Toilet on the site of a private house


Toilet on the site of a private house: The very first structures that are built on the site are usually those that are needed for a comfortable stay. One of these structures is consideredrestroom. Without this building it is difficult to imagine life in the countryside. For its construction, you can hire experts or build it yourself. If you decide to do everything yourself, then you should have some knowledge. The first thing you need to think about is the placement of a bathroom. Thats how far warmoutdoor toiletwill be located on the house, depending on the area of ​​your summer cottage, as well as the structural features of the building. On how to build a cottage toilet with their own hands, we will tell further.

Types of country bathrooms

Such country houses are equipped with cesspools or they can be built without them. The choice of one or another option depends on several factors. First of all, you need to take into account the depth of the groundwater at the dacha.It is possible to build a pit for the accumulation of sewage only in those places where the water level will be more than 3 meters. If the groundwater is closer to the surface, then you can put, for example, a bathroom of the type “powder-closet”. It is important to observe the following sanitary requirements:restroomshould be located no closer than 12 meters to the house.

In addition to the groundwater level, of course, do not forget about personal preferences and the layout of the site. It should also take into account the location of neighboring houses. In order to avoid misunderstandings,streetplasticrestroomshould be built at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the fence, but in no case closely. In addition, you need to take into account on which landscape the structure is being erected - in a valley or on a hill. In the first case, the cesspool will quickly fill up during a period of heavy rainfall and in spring, when the snow begins to melt. In the second case, the building will be under a large wind load, so it must be strong enough.

Types of cesspools

tualet-na-uchastke-chastnogo-doma-7Cesspoolscan be sealed and with a filtering bottom. The construction and use of the first kind of structures usually costs more.The fact is that consumables will need more and will have to be cleaned more often. Financial costs for the construction of the second type of pits are not so significant, but the use of this type of effluent increases the risk of contamination of the nearby territory. In addition, such structures in accordance with sanitary standards are generally prohibited. Side partscesspoolcan be made of different materials. For example, it can be a brick, plastic or concrete rings. In addition, they can be monolithic. Consider next the order of construction of all thesetypes of cesspoolsmore details.

Brick walls

Work order:

  1. When you have decided where to bebuilt toiletFirst of all, you need to clear this area.
  2. Next, dig a rectangular pit of the desired size. After that, the soil is compacted on the bottom.
  3. Next, pour a layer of 100-150 mm of sand, and make a concrete base.
  4. Then you need to wait until the concrete dries. Then you can lay out the brick walls and plaster the resulting structure.
  5. In order to improve the sealing of the wall of the structure, it is recommended to treat with bitumen mastic.The walls should be above the ground surface by about 100 mm.

Plastic walls

For this option, plastic containers are used, for example, plastic barrels or containers (for example, Eurocup). These containers are buried at a certain depth in the right place of the site.

To make the pit more airtight, leave only the upper part of the plastic container. If such tightness is not required, the upper and lower part of the tank is cut off. But in this case, the ground can not be left bare, so as not to pollute the site. Therefore, at least a filter layer is laid on the bottom of the pit.

Concrete Ring Walls

It is known that this capacity is quite difficult to seal. For this reason, it is best to use such walls only in places where groundwater is sufficiently deep from the surface. In addition, you should know that the constructioncesspoolsfrom such material is quite a laborious process. Therefore, in the work is used not only manual labor, but also special equipment.

Work order:

  1. The first thing to do after choosing a place is to clear the site for construction.
  2. Then the necessary size of the pit is dug.When it is ready, you can lower one concrete ring and begin to dig in the soil from under its base. Thus, the ring gradually goes down.
  3. Then the second ring is set to the first. All concrete rings are placed in the same way. Then at the bottom of the pit perform a concrete screed or make a filter layer.

Monolithic pit

To make a pit of solid concrete, you must perform a certain order of work:

  1. After the excavation has been dug, first of all, you need to equip a sand pillow at the bottom.
  2. To make the structure more durable, a layer of sand similarly needs to be reinforced with going beyond the walls.
  3. After that, the bottom of the pit is poured with a layer of concrete and wait until it is completely dry. Then make the formwork and build ceilings.

