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The skin of the baby should not be dealt with harmful compounds, but the current products of household chemicals include very harmful surfactant components, phosphate, chlorine. How to protect relatives, especially the smallest ones, to completely exclude the probability of using components harmful to their health? The surest way out of the situation is an environmentally-friendly product that contains only healthy, natural ingredients, the Ecover detergent is included in this category of goods. This is an extensive list of products, which includes - cleaning compositions, liquid detergents for dishes and other variants of the product of this brand. All products Ecover, made exclusively from natural plant elements, do not include petroleum products, phosphates, chlorine and other unhealthy substances. Components of Ecover products do not enter the body, therefore they are guaranteed harmless. For comparison, a lot of washing agents, for example, contain components that, when used with any means, penetrate the skin and exhibit toxic effects.But in the case of this tool, even the water remaining after washing can be used for watering garden or home plants.

This tool has a natural mineral base produced without the use of chemically harmful components.

Concentrated, environmentally friendly means of the Ecover brand are great for washing processes from bright and non-decaying multi-colored things at a temperature of 30 to 60 C. d. These compounds can be used for processing clothes of adults and children, with different types and stages of allergic and skin diseases.

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