Ventilation: do it yourself exhaust hood

How todo a bath hood with your own hands?Ventilation in the bathThis is a really relevant and very difficult question. Naturally, experts know the correct answer, but many cannot contact them for financial or other reasons. But suchhood in the bathwith some zeal, under the power of an ordinary man in the street, and special investments are not required.

What is the need for air circulation

Most homeowners are installers.hoods with his own handsquite carelessly, because they do not quite understand the goal that is being sought for its use. Before you begin decisive action to install such a system, you need to carefully understand and understand why it is needed in the bath.

Proper ventilation allows air to move along a specific circuit, which allows for:

  • uniform temperature distribution in the room;
  • comfortable conditions of water procedures;
  • the harmonious use of a combination of steam and heated air;
  • savings on steaming;
  • protection from rotting, odor, possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

according to all technical requirements, it will provide a full range of health procedures, making your stay in the bath pleasant, comfortable and safe.

Correct functioning

To ensure that all conditions are met correctly andhood in the bath functioning according to the tasks assigned to it, it is necessary to analyze certain factors. Ifventilationperformed with violations, then in the washing and steam room can be observed the following:

  1. There will be an unpleasant smell. This situation is explained by the fact that there is no air movement in the system. Wood begins to rot, which provokes the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the rooms.
  2. All structures, both basic and secondary, will begin to break down, albeit only slightly. It should be understood that stagnant air in the presence of constant sharp temperature differences can harm health, while destroying building materials.
  3. There will be mold stains on the walls due to the fact that moisture will accumulate on them, which serves as an excellent breeding ground for various fungi and viruses.


On the walls of the bath may appear mold stains due to the fact that they will accumulate moisture

Quality control work

To verify the quality of the installedventilation in the bathit is not necessary to be an expert. The main thing in this matter is to consider the following conditions:

  • hood in the bathmust be regulated;
  • air flow must be directed from the dwelling to the steam room, but not vice versa;
  • ventilation circuitshould include mounting it above the roof, whatever its appearance.

Ventilation options in the bath

Today there are three forms of ventilation:

  1. The natural scheme, which is the easiest and cheapest option. Choosing this design to bring it to life, you should first of all provide for the construction of a hole in the foundation, which subsequently will provide fresh air in the bath. Under the ceiling on the opposite side, a hole must be made correctly to allow heated air to go out, which tends to rush upwards.So they used to always build baths, wishingprovide them with ventilation. However, the main problem of this option is the difficulties that appear when you try to warm up the air in the steam room.
  2. Mechanical scheme to treat more expensive typeventilation. Its main advantage is the high efficiency and productivity of the structure. In this form, performed correctly, there are many special mechanisms that provide temperature control and air supply process. The basic with this option is the installation of these elements. In the future, nothing will have to worry more
  3. Mixed scheme provides for the circulation of the atmosphere in the bath, provided by a mixture of mechanisms for heating the air and the natural movement of warm and cold air flow. The advantages of this form of installation should include the fact that there is no need to install special vents and holes. They are relevant when there were irregularities in the design of the bath construction, that is, the issue of ventilation was ignored, and it was necessary to do a reconstruction with our own hands.

Hood in the bath with their own hands

  1. Processinstallation in the bathventilation do it yourselfPresented in a phased manual:
  2. There is a little less (40 cm) behind the stove at a height of half a meter; a hole is made from the floor in the wall, the area of ​​which is not less than 30 centimeters square. It should be covered with a grill. From the inside, the door or plug should be installed, which allows to close this vent if necessary, when excessive cooling of the room occurs.
  3. Under the ceiling of the opposite wall, it is necessary to make a hole properly, providing it with a latch and grille from the inside to adjust the air flow. The area of ​​the exhaust vent should be twice the size of the hole near the floor, because cold air has a lower viscosity than heated air.
  4. If there is a toilet room in the bath, then ventilation should be located in it. This should be done in order to direct the flow of air into the toilet from where people rest, and not vice versa.
  1. In addition, the outlet should be located in the washing room, and if the bath is medium or large, then these two rooms (washing and toilet) should also be equipped with fans that ensure freshness and direction of fresh streams in the right direction.
  2. It is undesirable to make an outlet directly above the shelves in the steam room, because a person in a steamed state will be in a draft stream that will negatively affect his health.
  3. From the outsideexhaustthe hole ends with a pipe. It should be raised above the roof to ensure good traction and effective ventilation.
  5. Whenexhaust scheme baths done by hand, no mistakes can not do. That is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the three main errors that accompany novice masters:
  6. Home craftsmen often try to make ventilation holes at the bottom, placing them on the same level. As a result, there is a draft on the legs, and at the top it becomes unbearably hot.
  7. Air inlet is performed above the exhaust. If it turned out this way - you can’t do without a fan, because otherwise there will be no fresh air intake and there will be a probability of poisoning by accumulated carbon monoxide
  8. The air flow is correct, and the hood is mounted in the ceiling. In such a situation, it takes a long time to warm up the bath. If such a design is chosen, it is necessary to haveexhausthole valve to apply it in case of strong heating for ventilation.


Bath is always a source of longevity and excellent health. Competently executedventilationwill benefit by guaranteeing the owners of such a room a lot of pleasant hours.

Ventilation- one of the most important structural elements of an effective and comfortable sauna room. Fresh air is required under extreme humidity and temperature conditions, its presence is provided by a simple design, the installation of which is discussed above.

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