Topiary do it yourself

November 2, 2010

Topiary do it yourselfIf you want to decorate your house or garden, then you can make a topiary yourself. The word "topiary" comes from the Latin word "topiarius", which means the art of curly hair of various plants - shrubs and trees to give them various forms. They call topiary and decorative tree in the form of a ball on a high stem, which can be made of various materials - natural and artificial flowers, dried flowers, beautiful shells, pebbles, coffee grains and even cocktail umbrellas. It is about how to make a topiary with your own hands from bright umbrellas that will be discussed in this article.

Topiary can be made of any size and color, and as a material for finishing the ball, you can choose anything, as long as this material does not deteriorate with a long standing. Popular topiarii from dried flowers and aromatic plants that not only decorate the room, but also give the air a certain aroma. Recently, topiary is made even from fresh fruit, such a decision can serve as an ideal gift, but it must be eaten quickly so that the fruit does not spoil.Also topiary made to decorate with ribbons and ribbons.

To make decorative topiary we will need: a foam ball for floristic compositions, cocktail umbrellas of different colors, a wooden stick for the trunk, scissors, hot glue, wooden skewers, a clay flower pot, rice for filling and a ribbon.

How to make topiary do it yourself

  1. We take a wooden stick that will serve as the base of the tree and we wind it with a decorative ribbon. It is possible to use floristic ribbon for these purposes.
  2. At the bottom of the selected ceramic flower pot lay a piece of foam, which will serve as a stand for the tree. The wooden base is fixed in the foam, and on top we pour the rice to the edges of the pot. This will give the flower pot weight and stability.

    how to make topiary

  3. Now we proceed to decorating the foam ball with cocktail umbrellas. Each of them is slightly opened and stuck in a floral ball. Umbrellas should be positioned so that between them does not show through the foam.
  4. For more beauty, you can alternate umbrellas of different colors.
  5. In the decorated ball with a sharp knife, cut a hole and insert a wooden base, already wrapped with tape. The base must be inserted carefully so as not to bind the paper umbrellas.
  6. The finished topiary can be decorated with ribbons or ribbons.

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