Updated Chevrolet Silverado 2019

The presentation of the 2019 model year pickup truck was probably the most important event at the Detroit auto show, which took place in January of this year.

The car is not only the best-selling model of General Motors, but also the second most successful car in the United States.

The model is second only to the long-standing rival Ford F-150, which has recently also been updated. The large and powerful passenger truck Silverado is in well-deserved demand not only in his homeland, but throughout the world.

The car has excellent driving characteristics, stylish athletic design and a spacious body with an impressive load capacity of up to 3.5 tons. In addition, the manufacturer traditionally offers a large selection of configurations. Therefore, each buyer will be able to choose the most optimal model.

The first generation of this pickup company Chevrolet presented back in 1998. Thanks to its reliability and outstanding performance, it was an ideal “workhorse” for American farmers and quickly became popular,in America alone, selling over six hundred copies annually.

The first generational change occurred only in 2007. The current third generation entered the market in 2013. Sales of the fourth generation of the model should start in the US this fall. Estimated cost - from 28,500 to 49,500 dollars, depending on the configuration. Whether the novelty arrives in our country is still unknown.

Appearance and configuration

Chevrolet Silverado pickup

The upcoming model full-frame pickup got a new steel platform. But such structural elements as side doors, rear door and hood are now made of aluminum in order to lose weight. Thus, many automakers are trying to reduce fuel consumption and improve the speed characteristics of the car.

The novelty consists of eighty percent of high strength steel and twenty percent of aluminum alloys. Due to this, the strength indicators increased by ten percent, and the weight was less than forty kilograms compared with the previous model.

Overall dimensions have also changed. The new platform allowed us to extend the car body itself by 4.1 cm and the wheelbase by 10 cm, while the width increased to 147.3 cm.

Chevrolet Silverado feature

The 2019 Silverado has three cab types: Single Cab, SuperCab, SuperCrew.The front has a powerful grille, made in the corporate style of the brand. On its sides there is a modern three-level headlamps with LED content, and on the updated bumper flare neat fog.

The new pickup will ride large wheels with a diameter of 18 or 22 inches.

At the stern, you can select the vertical marker lights of the original form, a massive bumper with built-in twin tailpipes and a flip side board with full-width Chevrolet stamping.

Interior design and equipment Chevrolet Silverado

chevrolet silverado 2019 complete

Salon compared with the previous generation has changed not as much as the exterior. It is still designed in the classic style for American pickups. There is a lot of free space, both for the driver and passengers. The central panel is distinguished by its massive elements.

No less powerful is the transmission tunnel with two armrests, which harmoniously combines with wide seats. Finishing materials include natural leather, polished wood, plastic and chrome-plated details.

The cabin also has space for storing luggage, tools, shopping and everyday things - in the back of the back (10 liters) and under the rear seat (24 liters).

chevrolet silverado Price

The future Silverado should satisfy a wide range of customers thanks to eight different trim levels, from a purely utilitarian style to a chic urban cowboy.

Innovations include not only a modern infotainment system with 4G LTE Wi-Fi and smartphone support, but also the first-in-class rear door with an electric drive, which can be raised and lowered remotely by pressing a button on the key fob.

The new model is notable for sound insulation and relatively easy access to the cabin due to the adjustable height. In addition, there is a full power, wireless charging of smartphones, dual-zone climate control, a multifunction steering wheel, as well as a rich set of modern security systems and driver assistance.


chevrolet silverado review

A total of six combinations of engines and transmissions will be available. This provides customers with great opportunities when choosing the best option, both in terms of performance and cost. The new 2018 model Silverado pickup will still be available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive depending on the intended conditions for further use.

It should be noted that the two new V8 power units (5.3-liter and 6.2-liter) use an improved cylinder deactivation system to use fuel more economically and efficiently.

According to the automaker, if necessary, the driver will be able to turn off seven of the eight cylinders. The 3.0-liter six-cylinder diesel engine also joined the Silverado engine range for the first time. It will be paired with a new ten-speed automatic gearbox.

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