an image with a wooden stick.

How to cut paper snowflakes

New Year's window decoration with their own hands

Making the window with paper snowflakes seems to be easy, but not everyone can cut them properly. The whole secret of making such an ornament is the ability to correctly fold a piece of paper, and the pattern of the future snowflake completely depends on the imagination of its creator.

So, to make a snowflake will be required;

  • a sheet of white paper;
  • sharp scissors.
make a snowflake yourselfpaper instruction snowflakepaper snowflake for new 2017 yearsnowflake decoration

Step 1.First you need to create a blank. Cut out from a standard A4 sheet square.

Step 2.The resulting square is folded diagonally, so that a triangle emerges, which is then folded two more times.

Step 3.Place the triangle in a right angle to itself and alternately fold its right left side inwards so that the fold line falls exactly in the center of the top.

Step 4.Cut off the protruding corners.

step by step instructions for making snowflakessnowflake patternpaper snowflake patternscut out of paper
paper snowflakesnowflake window decorationhow to make snowflakeshow to cut snowflakes
snowflake patternhow to make a paper snowflakepaper snowflakesnew year window decoration

The resulting detail is the necessary preform. On it you need to put a pencil sketch of a future snowflake, cut out the pattern with sharp scissors and lay out the resulting product - the decoration is ready.

In this case, you can use ready-made patterns of patterns or create your own. In any case, the snowflake will turn out openwork, symmetrical and very beautiful.

How to paint a window with toothpaste

window sill decoration

Patterns painted on the glass with toothpaste look very festive and in no way inferior to those created from expensive artificial snow. The advantage of this method is not only in its availability, but also in the fact that such drawings are easily washed off. Another plus is to entrust the coloring of windows to children, since such a “paint” is safe.

To create images of flying snowflakes on a window pane, you will need:

  • white toothpaste;
  • paper snowflake;
  • Toothbrush;
  • some water;
  • small capacity (cup, bowl, etc.).
new year 2017 decorate windowto decorate the window with new year stencilshome decoration with your own handshome decorations
we decorate a window to new yearNew Year's interiordecorations for the new yearChristmas crafts

Step 1.Snowflake slightly moistened with water and glued to the glass.

Step 2.In the tank we dilute a small amount of pasta and water.

Step 3.We moisten the brush in the resulting solution, bring it to the window and run a finger over the bristles so that the spray falls on the glass and snowflake. Spray the paste evenly onto the stencil.

Step 4.After the spray has dried a little, carefully remove the paper stencil from the glass, pulling the edge. On the window will remain "negative" snowflakes.

In this way, you can create a variety of drawings using special purchased or home-made stencils.

We decorate the window sill and cornice

New Year's window decoration 2017

Making windows for the holiday, do not forget about the window sills and cornices. Connecting a little imagination, you can turn these usually inconspicuous areas in the concentration of New Year's decor. And for this it is not at all necessary to buy expensive compositions and decorations, because everything can be easily made independently from the materials available in the house.

You can decorate the window sill with New Year's “flowerpots”: fill flower pots with cones and needles, attach small Christmas-tree decorations to them. Such a composition is successfully complemented by a small figure of Santa Claus, a snowman or, for example, a bunny.

Trays on which there are candles surrounded by cones, clusters of rowan, spruce twigs and various New Year's attributes look very beautifully on the windowsills.

new year 2017 how to decorate the windowhome decoration new year 2017how to decorate the house for the new yearnew year 2017 how to decorate the house

To make the window look even more festive, you can hang Christmas toys on ribbons or tinsel at the bottom. It is better to fasten jewelry at different heights, then they will look original. You can decorate the window not only with toys, but also with small wreaths of spruce or pine twigs.

A real boon for creating Christmas decorations will be spray paint of silver or golden color. Using it, it is easy to turn ordinary cones, berries, wreaths from branches or any other objects into bright and stylish decorative elements.

Having given free rein to imagination and creativity, you can unusually decorate any room and create a real New Year mood. Even simple paper snowflakes on the glass can transform the house, recalling that the triumph is on the threshold. Do not be afraid to experiment and create, and then the holiday will reign for a long time in the house.

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