Tumble dryer do it yourself

July 20, 2011
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Tumble dryer do it yourselfThe clothes dryer is a very useful thing in the household, especially in winter. In summer, underwear and clothes dry on the balcony without any problems, and in winter it has to be brought into the apartment, which is not very convenient. The exit in this situation will be a folding clothes dryer, which takes up little space in the folded state and will allow to dry quite a lot of things on it. The total length of the ropes on such a hanger usually reaches over ten meters, so you do not have to stretch the ropes in the kitchen or curtain the battery with wet things. Dryers of this type are on sale, but they cost a lot, so the best option would be to make a clothes dryer with your own hands.

In order for the dryer to occupy as little space as possible, it can be made according to the type of table-book, and it will take a folded form just 200 mm in length. The body of this dryer is assembled from plastic-lined chipboard 20 mm thick. They are fastened to each other by standard furniture corners complete with M6 screws with countersunk head and threaded bushings.At the bottom, four furniture wheels are attached for greater mobility of a clothes dryer.

In the upper part of the housing panel, the dryers are interconnected by means of screeds in the form of steel pipes with a diameter of 18 mm. Nuts are pressed into the ends of the pipes, which must also be fixed by welding. M6 screws are screwed into them to fasten the panels. The framework of the lattice is a construction of sections of steel pipe with a diameter of 16 mm (outer) and a folding support from the same pipe. The hinges of the stand and the grid are made of pipe sections with an inner diameter of 16 and 18 mm, respectively.

folding clothes dryer

The figure shows the design of a clothes dryer, where 1 is a front panel made of chipboard 20 mm thick, 2 is a furniture handle, 3 are M6 screws, 4 is a bushing made of 22x2 steel pipe, 5 is a screed of 18x2 steel pipe, 6 are grate rods 12 pieces) of stainless steel in the form of a bar with a diameter of 3 mm, 7 - support from a steel pipe 16x1.5 in the folded position, 8 - grating frame from a steel pipe 16x1.5, 9 - restrictive ring from a steel pipe 22x2, 10 - 4 pieces M6 nuts, 11 - back panel of 20 mm thick chipboard, 12 - 48 pieces M3 nuts, 13 - furniture castors, 14 - steel sleeve Pipes 20x2, 15 - bottom dryers of chipboard 20 mm thick, 16 - a plastic tip, 17 - a support in the unfolded position.

The bars of the lattice are 3-mm stainless wire, cut into segments, at the ends of which the thread M3 is made. The bars of the lattice and the frame are connected with the help of nuts, fixed by 2 on each side. After assembly, the dryer must be painted. This will protect the structure from damage and rusting, as the dryer is constantly in contact with wet laundry. To do this, first degrease the surface with solvent or acetone, apply the primer in two layers and cover the clothes dryer in several layers with automotive white enamel. Usually enough 2-3 layers of paint.

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