Viking horoscope

The Vikings by faith were pagans. It was believed that every god is his month. But unlike traditional horoscopes, in which the patron saint of a sign shares his qualities with a person, in the Viking horoscope God possessed certain symbols.

By worshiping them, you can call the location of the deity. So, let's consider horoscopes:

Viking horoscope 21.03 - 20.04 - God Odin

One is the supreme God in Norse mythology. He has several names: Fellner, Oski, Omi, Svidar, the God of the Hanged, etc. He is endowed with the features of a powerful shaman or sage, this is the god of war, the master of Valhalla. Odin has two faithful servants — two black crows, Hugin and Munin (Thinking and Remembering) who fly around the world and bring God news from all over the world.

Therefore, black is a magic color for those born in the period from 21.03 to 20.04. According to the ancient Vikings, possessing a black talisman or simply wearing black clothes, one can gain Odin's disposition. It has a personal artifact: the spear of Gungnir. The owner of two dogs and a seven-legged horse.

Viking horoscope 21.04 - 20.05 - God of Thor

Thor - one of the main gods of the ancient Vikings, is the god of thunder,storms and fertility. Tor is the main protector of Asgard, Midgard, the son of Odin. Thor is actively fighting evil. He was depicted as a hero with a stone hammer. The hammer symbolized work, work, vigorous activity. It was during this period, from April 21 to May 20, that all the basic work with the land went to the farmers. Therefore, the month is considered to be active and fertile.

Viking horoscope 21.05 - 21.06 - the god Tire

Tire is born of the sun, so it actively fights injustice. He is strict but fair. The symbol of the god Tire was that the Vikings considered the sword necessary for God for his eternal struggle against world evil. Therefore, the sword is your talisman, have it at home or wear it as an image on your body, and then the gods of the ancient Vikings will help you in everything.

Viking horoscope 22.6 - 22.7 - the god Baldar

The Scandinavian god of wisdom, poetry and spring, the son of Odin and Frigg. One of a number of dying and resurgent fertility gods. Killed by an arrow shot by the blind god Head. According to the legend, as a result of this death, the whole world and all the gods died, but then they were revived again by the renewed ones. Symbol of the god Baldr - mistletoe branch.

Viking horoscope 23.7 - 23.8 - Braga's god

Bragi is the son of Odin. God of skaldic art. The first skald. God of eloquence; wisdom.The Vikings believed that poetry is a kind of magic, and those who know how to compose them are magicians, respectively. Therefore, people of this type of warehouse are very resistant, able to overcome the most difficult life situations. The symbol of the god Braga is a harp.

Viking horoscope 24.8 - 22.9 - God Vidar

Vidar is the son of Odin. God of War. God of vengeance. He avenges his “father” Odin, whose projection is. Vidar - the god of silence and helps to survive the crisis.

Viking horoscope 23.09 - 23.10 - God Hoder

Khoder is the stern god of frost and cold. He is immersed in the thoughts of Eternity and the Absolute, so one does not have to wait for special favors from this god. The symbol of this month is a dart that flies right into the target and does not deviate from its path. Color mascot - white, symbolizing snow, endless snow-covered fields, snow-covered water surface.

Viking horoscope 24.10 - 22.11 - god Hermed

Hermed is a mysterious god, the right hand of Odin, a god who communicates with the souls of those who died a heroic death on the battlefield. He has special secret knowledge and is able to delve into the most intimate meaning of things. The symbol of the god Hermed is a ring or everything that is locked into a ring.

Viking horoscope 23.11 - 21.12 - God Henera

Henner is the helper of the god Odin, he helped him create the first man. Hener is handsome and tall, generous and purposeful in character.Your talisman is the rune symbol depicted on the stone.

Viking horoscope 22.12 - 20.01 - God Njord

Nierd is a tireless and very organized god, he loves order and discipline in everything, loves to be obeyed. God pays attention to the life course of a person: he is supportive of people who value and honor his family and ancestors. God is among the van. This is the father of Freya and Freyr. Njord patronizes material well-being and wealth. He controls the elements of the sea and the air above the sea. For some time he was the husband of Skadi.

Viking horoscope January 21 - February 19 - the god Loki

Loki is the very personification of duality. Being still an ace, he manages to cause as many troubles to his cohabitants as he does to his enemies. There is an assumption that he is the many-faced evil under various masks. Many disasters are committed on his initiative. A wizard capable of changing faces. However, he still remains the ace, the supreme god.

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