Street toilet do it yourself


Work order:

  1. Initially, you should determine the size of the future structure. The pit should go to the ground not less than 1 m. At the same time, the building should be at least 1.7 m wide and more than 2.4 meters high. With smaller sizes inside it will be just uncomfortable.
  2. When the dimensions are known, you need to mark the area according to them.After that, the pillars are made of wood or concrete, which will serve as a support fortoilets. They will be inserted into asbestos-cement pipes. These pipes will need to be treated with bitumen mastic and bury them to a depth of at least 0.5-0.6 meters.
  3. After that, about 1/3 of the support tubes are filled with cement mortar. If necessary, you can add more cement, so they are securely fixed.
  4. Then proceed to the frame, which is usually welded from metal corners. There should be at least four bearing angles. A screed is made at the bottom of the toilet seat.
  5. After the frame is manufactured, the building is erected. This is done by stuffing boards. So that the wind does not penetratetoiletsThese boards are important to fit tightly to each other. Instead of boards, the frame can be revetted with another suitable material, for example, slate, corrugated board or metal profile. These materials are fixed no longer with nails, but with screws.
  6. For ventilation in the back wall is a hole. In addition, another hole is cut with a small door to remove the filled bucket of sewage through it.
  7. After completing work on the hull, proceed to the manufacture of the roof. To do this, you can use slate, wood or roofing iron. If the roof is wooden, then it should be covered with roofing material to prevent moisture from entering. It should be built shed, and the slope is better to make the rear wall.
  8. When the roof is ready, you can make a seat. His frame can be knocked out of the boards. The front part of the frame is installed on the floor, and the back - is fixed on the boards or corners. After that, the frame is upholstered with carefully polished boards.
  9. In addition to wooden bars, a warm seat for an outdoor toilet can be made from forcing or moisture-resistant plywood. It is advisable to use natural wood without building additives, rather than simple plywood.
  10. The frame of the seat is usually done even when arranging the frame of the building itself. Therefore, you will only have to sheathe the base with the necessary material. Also a hole is cut in the middle. At this stage it is recommended to check at what depth the hole will be made. It is important totoiletin the future it was convenient to use. After that, the edges and corners of the cut hole are polished.The seat can also be varnished or painted.
  11. After that, you can install the door. Use wooden or plastic door leaf. It is necessary to leave a gap between the roof and the upper edge of the canvas so thatrestroomwas illuminated.
  12. The door is hinged on two hinges. There are no special requirements for the closing mechanism. Therefore, everyone does it as he wants.
  13. It remains only to equipoutdoor wooden toiletat will. So, inside they usually hang a tank on the wall to fill the pit. In addition, set shelf for toilet paper. In the toilet you can still hang the sink. Then under it put a bucket for drainage of dirty water.

Bathroom Luft-closet

tualet-na-uchastke-chastnogo-doma-5Sucha bathroomcan be installed not only next to the house, but also inside in one of the utility rooms. In the latter casecesspoolwill be located outside the house. In order to successfully use sucha bathroomin the winter it needs heating. If in the winter you will not usetoilet, the pit at the end of the season will need to be cleaned. Cleaning is usually done with a special machine. The pit itself remains quite airtight. This is the maindifferences between the backlash-type toiletfrom otherstypes of bathroom.

Now consider the important features of the construction of thisthe bathroom. So, the pit should not allow sewage to be absorbed into the soil. Therefore, it is sealed. You can make it entirely out of concrete or lay brick walls, which will then need to be plastered. You can still use ready-made plastic containers.

Mandatory part of the device suchtoiletsis a heated ventilating ceramic or asbestos cement pipe. Heating occurs by passing through the stove chimney. In the pit warm air is supplied through the chimney. Without this, the waste pit will just freeze. The exhaust tube itself is made of ceramic or asbestos cement. If the house is heated by gas, then the cesspool can be heated with a low-power electric heater. In addition, whenbuilding such a toiletdouble cap is being made. The top one is made of metal or cast iron, and the bottom one is made of wood. Insulating material is usually placed between the covers. The peculiarity of such a pittoiletslies also in the fact that her bias should be away from the house.This is done so that the pit can be cleaned.

Today became quite popularpeat country toilets. They are convenient because they can be located not only in the open air, but also in any room of the house. These bathrooms are easy to clean, almost no odor.

Put a dry closet in the country

tualet-na-uchastke-chastnogo-doma-567This is probably the easiest way.put a toilet in the country. After all, when using it, practically nothing needs to be built. The dry closet represents a separate compact cabin. It inside has a tank into which active microorganisms are poured. They are engaged in the processing of sewage. Fordry closet installationenough to buy it and deliver to the place.

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