VAZ-2109 replacement of rear posts: rules and replacement process

By car VAZ-2109 replacement of rear pillarsis necessary in case of excessive wear or damage. If you compare the suspension of the "nine" with the "classic", then it is more perfect, the efficiency is higher, and the design is a bit simpler. Although common features are still there - in the design there are springs and shock absorbers.

Only on the "nine" they are assembled into a single node, andon the "classics" independently of each other installed. Repair and maintenance of the suspension on the car VAZ-2109 can be made independently, you only need to know the overall design of the car and be able to use the instrument.

VAZ 2109 replacement of the rear columns

Rear suspension design

The basis of the entire structure is depreciationThe rack, which extinguishes the body oscillations when driving on an uneven surface. The rear pillars VAZ-2109 are being replaced without dismantling other components of the car's suspension. The rear shock absorber consists of:

  • shock absorber;
  • metal plates under the spring;
  • springs;
  • rubber cushions;
  • elements of fastenings - nuts and bolts.

All these elements are connected to a single node andare installed on both sides of the car. It turns out that the design extinguishes the vibrations that are produced by the entire rear of the car when driving on an uneven road.

What does the shock absorber consist of?

In addition, the shock absorber itself includesin itself a lot of smaller elements. The basis is a system that looks like a hand pump by something. Only instead of air, oil is pumping. Some shock absorbers can be repaired - it is enough to completely disassemble them and replace all components that have become unusable. It will also be necessary to fill in oil, and exactly as much as indicated in the technical specifications for a specific model.

replacement of rear pillars of vases 2109To independently check the serviceabilityshock absorber, it is enough to lower the body as low as possible. At the same time, its rod must enter as far as possible. After this, the body is released sharply. With a good shock absorber, the body will make 1-3 oscillations, then stop. But if the device is defective, the body will hesitate much longer. The reason for this behavior is most likely that the oil has completely leaked out of the housing or the sealing rubber rings have been destroyed.

What tool is needed to replace the racks?

When replacing the silent block of the rear post VAZ-2109it is desirable to install the car on a pit or trestle. In this situation, repairs are much faster, because the amenities are greater. To make repairs yourself, you will need:

  1. The jack is preferably hydraulic.
  2. Supports under the body.
  3. Wheel chocks - are installed under the front wheels.
  4. A set of keys.
  5. Spring puller.
  6. Steel wire.

Wire may be required for fixationsprings in a compressed state. But you can use thick copper or aluminum instead of steel. Only these metals are much softer and under the action of the elastic force of the spring can stretch.

Preparatory work

Before starting work on the replacement of rubber bandson the rear pillars VAZ-2109 or the dismantling of elements must be thoroughly prepared. For this, before beginning the repair, beforehand, treat all threaded joints with penetrating grease type WD-40. At least half an hour must be on the metal grease, so that the thread from rust and dirt has completely cleared.

Replacement of the silent block of the rear rack VAZ 2109Only two points of attachment at the back of the nine- Inside the trunk is the top one and on the lower beam. To remove the shock absorber, it is necessary to unscrew the nuts and bolts. But before this, it is necessary to compress the spring as much as possible and fix its position with steel wire or some rigid staples. The main thing - do not let the spring open up during the repair.

How to remove the rear rack on the "nine"?

To dismantle the rear post on the VAZ-2109, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Loosen the wheel bolts from the side on which repairs are carried out.
  2. Raise the rear of the car on the jack.
  3. Remove the wheel completely.
  4. Place a support under the car body and lower the car.
  5. Check how well the spring is compressed by a puller.
  6. Open the trunk, remove the rubber cap, which covers the mounting location of the shock absorber rod.
  7. With a long tubular key on 17 or with a special tool, unscrew the nut from the stem.
  8. Remove the bottom support of the shock absorber.
  9. Pull out the whole rack assembly.

That's all, now you can repair or replace the rear pillars of the VAZ-2109 with your own hands.

replacement of rubber bands on the rear pillars of vases 2109

Repair or change?

Before some motorists rises quitea reasonable question - should we try to restore old racks on our own, because the cost of new ones is quite high? The cheapest inexpensive production and quality will cost at least 1500 rubles apiece. If you decide to repair them yourself, it will come out at least three times cheaper. But there are several pitfalls:

  1. If the resource of old racks is already decent, then on the rod there can be a strong production, because of which it is sometimes impossible to achieve an ideal sealing.
  2. It is hardly possible to pour inside the shock absorberas much oil as necessary for proper operation. If you make a mistake for a couple of grammes in a smaller direction - the shock absorber will not work. If you pour over the norm, the oil seals will be torn.

correct replacement of rear racks VAZ 2109And the quality of the items in the repair kits often leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it will be much more effective to replace the pillars assembly. The resource at them will appear much above, than at restored.

Assemblage of a back rack of "nine"

And now a few words about how thecorrect replacement of rear pillars VAZ-2109. Many motorists change only the shock absorber and cushions, do not attach special importance to the springs. And they should pay attention. As they wear out, they sag, and the length of all turns becomes smaller than necessary. As a result, the entire suspension will not work properly.

replacement of the rear racks of the VAZ 2109 with your own handsWhen assembling, the following rules should be adhered to:

  1. Install the compressed spring on the stand.
  2. Fix the rubber cushions on the last coil of the spring using an insulating tape.
  3. Carefully, trying not to move the spring against the shock absorber, install the rack in place.
  4. Press the nut on the top of the shock absorber rod.
  5. Place the bottom of the rack on the beam. Fix with a bolt.

Tighten all screw connections after completionassembly and remove the puller from the spring. After this, you can install the wheel in place and start repairing the second side - it is exactly the same. It is advisable after the repair to final tighten the nuts after you install the car on the wheels. And after 20-30 kilometers of run, check the tightness of all connections - sometimes the nuts are twisted after driving. Try to use nuts with plastic clips on the thread.

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