Treehouse with his own hands

July 22, 2014

Tree houseEvery little child just loves to play games that mimic the activities of adults. And what is best suited for games like not owning a tiny cozy house? Therefore, the surest way to give joy to your child is to build a tree house with your own hands.

Why on the tree? Firstly, such a construction resembles the houses of fairy-tale characters, and secondly, the unusualness of such a design is given by the fact that the house is located at a certain height, here the child feels secluded and protected. A children's tree house will become a favorite place for games and recreation, your child will spend much more time in the fresh air.


Why is it better to make a house with your own hands? Firstly, the construction of such a fabulous design is a fascinating process for both an adult and a child. And even more interesting process - thinking about the project house. You can instruct your child to draw a project for the future tree house, such an assignment will contribute to the development of your child’s imagination and creative abilities.Secondly, the design of the tree house directly depends on the characteristics of the tree on which you plan to build it. That is why the project of each tree house is unique.

Place for construction

Tree selectionThe project of a tree house is impossible to implement if there is no suitable tree anywhere nearby. A suitable tree for the construction of an orphanage should have a massive trunk and thick roots that spread over a large area under the ground. The branches of the tree on which the house will rest should also be thick enough.

Oak, maple and ash are the most suitable for building a house for children. But birch, willow or poplar do not have the necessary characteristics in order to implement this project.

Well, if the necessary tree is right on your site. If this, unfortunately, is absent, then you can look for a suitable copy for building a house for children on the shore of the reservoir in which you like to swim in the summer or somewhere in the forest, not far from your site. Of course, the house should not be located somewhere deep in the forest, as there may be various dangers in the forest of children.

If all searches for a suitable tree are in vain, then you can build a house for children, which will adjoin the tree, and not be directly in its crown. Even in this case, you can develop a very interesting project.

House project development

House frameWhen a suitable tree has been found, we proceed to the most interesting part of the work on building a tree house - we are developing a project. Consider that the tree house should be as safe as possible - after all, children will play in it.

The design should be as strong as possible, but at the same time light, because we build a house in the tree crown, and no matter how massive the selected tree is, the mass it can withstand is not infinite. We will talk about how to choose the right materials for the construction of the house a little later.

In addition, the house should be interesting for children. Ideally, the project should include balconies, windows, stairs. It can also be interesting to arrange the area near the tree itself, on which the house is located.

Please note that you need to place a children's tree house not higher than two meters above ground level, otherwise your building will be dangerous for children.After all, the higher above the surface of the earth, the thinner the branch and the stronger the swing of the wind.

When developing a house project, resort to the help of photos and videos of already created houses, which are posted on the Internet. These photos and videos can push you to interesting ideas. Many interesting photos are available in this article. Try as much as possible to involve your child in the creation of a house for games.

Tree houseIf your construction will be located in the forest, then include in your project and a convenient path to it. It is advisable to somehow designate the path to the house, so that the children will not get lost in any way, and you yourself would not go around the neighborhood in search of your own building.

What tools are useful for building a house?

To make a tree house, you do not need to resort to using some complicated tools, but you should approach the construction with full responsibility - the structure should be durable and safe for children. It is useful to ask for help to various videos that tell about the requirements for structures located on playgrounds - this will help make the orphanage as safe as possible.

Pay attention to how best to carry out the connection of structural elements:

  • it is better to use nuts and bolts instead of nails;
  • All heads of bolts and nuts must be drowned in the elements of the house construction so that children cannot scratch them.

As for the choice of material, you should strive to make the house as strong as possible, but at the same time easy. Therefore, the floor of the building, as well as the stairs and beams, must be built from durable, high-quality wood, but light non-natural materials are best for the roof and walls of the children's house. If you are not familiar with the variety of modern building materials, then take the time to study the appropriate photos and videos and give your preference to the best materials in your opinion.

Tree houseNow let's see what tools are needed to make a playhouse in the tree crown for children. You will need:

  • roulette;
  • a hammer;
  • level;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill;
  • plane;
  • adjustable wrench.

In addition, you will need sandpaper to polish all the details at the end, otherwise the tree house will be fraught for your children with numerous splinters and scratches.

At the stage of creating the project of the future tree house, you also need to calculate how much and what kind of building materials you will need.

The process of building a house

So, now proceed directly to the question of how to build a tree house on their own.

House at the initial stage of constructionFirst of all, you need to build a solid floor, as well as reinforcing elements that will help make the house stronger and safer. The base of the house should be connected to each other bars. What does the floor of the house look like at the initial stage of construction? You can hide it in the photo above. The same photo shows the connection of large elements of the future house.

Remember that your design should rest against a tree, taken as a basis, and into the ground. Good old piles will help to make the house more durable. You should not forget that first of all we assemble larger parts of the structure, and only then we attach less overall to the resulting frame.

Once the floor is ready, proceed to the construction of the walls, and then the roof - this is the basis of our play house for children. Having made it, you can complicate the house with balconies and other elements of a decor.And of course, a solid, comfortable and safe staircase should lead to the entrance of the tree house.

Of course, a house with walls and a roof is not the only option of a playground for children in the crown of a tree. You can build on the tree as something like a gazebo, or just an open playground for games, which will be a floor with railings. An alternative version of the treehouse is presented in the photo below. Such a construction is simpler and easier than a house, however, it does not cause less interest in children than a house.

AlcoveIf the house is not located at a very high altitude, then you can place a slide on it so that children can quickly and merrily go downstairs. Also in the design of the house you can enter the swing, the pole, which is designed for both descent and for lifting, as well as ropes and rope ladders.

To speed up the construction process, it is better to collect some of the elements of the house below. For example, you can easily prepare the walls in advance - to make door and window openings, shutters, window sills and other decor at your discretion, and then attach a ready-made wall to the floor.

By the way, if at once two massive trees suitable for building a small house are located next to each other, then you can just build two small houses on different trees,connecting these houses in front of a bridge.

Please note that before building a house it is important to remove all old and bad branches from the tree, so that in the future they will not interfere with the construction or operation of your playground for children.

When pondering the project of your tree house, do not focus on the standard rectangular or square shape of the house. After all, this is a fabulous design that can take any shape and become the embodiment of any of your wildest fantasies. Tree house can be insulated and glazed - then this building can be used all year round.

Sometimes a tree house is turned into a full-fledged housing. How big your project will be is up to you.

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