Twine basket

Posted by05.05.2017

Baskets are deservedly popular with hostesses. Still would! They fit perfectly into the interior of any apartment and serve as an excellent accessory for storing various trifles. In addition, this thing can be a wonderful "packaging" for a gift. It is great to present in a basket sweets or holiday souvenirs for loved ones.

Twine basket

Today we will learn to weave a very simple and at the same time very beautiful basket with our own hands. For its manufacture, we need only jute splits. As a basis, you can choose a plastic container, mayonnaise bucket, glass, half plastic bottle ... In addition, you can make a basis of cardboard, if you can not find something suitable.
Plastic is good because you can make a hole in the center of the bottom, pass all the threads through it and tie them into a strong knot to fix it. Then we put two rezinochki on the basis so that our twine does not walk, and we are not nervous about it. Well, then we start weaving. It is quite simple.Take a look at the instructions, so as not to make a mistake. Weave should be tight, so that the basket kept its shape.

The handle for the basket can be made of wire.

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