Treatment of Joints by Folk Remedies

We begin to think about the work of our jointsOnly when we feel sudden pain or restriction of movements in any part of the body. But this disease is many-sided and insidious. Arthritis and arthrosis begin with pain, and can end with complete immobility of the joints. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to treat joints with folk remedies.

Often traditional medicine with suchdiseases treats only the symptoms. Folk medicine approaches joint treatment in a comprehensive way and aims to prevent relapse of the disease in the future. The guarantee of obtaining a positive result is the complex treatment of traditional medicine and the treatment of joint arthrosis with folk remedies. It is very useful to use folk remedies for preventive purposes.

The guarantee of good joint treatment ismaintaining a healthy lifestyle and, above all, in physical activity and proper nutrition. You should follow the diet and use only natural products without preservatives, exclude sugar and nutritional supplements, try to use less coffee or drink decaffeinated coffee.

We offer several effective means by which you can treat joints with folk remedies.

Mix a tablespoon of olive oil firstcold pressed and a fourth part of a teaspoon squeezed out of garlic juice. You can take corn instead of olive oil, but then you need to squeeze out one clove of garlic. This remedy helps with pain and brings relief, you need to drink it before breakfast.

If joint pain is felt when you changeweather, then it can be treated with cabbage juice. It is necessary to moisten in it a cloth made of natural wool to attach to the affected joint and bandage. Such a compress in a short time will bring relief.

A good treatment of joints with folk remediescan be produced with a mixture of equal parts of flower honey, glycerin, alcohol and iodine. This mixture should rub your legs towards the heart and then the pain will go away. For the same purpose and in the same way, you can grind fruit vinegar.

A positive effect also gives the treatment of jointsfolk remedies with the help of essential oils. Use for these purposes, extracts of eucalyptus, chamomile, lavender, rosemary and hyssop, camphor. To massage the whole body, it is good to apply such an aromatic combination: taking as a basis vegetable oil, add 8% of chamomile and 4% of eucalyptus, pine and hyssop. A significant positive effect on the condition of the joints is the inhalation of vapors of aromatic oils.

Particular attention should be paid to the people'ship joint treatment, because the consequences of such a disease can be much more serious than with the disease of other joints. Therefore, you can not do self-diagnosis here and only a doctor can determine the methods of its treatment with folk remedies. It can be a state of inflammation and a state of remission. In such cases, approaches to treatment will be different. In addition, we must admit that in the case of hip joint disease, folk recipes, as well as traditional medicine, are not yet able to achieve a complete cure.

In addition, folk recipes help from suchan unpleasant phenomenon, a crunch when working joints. For this, compresses and lotions with various natural remedies are recommended. First of all, it is salt and lemon, and also acetic acid. Soda lotions help. Simple physical exercises also help. In the morning, lying on your back, twist your bike with your feet, then gently pull each leg to your chest. During the day, massage your knees from time to time.

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