Toys from eggs from kinder surprises

Many of us in our childhood carried an egg from a kinder-surprise around our necks, where caring mothers and grandmothers put slaughter doses of garlic so that the child did not get sick. However, plastic eggs can be made with their hands much more pleasant accessories and toys. We offer you a large selection of master classes, with the help of which you and your children can make a lot of interesting things.

toys from kinder
Most lessons will be very simple, so preschoolers and children of primary school age will cope with handicrafts from kinder surprises. Some workshops will be more difficult, and you will have to do most of the work yourself. All materials for creating crafts, probably already have at your fingertips, so choose something that you especially like, and get to work.

Craft with plasticine

If your child is not too adult, then you will enjoy this simple master class. To make a funny chicken out of the kinder surprise, you only need clay and plastic eyes.

kinder egg chickens

If the child already knows how to work with clay, just show him this picture and offer to repeat it - he should handle it himself. Notice that the kinder egg has two eyes set on it; They are mounted on a small piece of clay. If you don’t have anything suitable, you can cut them out of paper, or you can simply draw them with a permanent marker or make them completely out of clay.


You can make this crafts out of kinder surprises yourself, and the child will already play it. This toy is good for the development of intelligence and logic. Making a rattle from an egg is quite simple.

kinder rattles

In the bottom, make a small hole and insert into it either a pencil or a pen, or a wand from a lollipop. You can fix it in the inner part with the help of superglue or just push it all the way so that it passes through the whole egg.

For the developmental game, you will need several types of croup of different formats: millet, rice, peas, etc. It is necessary to pour the rump into the egg and shake it - the child will guess what is inside. It is very useful.

kinder eggs

Kinder's egg can be painted to make the toy even more interesting.And if you don’t want to make a razvashka, and you need an ordinary rattle, tie a kinder with threads - it will be very beautiful.

kinder rattles

Crocheted animals

This master class is no longer for children: you will be able to make knitted toys from kinder surprises by yourself. Although playing with these funny dolls will, of course, be your child.

horses from kinder eggs

In addition, you will need thin threads or felt, as well as artificial eyes made of plastic or beads, plus any decor.

Kinder egg should be crocheted from top to bottom with the usual circular knitting. Try to change colors so that the toy looks more colorful. However, the choice of thread depends on who you are going to make.

Take a look at the proposed ideas - it’s pretty easy to repeat them. Try to make your child’s favorite fairy tale characters or any animals.

kinder egg animals

If you do not like to knit, the egg from the kinder surprise can be pasted over with felt or wool fabric. Add to it a decor - and you will have a great toy.


If you have accumulated a lot of empty eggs from kinders, you can make a whole army of minions with your own hands - the heroes of a popular children's cartoon.If your child likes these funny creatures, he will definitely appreciate their miniature copies.

minders from eggs from kinders

To make a minion, we need to take blue and black materials, as well as an artificial eye.

Paint the material can be what you have on hand. It can be acrylic paints, permanent markers or even nail polish. If there is nothing like that, take pieces of fabric and stick them on kinder surprises. If this option is also not suitable, you can stick ordinary plasticine on plastic eggs.

Need to form a jumpsuit, hair, hands and feet. By the way, if you want, you can dig two holes in the egg from the bottom, insert sticks from the lollipop, and then make shoes made of clay - you get a long-legged minion.

The eye can be made from the substrate of the tablets and a tiny piece of black fabric, and then put on superglue.

minders from eggs from kinders

If you have many Kinders, make the whole “army” all at once - it will be easier. If fantasy is played out, you can make this company and the leader of Gru.


You can make a big toy beehive with kinder-eggs with your own hands, which your child will be interested to play with. Additionally, you will need a sleeve or cardboard, paint,thread and a few accessories.

kinder eggs

Bees can be different. How to make them from kinder eggs depends on what you have on hand. The strips on the body of a bee can be made from “fluffy” decorative wire, black thread or thin colored scotch, or simply painted with acrylic paints or a marker.

Glue the eyes on the kinder-egg with plasticine or glue, or you can just draw them. The basis here can be plastic blanks, beads, fabric or paper. The wings are made of paper, plastic folder or wire.

To make a honeycomb, to which we then tie our bees from the kinder-syrphises, we need to divide the sleeve into rings of equal width. In the center, place 5 pieces, then a row of 4 pieces at the top and bottom, and then out of three, glue it on the PVA or fasten with a stapler, and then paint it with yellow paint.

You can also make artificial paper flowers for bees to explain to a child how these creatures turn pollen into honey and organize an interesting game for him.

Kinder zoo

Perhaps the most beloved children's toys from Kinder's eggs are various animals from which you can collect a whole zoo.Take a look at this photo - you can easily make any of these heroes with your own hands!

Kinder Egg Animals

To make a cat kinder egg, you can paint the body with acrylic paints or markers, and then make it plasticine ears, paws and tail.

All other animals are completely molded from plasticine, and the basis of their eyes are black beads. We advise you to choose for such crafts clay, which does not stain hands and surfaces - now there are a lot of such options in stores for creativity.

Of course, these toys will not be durable (if you sculpt them on a plastic egg, but do not paint the body), but it is easy to clean the clay and cover the kinder surprise with a new layer to get a new zoo inhabitant.


You can make very funny beautiful charms with eggs from a kinder-surprise with your own hands. In this video master class, you will find a simple instruction with which you can easily repeat the craft.

By the way, if you are one of those who like to ward off colds from a child with garlic, you can repeat this lesson, but make a pendant from a kinder-egg - just insert a chain or thread longer. In addition, you can add any interesting design to your craftwork and make a hero that your children like the most.

Choose any of the proposed workshops and stock up with Kinders! Of course, your child will love these lessons, because he will receive a delicious dessert, and two toys at once: one ready, and the second homemade. Imagine, experiment and change any lesson for yourself.

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