True or deception? Heat insulation paint

In the construction market, many sellers are persistently offering to buy insulating paint. Most often, this paint is called something like this: liquid ceramic thin-film heat-insulating coating, or in short - liquid thermal insulation. The product is offered under different trade names. Vendors claim that this paint was developed on the basis of now fashionable nanotechnologies for use in space projects, and has exceptional properties.

A layer of paint with a thickness of 1 mm for heat-saving properties supposedly replaces 50 mm of foam. Recommend it for warming everything, everything. They may even show certificates and other documents. The attentive and meticulous reader will not find in these documents the confirmation of outstanding heat-saving properties of the coating in comparison with other heaters.

It was possible to find the test results of the thermal insulation properties of a paint of one famous brand, which indicate that a layer of such paint is 1 mm thick.can replace only 1.6 mm of foam. For example, according to the manufacturer, the thermal conductivity of liquid thermal insulation of the brand Mascoat (Made in USA) measured by the manufacturer is only 0.0698 W / (m * ° K). For comparison, the thermal conductivity of the foam, depending on the form of release, varies from 0.037 to 0.043 W / (m * ° K). The practice of application also does not confirm the wonderful heat-saving properties of these materials. A thin layer of liquid insulation on the wall will not bring significant savings in heating costs, will not lead to a noticeable increase in temperature in the apartment.

But often this task is not worth it. It is known that in winter the surface temperature of the outer wall is always lower than the air temperature in the room. To increase thermal comfort, it is enough to increase from the side of the room the temperature of the surface of the outer wall or floor of just a few degrees.

The application of a liquid insulation of 1-2.5 mm thick on the inner surface of the outer wall is often sufficient to eliminate the freezing of the wall or the ceiling, to eliminate condensation and mold on their surface. The thickness of one layer of paint is approximately 0.5 mm.Liquid insulation is easily tinted in any color, you can glue wallpaper on a layer of paint. But, in most cases, it is more profitable, more efficient and more reliable to warm the wall from the inside in one of the traditional ways.

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