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Top 7 most non-standard museums in the world

Visiting museums is a worthy and useful occupation. But besides masterpieces of world painting, sculpture or jewelry, in museums sometimes you can see that! ..Judge for yourself.

India, New DelhiInternational Museum toilets.So important in the life of any person in this museum paid much attention.Huge collection of pots, toilets, bidets, urinals and drain cisterns reflects the development of a civilized toilet. The exhibition presents unique products that have served mankind since the III century BC and up of our days.By the way, if during the tour you get tired and want sit down to relax - the exhibits will be at your disposal.

Russia, Uglich - Museum of Russian Vodka.Perhaps all the hits of this drink, known on our wide open spaces, can be seen in this museum. Remember the famous brand "Capital"? And "Pertsovka" and "Wheat"? How long have you not used? Then just feel bad! By the way, there is also a collection of faceted glasses.But while watching the exposure of moonshine a variety of designs, do not rush to sketch the principle of operation unit. This may not like the guide.

Netherlands, The Hague - Torture Museum.It is characteristic that in the building in which it is now located the museum used to be a prison, and criminals were brought into it from all over the kingdom.Now you can test your nerves and strength. understand how rich your imagination is - the exposure is pretty impressive sight. The tools of "labor" of medieval executioners can be touch, hold and even try on a “Spanish boot”, for example. Or do you want to hang on the rack?

Netherlands, Amsterdam - Museum of hashish.Yeah, the Netherlands seems to be breaking all records. museums "weird".In the Museum of Hashish you will be introduced to the history of this. narcotic substances, talk about the features of growing marijuana, about the history of this plant in general.And please do not try the principle of growing marijuana check in your garden. There is a risk that your efforts will be properly appreciated. way ...

Iceland, Husavik - The Phallus Museum.Maybe a cold climate, and maybe something else. forced the locals to create such a museum. However, you can ask about this. they have personally.And in the museum is better to look at the exhibits. More than 100 penises mammals, among which there are two "giants" - the phalluses of the elephant and the whale.Yes, this museum will tell a lot about intimate parts of the body. animals. And what did you expect?

USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - Museum anomalies.If your childhood dream of becoming a doctor never did come true, we recommend you visit this museum on the basis of the department Philadelphia Medical College.Warped human skeletons and skulls stored in formalin, internal organs with various developmental abnormalities, strange brain samples are only a small part of what you can “Enjoy”, mentally imagining yourself in a white coat and with a stethoscope on the neck.Are you sure you still want to become a doctor?

Russia, Tver - Horror Museum.And again, our neighbor Russia pleases with an unusual museum. On this time - horror.Visit it will be interesting for those who are exciting detective novels - favorite reading.

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