The use of decorative textured paints

Decorating your home is the way to comfort and coziness. To achieve harmony and originality, it is important to seriously approach the issue of space design, as well as to choose the right interior. The main thing in the room is the walls, because they make the housing attractive and stylish. Textured paint will do the impossible, they will help to create a unique image in your house or apartment.

Apartment repair do-it-yourself walls will help to perform decorative paints, which are many times superior to expensive wallpaper in terms of durability and strength. For the production of textured paints used only environmentally friendly material, after applying paint on the walls, they do not emit harmful substances, therefore, completely safe for humans. As for appearance, it is simply amazing: style, beauty, originality and prestige.

Today in the building materials markets there is a huge variety of textures of these paints that can be used to finish the walls in any room.For example, a consumer may choose textured paints with such effects as “wet silk”, “palm leaves” or paints in marble and wood. A uniform viscous mass of paints is achieved by using acrylic binders that resist ultraviolet radiation. Paint with textured paints can be concrete, wood, brick, plastered surface. This type of paints is used, both for external, and for internal works. As a result, the user gets an excellent relief texture on the decorative surface.

It should be said that these paints have a number of advantages, the most important of which is the possibility of applying them on surfaces with remnants of old coatings and on walls with cracks and chips. Therefore, it is not necessary to level the surface before applying the paint. The exception in this case are only remnants of old coatings that are poorly adhered to the wall.

The application of paint is carried out in the following way: the paint is applied with a spatula or other tool, then it is evenly distributed over the surface. Next, the pattern is rolled using an textured roller or a notched trowel. Paint dries in different ways, it all depends on humidity and air temperature.When applying it is important to take into account such a moment: adding sand will make the texture more rough and sharp, and diluting with water will allow you to get a smoothed surface. Also, an additional effect is obtained when using a transparent lacquer, which changes the color shade of textured paint, depending on the angle at which sunlight falls on the surface.

Interesting enough in a textured paint is that after it dries, a coating is formed that perfectly resists mechanical stress. It is this factor that makes textured paint indispensable for painting surfaces in areas where walls may be subject to abrasive wear.

It can be concluded that textured paints not only make the room brighter, but also protect painted surfaces from damage.

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