Types of interior doors

The design of any modern apartment, home or office space is created by a harmonious combination of the various constituent elements of the decor and pieces of furniture. To date, different types of interior doors are offered, they may have differences in models, structure.

Such products are installed in any premises in order to separate one zone of space from another. Many people are interested in the question, what are the interior doors to get your favorite model. Models are selected based on the following factors:

1) aesthetically appealing appearance;

2) indoor style;

3) strength, reliability;

4) opening method.

There are different types of interior doors, they differ in the design. The raw material for their manufacture is mainly natural wood. In this case, the dimensions, characteristics, features of products can determine the methods of their production. By product design are divided:

1) paneled;

2) shield.

The original models have many advantages that buyers pay attention to when buying.With the help of such products you can create a refined atmosphere in the apartment in a modern fashionable style, to complement any interior.

Paneled ones are distinguished by a complex structure, made of these components:

1) the stakes;

2) baguette;

3) a panel;

4) lower, upper tsarga.

The main fabric is made from components that are lattices with openings. The frame is made of vertical, horizontal parts, they are joined together with special parts. The openings are filled with panels, they are interconnected in different ways.

Shielded versions of products have a wooden frame, trim. As a substitute take the honeycomb from the carton. In this case, the products are strong and reliable, weigh little. The canvas is solid, has glazed openings. The fillers are bars, chipboard, MDF, corrugated box.

Various models

Some interior doors are made of wood. To do this, take composite materials, polymers, glass. The main production material determines the characteristics, their functions in the future. The cost of the doors will depend on the tree from which they are made, the method of surface treatment products.One of the important properties is their durability in operation, resistance to environmental influences.

Wood options are expensive options. Premium products are made from environmentally friendly raw materials: rosewood, Karelian birch, ash. According to the structure, they may be different. The designs have a smooth surface, some models have interesting images.

A variety of coating options for solid wood are selected in such a way as to give them an attractive appearance. Veneer wrapping is considered one of the popular methods in the manufacture of products. The basis of them are pine, chipboard. A veneer of the most valuable wood species is glued to the surface of the material, then it is polished, a special coating is applied to it.

Veneered doors are environmentally friendly, in their production take wood, furniture glue. Plastic made from polyvinyl chloride. The doors are reinforced with bars, glued with decorative tiles. Polymer panels are given a special texture, it resembles a natural wood.

Plastic materials are resistant to water, reliable and durable, have good heat and sound insulation characteristics, durable to use.Sealed seals help make them stronger, close tightly. This allows them to be installed in bathrooms, swimming pools, in places with high levels of humidity.

Laminated doors - products in which the canvas consists of a frame, it is glued over with MDF panels, filled with corrugated box, chipboard. A special film is applied to its surface. It performs both decorative and protective functions, helps protect it from water ingress, from scratches and damage. Their quality depends on the thickness, characteristics of the coating or special film. Products come in various forms: simple, complex, with panels.

Glass is very popular with many buyers for the design of different interiors. These products divide the room, create an elegant atmosphere in the room. Their production uses impact-resistant glass, whose thickness is 8 mm, which gives them reliability. In this case, special sheds are used for their installation. Certain requirements are imposed on such boxes. The following types of interior doors are offered according to their operation method:

  • swing;
  • sliding;
  • folding;
  • swinging.

Oar models mounted on hinges to a vertical box, when closed, they are included in a special groove. For installation will require more space for easy movement of products. The advantages of the door is the strength of the structure, excellent quality. By means of an elastic sealant, maximum tightness is achieved.

Sliding doors can be installed in small apartments, as partitions in order to divide the room into certain zones. Such products include 1-2 shutters. Products are mounted on rollers, they move along a line parallel to the wall. Sliding options are made of the following components: wood, composites, glass.

Folding resemble an accordion, which consists of different sashes. During the closing of such doors, products can rotate around its axis. The choice of a suitable option will depend on the following factors:

  • from the model;
  • buildings;
  • opening method.

All the proposed options will help to create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in the room, decorate the interior in any style. Functional, practical doors are of excellent quality, harmoniously fit into the interior.

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