Venus is the goddess of love

Venus - the goddess - was revered as a benefactresshappy married life, like the deity of a woman. She was the patroness of the gardens, the goddess of fertility and the flowering of all the fertile forces of nature. According to the legend, the goddess Venus was the mother of the hero of Troy Aeneas, whose descendants became the founders of Rome. Therefore, in Rome was a large number of altars and sanctuaries of the goddess.Venus the goddess

Early Venus

The image of the goddess Venus in the oldest myths is far fromromanticism. If one is to believe one of the early versions of its origin, the goddess came out of the sea foam, which was formed from the blood of the scraped Uranus. In this myth, Venus - the goddess - was more the patroness of spring and life, and not the goddess of love. Early sculptures depict not a capricious beautiful woman, but a powerful and powerful goddess, in whose hands the attributes of the hetaera are: a bouquet of flowers and a mirror. And the most important difference - in the early images, Venus - the goddess of love - is dressed, only one shoulder is bare.

History of Venus Milos

The image of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love,embodies many sculptures and statues, but the image embodied in them is strikingly different. Venus of Milo, exhibited in the Louvre, in the department of ancient art, is considered the most famous image of the great goddess.

This statue was discovered in 1820 by onea Greek peasant on the island of Milos. He wanted as profitable as possible to sell his find and hid it in the pen. There she was discovered by an officer of France Dumont Derville. The officer was sufficiently educated to understand how a masterpiece is this statue of the Greek goddess of beauty and love. It is believed that this Venus - the goddess - held in her hand an apple, which she handed Paris.

The Goddess VenusThe peasant asked for an antique statue of huge money, which the Frenchman did not have. While the officer was negotiating with the museum in France, the peasant had already sold the statue of the goddess to an official from Turkey.

The officer tried to steal the statue, but the Turks quickly discovered the loss. A fight for an invaluable sculpture ensued. During the fight, the hands of the goddess were lost and lost, which have not been found to this day.

Venus the goddess of love

Но даже без рук и со щербинками Венера - богиня - fascinates with its beauty and perfection. Looking at its correct proportions, on a flexibly curved mill, just do not notice these flaws. For almost two centuries this ancient sculpture has conquered the world with its femininity and beauty.

Assumptions regarding the location of the hands of the goddess

There is a suggestion that the goddess Venus kepthands apple. But then how were her hands located? But this assumption was later rejected by the scientist from France Reinac, which aroused even greater interest in the ancient statue. There is an opinion that the statue of Venus is just one of several sculptural compositions. Many researchers supported this assumption, believing that Venus was depicted along with Mars, the god of war. In the XIX statue of the goddess tried to restore and even wanted to attach her wings.

Now the goddess, surrounded by legends, is inLouvre in a small room in the hall of ancient arts. Exhibits in this department do not stand in the middle of the hall, so the low sculpture of Venus is visible from afar. If you approach her closer, it seems that the roughened surface of the goddess is alive and warm.

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