Trendy minimalism

January 29, 2018

Trendy minimalismToday, fashion in interior design often does not change one style after another. A large selection of materials for decoration, household appliances, and textiles make it possible to create a specific dwelling for an environment that suits him. But among all directions, such a style as minimalism comes out ahead. This is due to the fact that it can overlap with the classic, hi-tech, constructivism. Only completely opposite concepts lie in country style. The ideal solution for cozy small apartments, often with fairly small footage, is a minimalist interior. This style allows you to make the room more spacious, fill it with air and light. The walls, decorated in this style, emphasize the features of this direction. They are usually neutral white, beige shades, light, much less often black. Dark paint is often used in large halls. The surface of the walls may have a rough finish or a exposed brickwork. But the prerequisite - dense deaf drapes on the windows in a busy city.A good option can be blinds made of fabric without a pattern.

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