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Variety and selection criteria safes

August 7, 2018

Today, a metal safe can be useful to any company, as well as a financial institution, a bank. At the same time, more and more often boxes for saving documents, jewelry, weapons, money and securities, memorabilia are being ordered by private individuals. So, safes can be installed in private cottages, cottages, offices and cabinets of high-ranking officials. In any case, you need to choose the right design, because there are many safes and there is a wide range of burglar-proof products. You can go to the metal furniture manufacturer and select the appropriate option.

Safe burglar and fire resistant SS060E

What types of designs worth buying and why

  1. Furniture. These types of structures can often be seen in apartments, hotels, offices and small apartments. As a rule, they contain all the basic values: money, jewels, rare exhibits of weapons, documents.
  2. Fireproof.They have increased strength to fire and heat. Such products are needed if, for some reason, the owner of the property fears arson and an attempt to open it with fire.
  3. Weapon storage models.They are cabinets, which can fit, for example, guns. Such constructions are needed so that no one takes advantage of the property without your knowledge, as well as to prevent theft.
  4. Office option.Ideal for storing documentation in folders. You can save whole stacks of documents without fear that someone will take them without your approval.
  5. Digital models.Enhanced with digital technology and modern electronics.
  6. Deposit models.It is worth buying this option if you need to keep a large amount of cash.
  7. Luxury products.It is installed in the offices of officials, as well as high-ranking officials, large entrepreneurs. Such safes are impressive in size, look very solid and cumbersome.
  8. Embedded models.They can be mounted in a wall, another design. True, the capacity will be less.

What will have to be considered when choosing

In Kiev, Ukraine, you can buy safes of varying degrees of resistance (up to 12 categories). The price will differ depending on the size, level of protection, dimensions, urgency of production (if you need to complete a turnkey order), and so on.

Cashbox VM - 0402

Production enterprise PJSC “UHL-MASH” offers products both for individuals and enterprises, for equipping banks, financial companies, audit firms, law offices, and so on.

This metal furniture manufacturer offers not only cabinets and racks, but also safes for a variety of purposes: from storing grandma's rings and necklaces to saving high-value securities and documents.

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