Transfers Zenit in 2017-2018: the latest news

The latest news about Zenit transfers before the season of 2017-2018 set up the club’s fans in a positive way. Apparently, the management team realized the mistake of inviting Romanian coach Mircea Lucescu, and now he doesn’t spare money hoping to regain the Premier League champion title in St. Petersburg. The first step towards this has already been taken - the famous Italian specialist Roberto Mancini, who is going to build a new, more powerful Zenith, has been invited to the city on the Neva.

Conversion table

The summer transfer window is not yet closed, but the “anti-aircraft gunners” have already bought an impressive number of players. It can be said that the squad will be renewed by a third, while the question remains who will enter the field, because nobody has canceled the limit on legionnaires "6 + 5". Already, the team has 12 players with a foreign passport, many of whom are waiting for the fate of the stable inhabitants of the shop.


For more information about the summer acquisitions of Zenit, see the following table:

Have come


Will leave with high probability

n / s Noboa

protection Terentyev

protection Gods

n / s Erokhin

n / s Paredes

nap Driussi

nap Poloz

protection Lomberts

n / s Danny

n / s Yashchuk

n / s Evseev

protection Bavin

nap Poppy

n / s Yusupov

n / s Ryazantsev

protection Chernov

protection Jovanovic

n / s Yann Mollo

n / s Hernani

vr. Kerzhakov

protection Novoseltsev

protection Nope

n / s Mauricio

protection Zuev

nap Kokorin

Before the transfer window closes, which will occur on the night of September 1, there is still a lot of time, so the management of Zenith has the opportunity for loud acquisitions. Nevertheless, the club’s sports director Konstantin Sarsania assured the journalists that all purchases will be made with the direct participation of Roberto Mancini, and only after his approval.

Who else will buy "Zenith"?

The interests of Petersburgers include several dozen foreign football players. We list the transitions that are very likely to take place in the near future:

  • Marcelo Brozovich (“Inter”);
  • Jason Murillo (“Inter”);
  • Andrea Belotti (Torino);
  • Fedor Smolov (Krasnodar);
  • Costas Manolas (“Roma”);
  • Douglas Costa (Bavaria) and others.

Roberto Mancini made his coaching career in the Apennine Peninsula, it’s not surprising that most of his transfer goals are played in the Italian Championship.In Zenit, they really want to see the two main players of Inter, midfielder Brozovich and defender Murillo. For both players, the club’s leadership is ready to pay out 45 million euros, and also include Luis Neto in the deal. According to insider information, football players are eager to leave and play in the Europa League, but the Internationale bosses are still stopping negotiations, demanding at least 60 million euros.

Zenit plans to freshen the attack either by Andrei Belotti or Fyodor Smolov. And if the first one is still pondering whether to get involved in a Russian adventure, the top scorer of Russia last season is eager to try their strength in the richest club in the country. For Belotti, the leadership of Torino demanded an exorbitant 15 million euros, and Smolov would cost Zenit two times less, plus Kokorin.

The transition of Kostas Manolas, who does not belong to Roma under Luciano Spalletti, is considered almost solved. The Greek is asleep and sees how he will play at the base of the “blue-white-blue”, because there are not so many quality defenders in Mancini. The amount of the transaction is estimated from 8 to 12 million euros, which is not cheap for a football player with not the most outstanding abilities.

The transfer or rent of the creative midfielder Douglas Costa is quite real. At one time, the Brazilian moved from Shakhtar to Bavaria in the hope of gaining a foothold in the base of the Munich. Predictably, this did not happen, and now Douglas is more likely a player of the rotation, who can be a substitute in the second half or play 90 minutes in matches with the German Cup. Obviously, this role of a football player does not suit, therefore he is ready to restart his career at Zenit. The estimated amount of the transaction will be 17 million euros.

Scouts of the club pay attention to South America, where a huge number of talented players play. While in the press rumors are circulating about Zenit’s interest to the defenders of Cayo (São Paulo), Foyt (Estudiantes), the attackers Pavon (Boca Juniors) and Luano (Gremio). These football "nuggets" have a unique technique, are inexpensive and always ready to go to the European championships for a good salary. The only nuance is the instability of South Americans, and in the viscous domestic championship they are far from always capable of not only progressing, but also demonstrating the previous game level.

Transfers of Zenit for the season 2017-2018 indicate the serious intentions of the club to fight for the championship. The management of the team did not invest millions of euros in the purchase of new players in order to be content with 2 or 3 places. How successful were the acquisitions, we will find out on July 16, when Roberto Mancini’s charges will play in the first round of the Premier League.

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